Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

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The effect and benefits of innovation on our lives today, can just, not be overlooked. We are unaware of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology. The 21st century has been known as the period of science and innovation (and presently information), particularly with the new innovation improvements and headways throughout the most recent couple of many years.

Since the advantages of this cutting-edge innovation, we appreciate today might appear to be unfathomable, and very stunning, now and again. Our progenitors wouldn’t have accepted any of this in case they were determined what’s on the horizon for themselves as well as their ages.

We’re so busy with our day-to-day existences that we scarcely pause for a minute to press the respite button in our regular routines, make a stride back, and think. Also, on the off chance that we’ll really take out a second to do as such, we’ll begin to see the jobs and advantages that innovation has played in working on human existence.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in a fast progressing era

With such a fast innovation reception that we’ve seen in the beyond a couple of many years, we ought to likewise be careful about the many weaknesses of innovation in our lives and our general public. Obviously, a lot of something can be hurtful. The same is valid for innovation, and the many advantages it brings to our lives.

With the help technology. We can read, and share our thoughts within one click.
Sharing of information within one click

Today we can gather information about the whole world sitting at home. We can read, and share our thoughts within one click.

Today we save a lot of our time through technology, technology has fulfilled all our needs very easily. Today children can study sitting at home, we can take advantage of every entertainment sitting at home.

But it also reduces the creativity of people, social isolation, and also distracts from work and study.

Now keep them all in mind, here I will share with you in-depth that;

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in our lives?

Modern technology advantages

1. Advantages of Technology in Communication

When we think of the old days in terms of communication, it immediately comes to mind that “times have changed”.

And so much has changed that we can talk to a person sitting thousands of miles away as if he were sitting in front of us. And all this has been made possible by communication technology.

Today we can talk to anyone sitting in any corner of the world from a mobile phone where there is a network and internet facility, in the form of audio, video, and through simple text messages.

Not only that, but we can also manage our business through mobile. And we can have online meetings with different people at the same time. And we can solve any kind of problem through mobile.

 For example, in case of illness, we can go to the doctor online by downloading the application with one click on the mobile. (Then communicate). We can also take lessons online from our mobile phones at home, and earn money if we want through online communication from different platforms, like, Upwork, Fiver, etc.

The invention of mobile phones and telephones not only saved the time of the people but also lightened the burden of heart and mind due to the expatriate relatives.

2. Advantage of technology for disabled People

Thanks to technology, there have been inventions for people with disabilities that can be of great help to them.

For example:

  1. Hearing aids:
    This helps hearing impaired or hearing impaired people, can clearly hear.
  2. Cognitive Aids:
    Helps people with mental retardation with memory, attention, and other difficulties.
  3. Lightweight:
    Which helps people with disabilities in sports activities
  4. Wheelchair:
    This allows people with disabilities to go anywhere easily. And recently, prosthetic hands and feet have been invented for people with disabilities.
  5. Aids such as Automatic Page Turner, Book Holders, and Adapted Pencil Grip, which help people with disabilities continue their educational activities.

There are also scooters, walkers, canes, crutches, prosthetic devices, and orthotic devices.

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3. Advantage of Technology in the Industrial Sector

Today production is being increased by using new technology in the industrial sector. Whether mobile companies or automobile companies are using robots in their factories, this is bringing accuracy in their work that they are able to meet the market demand very quickly. They are able to do the things that people are not able to do very accurately, people are now able to do the same things very accurately through robots and technology.

Computers are being used for designing purposes in automobile companies. Today every company is using technology to increase their production. The company is ramping up its production by using computer robot software.

4. Advantage of Technology in Business Development

Technology has also made businesses very easy. And have given wings to its development, today we can increase our business sitting at home, through online marketing, we can easily give our goods from one place to another. When there was no technology before. Then we used to restrict business to only a few places, but now due to technology, we can spread our business all over the world and for this, we have to spend very little.

We can easily open our online store on different platforms with a click of one finger from home or anywhere else. Also in the Local, national, and international markets, we can open our shop on Amazon, Shopify, eBay (the largest online markets in the world), and if we talk about Pakistan then on the daraz. And by ordering goods online at wholesale from various wholesale dealers like Alibaba. And so online business has become much easier, and modern technology plays a huge role in business development.

That’s why so many people are turning to online business, as this has.

Similarly, the extent to which technology has empowered businesses is unmatched in the past.

5. Advantage of Technology in the Food industry

Technology has also played a very important role in the food industry. In the current time in the field of agriculture, people are using new technology such as tractors, drip systems for irrigation, using all these things of organic farming, today a lot of food production is being done.

The use of machines in the food industry ensured quality and cost reduction. The rise of robotics in the food industry testifies to the advantage of technology in the food industry.

