How to cure cholesterol | research and solution with a new approach?

How to cure cholesterol | research and solution with a new approach?

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To start with ‘How to cure cholesterol ’, let’s understand some fundamental concepts
with a new approach for better understanding.

At this point, it’s clear that our prime aim is to prevent heart diseases as well as, look for the complete cure. Therefore, in this article along with steps to ‘Cure’, you will also find some more significant references. Though this theory may seem to be completely contradictory to what you have been taught, learned, or told about. However, you may come up with arguments and research more on the matter to finally understand, believe and propagate in this direction. Apart from that, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhry is all open to your questions and any discussion. A detailed article on “Solving the Mystery of corona disease” by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhry is here.

Study on 12814 women cholesterol had no impact on heart disease or death British Medical Journal –2007, May 12.

Similarly, a meta-analysis of 19 studies. Women’s health around the world has always been a matter of concern. The British Medical Journal 2007 proclaimed as the most authentic Journal reported that, “There is no impact of cholesterol on death rate by heart disease in women.” This study was a meta-analysis of 19 different research work that involved 1,24,814 women and concluded that “There is no connection between cholesterol and heart disease on women’s health.” Similarly, the allopathic practice about how to cure cholesterol is wrong.

For instance, there is no connection between shoe size and heart disease. But, if we say that those with a smaller shoe size won’t suffer heart disease and those with bigger size will have heart complications and thereafter, insanely invent a novel shoe to forcefully reduce the
shoe size! Like our shoe sizes are variable and have no connection with heart disease, similarly, there exists no connection between cholesterol and heart disease in women.

Study on 80,000 women No impact on women NHLBI Circulation 1992

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute established by the US Government is in sync with the same theory and after analyzing 80,000 women reported that “There was no impact of cholesterol levels on women’s health.” Therefore, through scientific studies, it’s evident that women need not worry or concern about their cholesterol levels, and It is sure that “50% of women patients will become non-patients by mere acknowledging these studies!”

The above theory is no different for men; as similar studies have stated that, “Even at above 50 years of age, there is no impact of cholesterol levels on heart functions.” There is indeed a slight reference with regards to high cholesterol and heart disease in men below 50 years of age, however, that doesn’t indicate that lowering this raised cholesterol through medication is beneficial. As for men below 50 years of age, reducing cholesterol levels through medical intervention is proven to be even more harmful. It causes the same effect as we dye/color our hair black and assume that we are getting younger.

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Clofibrate, British Heart Journal 1978

From the Clofibrate, British Heart Journal 1978 to the latest the Evacetrapib Accelerate trial 2016, along with many other trials confirmed the same theory that “The cholesterol-lowering drugs only lower the cholesterol readings but not the associated diseases.”
Cholesterol-lowering drugs trial 1st 1978 Clofibrate British Heart Journal Last 2016 Evacetrapib ACCELERATE. As to lower the readings (the number value) and expect it to reduce the possibility of associated diseases and risk factors are two different aspects.

Take an example

Like, there is a Biofeedback Tester for Happiness that shows the current state of mind of an individual. When tested in-between fingers, it detects the electrical signals from the body and converts them into a digitally readable form. High readings denoted a depressed state of mind, low readings – happiest state or else normal to high anxiety states.

Now, a tube or cream is introduced for depressed people with high readings, with a conception that, when applied before the test it will change the depressed state to a happy state with low readings.

Thereafter, depressed people start using it, applying it in-between fingers and testing; and whoa, it shows desirable results.

What a magical cream with significant effects, changes depressed state to happy state (high readings to low readings). What an invention, a blessing by science!.

But, you may never know the reality or trick that surrounds the introduction, application, and effects of the above said cream. When the miracle cream is applied before taking the test, it acts as a barrier and minimizes the transfer of electrical signals from the body to the tester. Thereby, the device shows lower readings owning to a happy state of mind. While your state remains the same, but readings are definitely low. In this case, a person may never know the hidden business of the cream and will use the cream forever, assuming it to be the reason for his happiness.

This is a clear case of playing with the psychology of patients and is termed as a business of fear, or disease mongering.

Disease mongering and Dr. Joseph Lister

Disease mongering is not uncommon and was started in the year 1985 by Dr. Joseph Lister. He was a surgeon by qualification and owner of cement and floor cleaner manufacturing units. During the times of business lows, Dr. Lister started marketing the floor cleaner solution into small bottles as mouth cleaners. Initially, the plan did not work but for the next 5 years, he promoted the disease called ‘Halitosis’ which is ‘bad breath’, and simultaneously his product gained recognition. The product is still in the market by the name of ‘Listerine’ and many of you must be regular users of it. Unfortunately, in disease mongering, the disease is being created and unnecessarily hyped for the profits of a particular group of people. Moreover, it’s further promoted by spreading fear among people for that particular disease.

