Sexual harassment in South Korea

Sexual harassment in South Korea

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South Korea demands 15-year prison sentence for sexual harassment officer

A military officer committed suicide in the Air Force. A colleague sexually harassed her.

South Korean military prosecutors on Friday requested a 15-year prison sentence for a non-commissioned officer in the Air Force for sexual harassment of a female colleague. This sexual harassment prompted her to commit suicide.

“The authorities suspect that the first sergeant, who goes by the name of ‘Jang’, sexually harassed a female colleague of the same rank in a car on their way back to their base in the city.  Local Yonhap news agency quoted officials familiar with the case as saying. Susan West, after a special meeting last March.

The agency confirmed that “the victim committed suicide after the weak response she received from the army to her complaint.”

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Court decision

During the court’s first hearing in the case against Jang, military prosecutors asked the Seoul General Military Court to sentence him to 15 years in prison, according to the officials.

On Thursday, South Korean military prosecutors indicted 15 South Korean army officers for involvement in the same case. But the testimonies, circumstances at the time of the incident, and related facts concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove the charges against them, according to “Yonhap News”. About the Ministry of Defense.

The incident caused strong criticism of the military, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in publicly apologized for the military’s death. Moreover, he also ordered a thorough investigation to uncover the circumstances of the crime. In addition,  how the authorities dealt with it.

And last May, the body of the first sergeant, nicknamed “Li”, 32, was found dead in her residence, according to “Yonhap”.

The authorities arrested the accused officer, last June after the case of Sexual harassment in South Korea became known to the media. And he is currently under trial.

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