Technology has not only greatly increased food production, but also solved the long-standing problem of packaging after production. And thousands of tons of packaging is done in just a few minutes with the help of modern technology.

Today, through technology, farmers are learning new means and techniques of agriculture, so that they are increasing their production and earning profits for themselves. With the help of technology, we can keep our food items safe for a long time. 

6. Advantage of Technology in the field of health:

Technology has played the most important role in the field of health, due to technology, treatment of all those diseases is possible. Which was incurable earlier, today with the use of technology, research is going on in the treatment of many diseases.

Technology has made the healthcare system easy. Today we can get our treatment from any doctor of our country sitting at home. And you can get your checkup done with them and get advice from them.

That is, technology has provided a new direction of development to medicine and treatment.

6. Advantage of Technology in Education Development

The development of technology has made the field of education very dynamic. Today we can easily do any course sitting at home with our mobile phone.

Due to modern technology today we can easily approach any type of information, we can accelerate our learning, we can learn new skills.

Technology has made education accessible to remote areas very easily, today people of every village have access to education.

Modern Technology advantages in Education
photo credit: Pixabay

7. Advantage of Technology in Ease of Traffic

Today we can also go from one place to another in a very short time due to technology. And gradually this technology is becoming more and more extensive, due to which today we can complete the distance of 566 kilometers in just 5 hours.

There has been a lot of development in the convenience of transport, today we can book hotels and bus tickets from any place sitting at home and this is also possible due to technology.

8. Advantage of Technology in the field of entertainment:

Modern technology has completely changed the entertainment industry. In today’s lives, you can easily entertain yourself in different aspects of life at a low price.

  1. Quality free content:
    By paying and installing an internet connection at home or by paying to different mobile networks anywhere you can easily locate and enjoy a lot of content through different online resources like Youtube, Game sites, ebook sites, online newspapers, etc. from your TV, laptop, or mobile phones.
  1. Live Chatting:
    As chatting is the most popular use on the internet, you can easily talk to your friends, family members throughout the world using, Skype, What Sapp, the Facebook messenger.
  1. Parental Control:
    This is known as the top benefit of technology in the entertainment industry. With the help of modern technology now you can easily block and web access control in your home or mobile phones. You can program your router and filter out the browsing protection according to your family or children’s needs.

Today we do not need to go anywhere for entertainment, we can enjoy every entertainment sitting at home on our mobile phone, television and this is also possible due to the expansion of technology.

9. Advantages of modern Technology in Transportation

In transportation, if we talk about the advantage of technology in transportation, we can see dramatic changes.

  1. Electric vehicle:
    Which are very affordable to walk, and repair. The cause of petrol and diesel vehicles prevent pollution which used to pollute the environment. This reduces noise pollution and is good for our health, as well as reducing the cost of imported petrol and diesel.
  1. Autonomous Vehicle:
    Automotive vehicles reduce road accidents. This was due to the driver’s shortcomings
  1. Lightweight vehicle:
    The lightweight vehicle costs less fuel and is cheaper for both the manufacturer and the buyer.
  1. On-Demand Ride Service:
    Online demand ride service is more important than regular taxi service, it not only reduces the cost but also saves time as well as provides the best environment. On-demand ride services like “Uber” and Cream
  1. Hyperloop:
    This technology makes it possible to travel twice as fast as an airplane, at low cost, and in the best environment. On a research basis, we can simply say that we can cover more than a million km in less than one hour.
  1. Route planning sensor:
    This technology helps you choose the best route, which saves you the best time and money.
  1. Accident prevention censorship:
    Eye-sensor technology that prevents accidents caused by the driver’s dominance of sleep in the case of long drives.
  1. Safety sensors:
    Like Seat belt

Just as technology has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages.

Disadvantages of modern technology

The advantages of technology are as much as the disadvantages, if we do not use technology in the right way, then it has a very bad effect on our life. Here I will share some disadvantages of modern technology which are most important.

1. Environmental impact of modern technology

Technology has encouraged industrial development, on the other hand, the polluted gases emitted from industries are badly disturbing the balance of the environment and promoting pollution.

The list of some environmental impacts of modern technology is as under.

  1. Water Pollution:
    The chemical wastes created by different factories, and mixing with water leads to water pollution. Which badly affects the living things, and causes death.
  1. Air Pollution:
    Due to Passenger vehicles and factories some dangerous gas like “nitrogen oxides”, “carbon monoxide” are emitted. Due to which “air pollution” occurred, and leads to different types of diseases like “ischemic heart disease, stroke, (COPD), lung cancer and acute lower respiratory infections in children.”
  1. Noise Pollution Due to modern Technology:
    As there are many technical things that create noise pollution, but the valid example is “increased in drones”. And other technology like smartphones, and music speakers.

air Pollution due to vehicles


2. Disadvantages of modern Technology in Social life:

The social life affected by technology is alarming!.

