Umar Sharif- the comedy king- died at 61

Umar Sharif- the comedy king- died at 61

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 Umer Sharif -the comedy king

As Mohammad Umer or Umer Sharif (19 April 1960 – 2 October 2021), kenned professionally as Umer Shareef, was a Pakistani actor, comedian, director, producer, and television personality. So, he was one of the greatest comedians of the sub-continent.

The death of Umar Shariff and the birth anniversary of Imtiaz Ali Taj may be an event to test our theatre as it has advanced through the years.

If one goes searching out the most popular performs of Umar Shariff like Bakra Qistoan Par and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai that ran for weeks, months and years, one will hardly discover their scripts at bookshops. This can be a departure from the Western lifestyle. In west, the staged performs have been published.  Moreover, the shows offered throughout the cultural divide to a people wanting to examine them as viable works of literature.

Umar Shariff was responsible ordinarily for taking the theatre returned to its basics –the connectivity between actors and the audience. The livewire act turned into splendid and immortalised many along with him. The potential to improvise and adlib and to strike an instant chord with the audience is the very core of a stay performance. Umar Shariff had a genius for it.

Illness and death

On 10 September 2021, Pakistani television host and news anchor Waseem Badami posted a video of Shareef on Instagram where he requested the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan facilitate cancer treatment for him overseas. Anon after the video emerged, Indian singer Daler Mehndi additionally appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for immediate treatment for Sharif. On 11 September 2021, the regime composed a medical board to decide whether or not to send him abroad for treatment. He had an American visa for medical treatment on 16 September 2021 and the Sindh regime  approved 40 million rupees for his treatment.On 2 October 2021, he died in a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany, at the age of 61.

Legendary Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif on Saturday passed away in Germany at the age of 66 after battling astringent health complications. The relative of his wife confirmed his death.

Sharif had boarded an air ambulance on Tuesday for the US, where he had received treatment.

However, his health conditions deteriorated during a stopover in Germany. Then, he was admitted to a hospital in Germany on Wednesday. There, he was diagnosed with multiple ailments, including coronary conditions.

Umer Sharif had suffered a heart attack in August of this year. As per his close aide Pervaiz Kaifi, the comedian had already undergone two heart bypasses at the time.

His fake death news

In 2017, news of the (fake) death of Umar Shareef spread in social media. Then,  his son Jawad Umer issued a statement to clarify that his father was healthy .In September 2021, news of the (fake) death of Umar Shareef circulated over in social media.

Umar Sharif was the comedy king

He has been a symbol of satire for the beyond forty years. Umar Sharif is a massively well-known stage entertainer. He has excited the crowds throughout the previous 40 years. As the stage over the course of the years turned into a stage for the entertainers to show their ability. Therefore, they are not just entertainers working inside the circumstance of the plays. But they could also give up at the impromptu and in a flash associate with their crowds.

This association with the crowds ought to be an essential creative concern for the entertainer. It acquired essentials because of the severe control that was and has been forced over a long time in this puritanical society. The facade of decency and moral uprightness must maintain; the rest deals with itself. This prompted the entertainers to compete for more space to communicate their thoughts and abrogate the severe censorial strategies. This was more effectively done in the theater than in films. The films were heartlessly censored with nothing except sanitized abundance.

As the crowds do not like hypocritical replays.  So, the theater  add spice and flavor to the activity in front of an audience. These entertainers realized that the duplicate endorsed by the controls would be excessively limp and would bring out no reaction from the crowds. Both at the ethical level and political, the entertainers caused circumstances and characters that reverberated with the given conditions.

The rise of Lahore Theater

Lahore’stheater rose up out of the shadows of the draconian control authorization in the Ziaul Haq period and entertainers like Ali Ejaz, Rafi Khawar, Amanullah, Albela and Khalid Abbas Dar established the framework of an auditorium that depended on acts of spontaneities to save the play from a stupid, intensely controlled content that had no meat so to say.

