World Mayor’s Capital Award 2021- Mansur Yava

World Mayor’s Capital Award 2021- Mansur Yava

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Mansoor Yawa, the winner of the 2021 World Mayor’s Award, announced on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Sakaria’s victory that 32 mayors from 21 countries have been nominated for the World Mayor capital Award, which was named after Mansoor Yawa. I do not consider this achievement as my own, but I hope that this award is a success for the 6 million residents of Ankara.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş is a candidate for the World Mayor’s 2021 World Mayor Award, organized by the ‘City Mayors Foundation‘, with the projects he carried out in the capital, transparent management practices, the protection of public health, and the practices he implemented for the citizens to feel safe. was shown.

Yavaş announced the result of the competition in his speech at the special event held for the 100th anniversary of the Sakarya Victory.


Mansur Yavas said, “My dear individual kinsmen, it has quite recently been declared from Britain. We were amazingly glad. This achievement doesn’t have a place with Mansur Yavaş. I trust I will get this honor in the interest of 6 million Ankara occupants,” he said.

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Mansur Yavas, who was previously deemed worthy of the transparency award by Transparency International and the Humanitarian Development Foundation. Who were the only ones in Turkey and one of four mayors in Asia in the list of candidates. For which 32 mayors from 21 countries were nominated?

With the ‘World Mayor Award’, which has been held every 2 years since 2004. Their leadership in the pandemic process. Which has been affecting the world for more than a year, and their success as president was evaluated.

It was announced that among the nominated mayors, those who convince their citizens that they are striving for a more equal, united, and tolerant society. As well as the strengthening efforts to protect their cities from natural and man-made disasters will be examined by considering fairer and greener management approaches.


The ‘World Mayor’ team announced that Yavaş won the award with the following statement:

* Demonstrated a management approach that prioritized public safety and transparency.

He set forth a vision to build a metropolis equal to the great capitals of Europe and Asia.

* He fought against corruption with courage and faith.

* Supported the poor and disadvantaged segments of the society.

*Invests in clean water and renewable energy.

* Provided internet access to areas with weak connections.

*Looking at thousands of references and comments, the people of Ankara and many people from Turkey. The people believe that Mansur Yavaş will make Ankara one of the largest capitals in the world.

32 cities from 21 countries for the world mayor capital award compete

32 cities from 21 countries competing with Ankara for the ‘2021 World Mayor Award’ were as follows: Ankara, Arnheim – Netherlands, Bogota – Colombia, Braga – Portugal, Bratislava – Slovakia, Buenos Aires – Argentina, Cascais – Portugal, Dantumadiel – Netherlands, Delhi – India, Freetown – Siera Leone, Grenoble – France, Grigny – France, Guarulhos – São Paulo, Brazil, Helsinborg – Sweden, Kigali – Rwanda, Long Beach – California, Manchester –England, Mannheim – Germany, Melbourne – Australia, Mexico City – Mexico, Milan – Spain, Milwaukee – USA, Pasig – Philippines, Raqqa – Syria, Richmond – USA, Rostock – Germany, Rotterdam – Netherlands, Saint-Omer – France, San Bellino – Italy, Villa de Conte – Italy, Warsaw – Poland and Washington – USA.”

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