Apple iOS 15: List of iOS 15 features

Apple iOS 15: List of iOS 15 features

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Apple iOS 15 is loaded with new components that assist you with associating with others, be more present and at the time, investigate the world, and utilize amazing knowledge to accomplish more with iPhone than any time in recent memory.

After the iPhone 13 promotional event, Apple announced that it will release the new version of the iOS operating system, iOS 15, on Monday, September 20. We have brought together a list of iOS 15 features under 12 titles shortly before the release of the iOS 15 update.

  1.  FaceTime has become much more functional

Being able to share the screen during the call and listen to music and watch movies with the people in the call.

apple ios 15 facetime

Blur the background.

Ability to schedule meetings in advance like Zoom and Google Meet.

The spatial sound element makes the inclination that the voices of individuals in the call come from where they are on the screen during the call.

Filtering unwanted sounds in the environment.

Android and Windows users can now join FaceTime calls via the browser.

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  1. Updated the design of notification cards

Larger app icons and avatars in notification tabs.

Ability to receive a collective summary of all notifications at specified hours.

Larger app icons and avatars in notification tabs.
apple ios 15 notification

Ability to filter notifications according to focus modes.

  1. Ability to parse texts in photos (OCR)

To be able to use functions such as scanning the texts in the photo, copy-pasting, and searching.

photo editing easy with iphone
apple ios 15 texts in photos
  1. New Safari design

New “tab bar” view that moves the URL bar down.

Ability to group tabs like Google Chrome.

New "tab bar" view that moves the URL bar down.
New grid view to see all open tabs.

Refreshing the web page by pulling the screen from top to bottom.

New grid view to see all open tabs.

  1. Ability to identify ID and driver’s license to Apple Wallet

Ability to add driver’s license and identity card to the Wallet application.

 driver's license and identity card on the Wallet application.
driver’s license and identity card on the Wallet application.
  1. Tags to categorize notes

Ability to add Google Keep-like tags to easily categorize notes.

  1. Interactive view for Apple Maps

New 3D design for Apple maps so users can better see details like turn lanes and medians.

apple ios 15 map
iOS 15 update maps
  1. Redesigned weather app

ios 15 weather
iOS 15 update Weatherview

New background animations and new higher resolution map modules

  1. iOS 15 Ability to choose between software versions

iOS 15 update Software
iOS 15 update Software

Ability to choose between two different software update versions. For example, you can upgrade to the latest version of iOS 15 for the latest features, or continue using iOS 14 and still receive important security updates.

  1. iOS 15 Privacy

iOS 15 update privacy
iOS 15 update privacy

App privacy report showing what data apps have accessed in the last seven days.

Mail Privacy Protection feature that prevents mail senders from learning whether a mail has been opened and prevents senders from learning the location of users or creating a profile of the user based on their IP address.

    11. Apple iOS 15 Upgraded network on 5G

iphone 13
iOS 15 update 5G

More application and framework encounters are upgraded by quicker 5G network, including backing to rear up to iCloud and reestablish from an iCloud reinforcement, transfer sound and video on Apple and third‑party applications, download higher‑quality Apple TV+ content, sync photographs to iCloud Photographs, download Apple News+ magazine issues for disconnected perusing, and download AI models.16

    12. Apple iOS 15 Declare Messages in CarPlay

apple iphone
iOS 15 update car play

Siri can declare approaching messages in CarPlay. You can turn declarations on or off when a message is perused and Siri will recall your inclination. Or on the other hand, you can set declarations off or consistently on through Settings.

iPhone clients will get iOS 15 updates today: Full rundown of viable iPhones, new features.

Close by iOS 15, Apple will likewise be dispatching the iPadOS 15 programming update. (AP)

Close by iOS 15 update for iPhone clients, Apple will likewise be dispatching the iPadOS 15 programming update

Tech monster Apple is good to go to deliver the most recent form of its working framework, iOS 15, today. iPhone clients will actually want to refresh to iOS 15 from today. The organization initially divulged iOS 15 recently at its Worldwide Developers Conference. “iOS 15 brings astonishing new provisions that assist you with interfacing, center, investigate and do significantly more with iPhone,” Apple referenced on its site.

As of late, the tech monster had delivered a basic programming patch to fix a security weakness that specialists say could permit programmers to straightforwardly taint iPhones and other Apple gadgets with no association of the proprietor. In this way, that load of iPhone clients who have still not refreshed their gadget with iOS 14.8, ought to do at the soonest.

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