The Depression rate increased day by day due to the use of mobile phones. When there was no mobile, everyone in the house would get together and have good gossip. Which made everyone aware of each other’s thoughts and pain.

Mobile phones are now in the hands of everyone from adults to children, which is why those loves and beliefs are slowly disappearing.

And the biggest thing is that the person is so busy on the internet that he does not even get a chance to think deeply. The ability of man to think deeply has been greatly reduced.

3. Time Wastage due to technology

Modern technology has provided such devices as computers, the internet, mobiles, TVs, etc., which are now being used by human beings not for necessity but for entertainment, which leads to unnecessary wastage of time.

Time is a very valuable human resource. The way in which the misuse of technology has begun to waste time is a moment of reflection for all.

The most time-consuming social media platforms are “Facebook” and “YouTube”.

According to Jose Luis Gonzalez Rodriguez a “Forbes” writer, 90% of people lose 15 to 40 days of their work due to technology.

4. Disadvantages of modern technology in global warming:

Modern resources are made with the help of science and technology. Such as the use of ACs, vehicles, etc. And the toxic smoke coming out of factories is disturbing the balance of the environment. Due to which the temperature of the earth is increasing, and the problem of global warming is being created.

disadvantage of technology-global warming
toxic smoke coming out of factories

Due to the use of vehicles and motorcycles, a lot of pollution is increasing in our environment.

Due to increasing pollution, people’s health will also have a lot of impacts and due to the use of more technology. People are not giving much importance to their physical work, due to which their physical capacity is decreasing.

5. Crime rate increase due to modern technology:

People are also using technology in the wrong way. Spreading many false rumors through the Internet and promoting communal violence, which is causing riots, etc. Many nuclear, bispotak, etc. are being manufactured, due to which terrorist attacks have also been encouraged.

6. Modern technology impact on Health

Today’s man has become so used to technology that, he talks on mobile phone for hours, plays games on computer, TV, etc.

Today we spend most of our time on mobile phone, television or computer, due to the habit of technology. Due to which we become much stressed, and we don’t even realize it. Because we are so engrossed in TVs, laptops, especially in mobiles phone’s that it is hard to turn them off.

A list of some disadvantages of the modern technological gadgets in our health is as under.

  1. Hearing ability:
    The use of headphones and other electronic devices on a daily basis reduces the ability to hear.
  1. Visibility:
    Excessive use of mobile and laptop and desktop computers reduces the ability to see.
  1. Increased obesity:
    Excessive use of electronic devices leads to the development of complex diseases such as obesity. These include high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, etc.
  1. Brain cancer:
    According to some research, excessive use of mobile phones causes brain cancer.
  1. Skin Problems:
    Electronic devices emit an electronic magnetic field, which absorbs the skin, causing skin cells to be damaged.
  1. Lack of Interest in Studying due to modern technology:
    The study is very important from children to adults. The study develops human interpersonal, communication, discussion, social and creative skills. At the same time, it develops learning retention, mood, and level of motivation, freedom of thought, new skills, and good habits.

Today we can all see that whether he is a student, an employee, or a businessman he uses Facebook for at least two hours daily. And this is the shortest time I’m talking about.

And the biggest impact is on the students, who have largely lost their ability to read.

If we do not keep up our reading habits, it is certain that we will lose a lot along with the peace of mind.

8. Disadvantages of Technology in Education

Here I want to share some points by which the education system has been affected by modern technology.

  1. Technology can make cheating easier.
    Like during the exam students bring mobile phone, and the paper is out. Similarly, by cracking the online system, the leaflets can be out.
  1. Technology can take students out of the classroom.
    Just like all the classes in Corona Pandemic went online. This is also a disadvantage of technology as face-to-face classes are very useful in terms of online classes.
  1. Due to Modern technology students will not be able to differentiate between reliable and unreliable resources.
    Fake information abounds on the Internet today. Which is a very difficult task to find out the truth. And most people rely on that information and lose their knowledge.
  1. Modern Technology gadgets are heavy on Pocket.
    Modern technology gadgets are resources that not everyone can afford. There are many families who cannot afford to buy mobile phones or laptops for their children’s online classes.

Conclusion of the advantages and disadvantages of Technology

I have explained in detail the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in our lives.

I hope after reading this article you will be able to consider the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in your life.

What as, where technology has provided a new dimension of progress to the country. And the world and has given a new direction of development to human life.

On the other hand, it is also very dangerous for human health. So we all have to be cautious while using technology.

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