High Cholesterol is also a disease-mongering case!. As explained earlier, among males below 50 years of age, high cholesterol may indicate a slight risk of heart disease, but to reduce this cholesterol with statins to reduce the risk of heart disease is a misconception! Yes, this is a false belief! Nonetheless, they want you to keep on taking statins, so the business keeps on flourishing!

But how to cure Cholesterol?

But, what is the way out and how to cure Cholesterol? How to protect the heart otherwise!

Protection to an extent that within a week’s time, you will be forced to throw away your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood thinners pills! Step 1: Throw away the ‘Statins’. With Step 1, you have to throw away and get rid of Statins completely; you don’t need them.

Step -1 Throw the STATIN

But first, it’s important to understand the action mechanism of statins, how statins actually work inside the body. When we breathe in oxygen and throw out carbon dioxide, this
CO2, in presence of sunlight and water, is utilized by the plants to get glucose. So, glucose is the major nutrition. In our body, as we consume plant food in form of fruits or vegetables, this glucose gives rise to a series of chemical reactions within the cell leading to the formation of many crucial metabolites.

One of these important metabolites is cholesterol, as you can understand from the picture below –When on statins, the drug acts by blocking the metabolic pathway at such a point that apart from cholesterol, many important reactants and products are not synthesized.

Metabolites are CoQ10

One of the very crucial metabolites is CoQ10, which works like a spark plug for the heart, without which the heart function is impaired and gets weakened.


Another is tRNA’s lack of this metabolite leads to the development of cancer in the body.
Yet another is the signaling protein, which is essential for the appropriate working of the entire signaling system to function as per the stimuli. To further explain, when you feel hungry and take an apple in your hand, the brain starts sending signals to the organs for food digestion. In the case of the pancreas, it is signaled to produce insulin, but if the signaling protein’s production is less, thereby the complete signaling the system will be weak and in the case of the pancreas, it may not secrete the required amount of insulin, only leading to high sugar in the blood, which is then diabetes!. Such is the importance of each and every metabolite through every metabolic pathway.

Take an example

To understand better, take an example of a red rose with many leaves and thorns. Is it possible to only cut the thorns, keeping the leaves safe? Practically Not! As hard as you try, you will end up cutting the entire stem! Similarly, in order to cut or block cholesterol, many other crucial derivatives also get blocked from the pathway. And the scissor here is the cholesterol-lowering drug, Statin.

Sadly, we are never told about these concepts, that by taking statins:-

1. The cholesterol will be lowered, whether it will benefit you or not.
2. And, the entire pathway will be affected losing its vital metabolites for body processes.

The scientific name for Statins is HMG CoA Inhibitor, not the cholesterol inhibitor, so the name itself signifies the difference in its action mechanism. As it acts upon the HMG CoA substrate and not just the body’s cholesterol! It may shock you that children whose bodies do not synthesize this chain suffers from a rare disease known as Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), which leads to premature aging in children as much as eight times faster than normal with a shorter lifespan (remember the movie ‘Paa’. Thus, it can be foreseen that this critical pathway will have the same aging effects on us as well.

Why do we get heart diseases?

Coming back to heart and cholesterol, so, why do we get heart diseases? According to medical science, it is due to the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries causing blockages. Now, assume that a building gets demolished in front of you; and all you can see now is the bricks as debris. However, bricks are the building blocks of the building and cannot be suspected as the cause behind the pull-down of the building.

The same is with cholesterol, because if high cholesterol leads to heart disease; then people with low cholesterol should never have a heart condition, which is totally the opposite case, as low cholesterol people have more heart diseases. So, how is only cholesterol suspected for artery blockages? Another way, it is also questionable that why aren’t the veins getting blockages but only arteries do, though both have cholesterol circulating through the blood. For your understanding, arteries carry blood from the heart to other organs of the body and veins carry blood back to the heart from the body’s other organs. But again, what actually causes heart diseases?

Clue-1, 50 different bacterial species are found in blockages Circulation 2006

This brings us to share with you 3 major clues to understand the heart disease concept well:-
• First, Circulation 2006, concluded to have found 50 different bacterial species at the site of heart blockages.

