Winter season in Pakistan

Winter season in Pakistan

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The Winter season in Pakistan starts from December 21 of the year in cities and lasts till March 20. In mountainous areas, it starts in October and lasts till the end of March. The cold is more severe in mountainous areas than in cities. At the same time, these areas are also tourist attractions during the cold season.

Climate of Pakistan

The Winter season is cold, with minimum mean temperatures in Punjab of approximately 4 °C (39 °F) in January, and sub-zero temperatures within some distance north and Balochistan.

The climate of Pakistan is a continental type of weather. There is a variation in temperature, each seasonally and daily. Moreover, it is an incredible landmass, north of the Tropic of Cancer (between latitudes 25° and 36° N).

Very high altitudes adjust the weather inside the cold, snow-covered northern mountains; temperatures at the Balochistan plateau are really higher. Along the coastal strip, the weather changes with the sea breeze. In Pakistan, temperatures reach first-rate heights in the summertime; the mean temperature during June is 38 °C (a hundred °F) inside the plains. Similarly, extreme temperatures can exceed forty-seven °C (117 °F). During summer, hot winds known as Loo blow throughout the plains for the duration of the day. Trees shed their leaves to keep away from lack of moisture. Pakistan recorded one of the maximum temperatures on the global, 53.7 °C (128. Sixty-six °F) on 28 May 2017. So, it is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Pakistan and the second hottest measured temperature ever recorded in Asia.

The beginning of autumn, the promise of winter season – how welcoming it turned into after the blistering summers or even extra uncomforting humid monsoons — those all appeared to be hindrances on the manner to the cherished gulabi jara.

As the winter season starts and the sun breaks thru the converting leaves, memories come flooding again. Memories of a time gone; of how winter season was in Pakistan, once.

The condition of houses in the old days

In the olden days, as one became younger there has been no want for improvised techniques of keeping the residence warm. As electric-powered heaters were too costly. So,  the angithi would suffice. Never sufficient even though, as the pores of the fingers almost touched the ambers in search of warm temperature. Sooner than expected it started out to lose warmness with simmering hearth and dimming ambers.  The kitchen was a satisfactory place, with the warm temperature of the hearth on which the meals were cooked. It becomes fine, to be unmindful of the cook dinner or the mom, often stoking the firewood for the right aanch. We all sat apart, unaffected normally by way of the rigors of cooking on firewood.

cooking on firewood in winter season
cooking on firewood in the winter season

And then there was the new, fresh chapati that rolled off the Tawa, grabbed hurriedly, as one waited for the subsequent one — the food cooked in the course of such halting gaps. It was like others did the work, and we just ate. Little did we care about the responsibility of duty the destiny might carry.

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The lihaf or quilt in Winter Season

And then there was the ubiquitous lihaf, the shield for the winter season However, it served many purposes. It changed into a quilt to cover up and defend against the biting cold because it set in for multiple months.

One sat together with others snatching to make the lihaf cover all parts of the body, pulling and pushing, squeezing and folding, brawling and scuffling. The heat sensitivity of the sweaters pulled out of the trunks, a blending of the smell of wool with mothballs (phinail ki golian) parked within the trunks to store the woolen put on from tiddis, the bugs that left little holes in them to be detected by those on the lookout for them.

The college days in Winter Season

By the time one entered college it become the great deal prized motorcycle that changed into the valued ownership and to journey on it to the college turned into sheer satisfaction thru the ‘pearl route’ – in which all of the stars of the ladies colleges shone. One took the path, even if it was not needed to, due to the fact there had been shorter routes to the university, but none more anticipatory — it changed into the longest direction and one wanted it to close even longer, and it become typical that one ended up in the morning late.

A day would start with the futility of going on the path without any risk come upon after which to go into the class with a runny nose and snow bitten palms – steadily coming to terms with half of-frozen phrases that could be too heavy to attain us at the back of the class. We would simply watch for the class to end and for the sun to be more potent as the hours progressed.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, Pakistan has been bestowed four climate seasons within the shape of spring, summertime, autumn, and wintry weather. Winter starts from November and leads to March and it’s far taken into consideration as the coldest season of the year. As the winter starts, knocking at the door of Pakistan, fish advertising was given extra momentum due to the fact the intake price will become more than one in comparison to the summertime.

Inexpensive fish

Different kinds of uncooked and fried fish are to be had at inexpensive charges at fish shops. The fisheries department is playing a crucial position in any country’s economic system and to fulfill nutritional necessities. Globally, fish is recognized as the maximum traded eatable commodity and this branch offers hundreds of thousands of jobs for unemployed employees. In 2011, fish production was 93.7 million lots globally. Marine fish manufacturing has also the first-rate contribution in total fish production and this price is increasing with an average rate of 6.2%. In 2012, fifty-eight. 3 million people had been at once or circuitously employed in the fisheries quarter.

One looked at the plant life winter season, the dahlias, the chrysanthemums, stand up valiantly to include the foggy morning and slow clearing of the day. There become fog very well however no smog and the freshness of the fog nestled via the neck and collar to steal touch insides of the chest and the belly – almost sensual in its feel. The day ended too soon and the darkness spread its wings in no time for the mysteries of the night to take hold. The fog quickly settled to make visibility negative and the “mind’s eye” brighter.  One could imagine the encounter the next day, rather, only the hope of an encounter.

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