Saudi League matches will be completed today

Saudi League matches will be completed today

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The matches of the fourth round of the Saudi Professional League will be completed today, Sunday, with 4 matches.

Saudi League matches today:

The first match between Al-Ettifaq and Al-Raed teams will be at Six-thirty Saudi standard time and Eight-thirty Pakistan Standard time in the evening, the second meeting between Al-Batin and Al-Fateh at seven-thirty Saudi standard time and  Eight-forty Pakistan Standard time in the evening, and the third meeting between Al-Taawun and Al-Ahly at Eight-fifty Pakistan Standard in the evening. And the fourth meeting between Al-Shabab and Al-Hazm at Ten-thirty five Pakistan Standard time in the evening.

On, Saturday evening, the curtain came down on the two matches of the opening round of the fourth round of the Mohammed Bin Salman Professional League, with Al-Ittihad’s victory over Abha, and Damak’s victory over Al-Faisaly.

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Al-Ittihad club had defeated the Abha team in the Saudi Professional League by six goals to one, where the Brigadier General Igor Coronado and Romarinho scored two goals. Fahd Al-Mawlid, Harun Kamara, and Hamdan Al-Shamrani, while the Tunisian player Saad Bakir scored for Abha.

While Damak defeated Al-Faisaly with a double without a response, it was scored by Emilio Zelaya and Al-Arabi Hilal Soudani.

The Saudi League standings after the end of the two matches on Saturday:
Al-Ittihad is at the top of the Saudi League with 9 points, followed by Al-Fayhaa, Al-Hilal, and Damak in the second to fourth positions with 7 points. While Al-Nasr and Al-Raed are fifth and sixth with six points.

Al-Ettifaq Club is in seventh place in the Mohammed bin Salman League with five points, followed by Al-Fateh, Al-Batin, Al-Faisaly, and Abha in the eighth to eleventh positions with 4 points for each team.

As for Al-Ahly and Al-Hazm clubs, they occupy the 12th and 13th places with 3 points and 2 points, respectively, while Al-Taawun, Al-Shabab and Al-Taie clubs are in the 14th to 16th places with a point for Al-Taawun and Al-Shabab and no points for Al-Taei.

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