• Second, the American Journal of Cardiology 2002 stated that the temperature of blockages is higher than the normal body’s (arteries) temperature. This is a case when we have elevated
body temperatures during infection; this is the body’s defense 45. The strength of this endothelial wall depends on the optimal production of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body as it is one of the most vital molecules with key roles, especially in cardiovascular health. But, if NO production remains low in the body then it leads to weakening of the endothelial wall which is termed as Endothelial

Dysfunction. Low Nitric Oxide (NO) Production Endothelium Dysfunction-The China Study 2005

Attack by germs on the inner wall of Arteries Alongside, our body, the blood pressure in arteries is 100 times more than the blood pressure in veins. In other words, the pressure
inside the walls of the arteries is 100 times higher than the pressure at the walls of veins. It’s like a balloon filled with air, if we increase the air pressure inside, then equal pressure will be exerted on the inner walls of the balloon. So, the condition is:-

1. Pressure is high
2. Endothelial layer has weakened This leads to increased chances and effects of germ attack in the blood vessels. In such a case, germs keep on attacking, accelerating the rate of damage which leads to the formation of wounds at the damaged site.

Attack by Germs on weak arteries/inner wall inflammation. At the site of the wound, a rescuer or a protective agent accumulates to heal and mend the damaged site – this agent is Cholesterol!. The role of cholesterol is to always protect the heart and not to cause any damage to the heart. 

But then how do we get blockages!

The series of events are such –1. Constant germ attack

2. Accelerated damage at the site
3. The rescuer cholesterol accumulates to heal the site, but if this goes on for a long period of time; then it becomes a blockage!! This simple attack and rescue mechanism going on in the arteries leads to blockages, giving way to heart disease or heart attack. To sum up, it is an attack by germs on weak arteries causing inner wall inflammation. It is infection winning over cholesterol giving way to the formation of blockages. And it is important to note that inflammation in itself is not a disease; it is simply a repair and rescue mechanism of the body.

Inflammation Cholesterol enters the artery walls Blockage

By now you must have understood that all these events of germ attack, inflammation, cholesterol accumulation, and following, started with one major cause i.e. the weakening of the endothelial wall. But, what causes the endothelial walls to weaken? The weakening of the endothelial wall is due to low nitric oxide production in the body. So, whenever the nitric oxide production is low, but the blood pressure in arteries remains high, then the attack by germs is amplified leading to the formation of the wound at the particular site. Now, we know the real cause behind heart diseases and blockages, which is not cholesterol but a condition led by different factors. However, now to look for the solution, which is definitely not the cholesterol-lowering drug – Statin. Let us see how to cure cholesterol?

So, what’s the solution and how to cure cholesterol?

It is simply “Nitric Oxide” (NO) What is the solution? NO Production

By only increasing the nitric oxide production; all the factors can be balanced. With this, I want to give you a miracle formula – “Formula to cure Heart Disease.” This will equip you to enhance nitric oxide production in the body to protect your heart. NO production is the only formula for how to cure cholesterol?

Formula to Cure Heart Disease Increased production of NO

Step 1:- As was given earlier to throw away the “Statins.”

This is because along with other damaging effects, statins also restrict nitric oxide production. Many times, patients have this concern, “Can I continue with statins and start over the diet!” It is crucial to stop statins, as they interfere with nitric oxide production, thereby putting you back to point zero!

Step 2- Increase the production of Nitric Oxide.

But, how to do this, simply by making food the major source of nutrition!
• Start with Fruit Breakfast Quantity: Weight ×10gms of fruit breakfast till 12 noon. For example, a 70kgs person must consume 70×10gms = 700gms of any 3-4 variety of fruits that are readily available in the market.

Formula to cure Heart Disease Breakfast :

weight in kg X10=___gms of fruits in breakfast Step-2 Also, there is no restriction on the choice of fruit; seasonal fruits are relishing and fit well to pocket, or it can be any fruit that suits your taste. There are no restrictions for diabetic patients as well; they may enjoy mangoes and sugarcane juice without any fear because this fruit breakfast will not raise the blood glucose levels rather will normalize it without any adverse effects. Many of our diabetic educators were previously diabetic and now are completely cured and eat and enjoy great well-being. During our diabetes reversal tours, participants follow the same diet instructions, and gradually results are apparent; giving them a diabetes-free life!

Fruits are a must if you want to know how to cure cholesterol

The fruits can be taken in small quantities throughout (you may start anytime after waking up) till 12 noon. Only the weight is important, so measure the consumable quantity after peeling or
removing seed(s) if any – this should be your weight into 10 grams. For instance, my work involves extensive traveling and staying out, so, to manage the diet routine, I religiously carry a dozen of bananas in my bag and mostly look for fruits and vegetables easily available in
that country or place. The point is that this diet can be followed with any work routine, anywhere, anyplace. However, make sure your breakfast contains ‘no’ chapatti, curd,
vegetables, bread, tea, or any other eatable; it must only comprise complete fruit indulgence.