Kamal Ahmed Rizvi, who had a place with the outdated, attempted to keep up with the standards of theater.  He dedicated to the content and permitting expansion or ad-lib inside limits so as to make the content significant. In any case, the more noteworthy reaction from the crowds and ever more prominent unctuous crackdown constrained the accompanying age of entertainers to be all the more ignoring of the standards.

Notwithstanding, the one who took the roar from the Lahori entertainers was Umar Sharif- the comedy king– in Karachi. He also worked in Lahore to ad-lib and makes characters and circumstances which mesmerized the audience.

The way of life in Karachi has been not quite the same as Lahore and Punjab just in its outside appearance; the truth at the core is something similar. Yet, it was the outside quirks that pulled in Umar Sharif- the king comedy– the most.

Umar Sharif; Stage work

As Umer started his career in Karachi in 1974. So, he worked as a stage performer at the age of 14. He performed in theatre, using the stage name Umer Zarif but later renamed that to Umer Sharif. Two of his most popular comedy stage plays were 1989’s Bakra Qistoon Par and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai.

Karachi, a little city at freedom, turned into a colossal city with the flood of outcasts in the early long periods of the nation.  And afterward the consistent settlement of the Pashtuns looking for financial freedoms in the greatest city of the nation lodging a port and a becoming modern set up. Its way of life was bilingual.

This was adequate ground for comics and Umar Sharif was no special case. His more prominent ability made him an exceptional illustration of parody implied for individuals to laugh at their rulers and the developing cultural qualities that are intelligent of recent fads becoming satisfactory and underestimated. Individuals talked less in open in view of the backfire. So the ‘theater-walas’ do it with regards to the circumstance, subsequently delivering the tremendous persecution made for the sake of overt sensitivity and moral uprightness.

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Bakra Qiston Par

Bakra Qiston Par will stay the mark tune of Umar Sharif. The play reimburses his ability and got his essence in the entertainment biz circles of the country. Ahe play likewise ran for seemingly forever. So, it showed that it reverberated with individuals.

Theater during the 1960s, other than Khwaja Mueenuddin’s plays, depended generally on variation. Its crowd, as well, was restricted. However a portion of these plays was excellent and reached a specific degree of imaginative artfulness, they barely engaged a huge part of the crowd. The plays or the pattern that began in the late nineteen seventies had a lot greater effort. Rather than looking for commitments and doles, the performance centers were presently seen as a monetarily practical suggestion. The introduction of the purported business theater owed itself to these incredibly skilled individuals.

A portion of the entertainers has increased than the plays. The purposes behind this are self-evident. In any case, the custom of adlibbing and insinuation exist in our performing expressions culture. With neighborhood circumstances, nearby characters, and nearby vernaculars, the entertainers can take the crowds along. Umar Sharif, for quite a long time, has done this depending solely on his ability and dovetailing it to the creating social circumstances in the general public.

Bulleh Shah- a poet who did not surrender to untruth


Umar Sharif has received National awards for Best Director and Best Actor in 1992 for Mr. 420. He has received ten Nigar Awards. Umer Sharif-the comedy king is the only actor to receive four Nigar Awards in a single year. He received three Graduate Awards. Sharif also received  Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

This has been the incredible ability and the entertainers have flourished with. Umar Sharif’s exhibitions have been a demonstration of it. However, he diverges into TV and film. The palpability of the live presentation was found missing in these mediums.

The theater, including the business theater, has been the vent where individuals can come and deliver their repressed feelings, their increased tensions, and the heartbreaks that outcome from the idiosyncrasies of our general public, its family structure, and the inserted rank framework. Moreover, it is hard to say which job it has played in holding the attitudes to a reasonable level, however, it has worked. In that regard, Umar Sharif, the comedy king has been fundamental and essential. He can make individuals giggle in circumstances where else they would have cried; diminishing the strain to make life tolerable, if not completely charming.

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