For Lunch & Dinner, you have to get ready with 2-plates.

Plate 1 how to cure cholesterol:

This must consist of 3-4 varieties of raw vegetables – carrot, peas, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, bell peppers, etc.; you may create a list of your own. It may also include par-boiled vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, or beans along with some raw green
leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander, or lettuce. Quantity: Weight ×5gms = Plate 1
Formula to cure Heart Disease Plate -1 Lunch/Dinner weight in kg x 5= __gms of vegetables

Plate 2 how to cure cholesterol:

This is the ‘my wish plate’ as you may add anything of your taste – be it dosa, idli, chapati, cooked vegetables/beans/pulses, or even junk food as a treat. Quantity: No limit!!

Instructions: First to consume entire Plate 1; then as per the appetite go for Plate 2.

Note: Plate 1 is indispensable and cannot be avoided, you have to consume Plate 1 completely; thereafter you can indulge in Plate 2. Plate 2 is to be taken as ‘filler’ for leftover hunger; this plate is completely avoidable and must be dropped if not required. One may think that after consuming a high quantity of raw vegetables, there will hardly be any urge to eat Plate 2. Bingo!! This is the only idea behind, that there remains no requirement or hunger for Plate 2.
You may find this routine difficult for 2-3 days, in the beginning, but post that, your body will start to crave more and more of this kind of diet; because the diet is more water so it makes you feel light and eat more often.

Your weight especially belly fat or rigid body fat will reduce drastically during the course of this diet. For those with balanced health may start over with a little less quantity, say if by weight you require 350gms, then you may begin with 300gms of raw intake in lunch and dinner exclusively. However, by any chance, Plate 2 cannot be taken before Plate 1. By this your outcomes will be no better rather can be worse! Only after consumption of Plate 1, Plate 2 can be started; this system is the same for lunch and dinner.

Step 3: Stop consuming cholesterol food.

You have to get away from food that provides cholesterol to the body. This step is highly significant because it’s crucial to distinguish between food with cholesterol and food without cholesterol.
Step -3: Stop Consuming Food with Cholesterol Animal Food Fish Milk products Egg.

Stop consuming animal food and products.

To understand,  how to cure cholesterol. you should also understand that among plants and animals, only animals can form cholesterol.  Whereas, plants and their products are devoid
of cholesterol. Therefore, by following the construction of nature to get rid of cholesterol food; one must stop consuming animal food and products. We have been brought up with the belief that cow’s milk is healthy, it’s correct; it is healthy; but for the calf, for you, it’s a source of cholesterol and needs to be eliminated from the diet.

Humans are the only animals that intake milk throughout their lives and that depend on other animals’ milk. None of the other animals uses other animals’ milk nor do they require it throughout their lives. So, spare yourself from depending on other animals’ milk; rather milk consumption is not required at all, it is only essential for the newborn to be on mother’s milk for 2 years. Nature has directed us this way, so we depend on mother’s feed for nutrition for the initial years. That’s all. To depend on milk for life throughout as core nutritional intake is just a fake perception/build-up/myth.

Hence, with step 3, you have to get yourself completely rid of any kind of animal product, milk, and its products as well. Once you start to apply step 3; automatically, your cholesterol will
get balanced.

Stop cholesterol-lowering pills

You can now stop rather throw away your cholesterol-lowering pills. If in case, your family or doctor discourages you from stopping the pills, ask them one simple question! Ask them, who takes responsibility for your health, whether it’s your family or your doctor? Ask them if I continue the pill, then who assures me safe health, or in other cases, if I discontinue the pills, then who will stand for my health!

In both cases, neither your doctor nor your family is responsible for your health and well-being.

You may find a good percentage of the population dying from a heart attack even after being on cholesterol-lowering pills. Who is responsible or will take charge of this, a doctor will never!
A doctor simply prescribes a pill, knowing the side effects all well. He will not discuss or encourage you to take track of healthy eating and a good lifestyle because it is convenient to write a prescription note letting an individual be dependent on medicine for the rest of his
life, then to take charge!.

It is definitely difficult, and no doctor will guide you to implement the natural cure or discourage the use of pills. Your health is your responsibility, no doctor, no pill will guarantee
you good safe health, be on a pill or not! Whereas, this diet treatment gives you complete guarantee; it keeps you away from the lethal effects of the drug along with drug side effects.
The best cure is within, as you connect more with the truths of nature and lifestyle; you will understand how to cure cholesterol? You will lead your life and health more responsibly.

Take the responsibility now, understand, comprehend and bring the change for your good self. In our era, one should be only conscious about one,s health process and know the mechanism as to how to cure cholesterol?

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