Solving the Mystery of corona disease

Solving the Mystery of corona disease

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Good news for corona disease

Good news has come to the world for corona disease from Dr, Biswaroop Roy Choudhry. An Indian doctor, Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury has researched medical conspiracy theories, including denialist conspiracies about COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes. Moreover, he has solved the mystery of corona disease. He has the rare privilege of treating and curing more than 5000 patients that too, at the peak of the pandemic between June 5, 2020, and July 14, 2020. All this has been possible with the help of his network of more than 200 Influenza Experts spread all across the country (and few outsides,  the country also). In addition, they achieved cent percent cure with zero medication and zero percent mortality, with more than 80% of the patients, who could resolve their symptoms in 72 hours of following the three-day Flu diet (details of which are given in the chapters that follow) and 75% of the patients (among those who went for a second RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2) tested negative for SARS-CoV-2.

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Results exaggerated

The above results may be baffling and may look manipulated and over-exaggerated for conventional doctors with a mindset of treating Influenza/Covid-19 patients with the medicine protocol set by WHO, where they are used to see about 3-4% mortality with the average hospital discharge rate of 14 days, but for me, the mystery was something else. Out of the 5000 + patients with the classical Influenza-like illness (ILI) symptoms, as defined by CDC, about 1000 patients, came to them with SARS-CoV-2 positive test report through RT-PCR, and the rest came to them without going for the RT-PCR test for Corona disease. This means, out of 5000 ILI patients, 1000 were Covid-19 patients, and the rest 4000 were non-Covid-19 ILI patients. 

IMCR report.

ICMR(Indian Council of Medical Research), released the guidelines of issuing death certificates if any person dies with the classical symptoms of ILI, then the cause of death should be mentioned as Covid-19 even if the RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is negative before or after the death. This means, ICMR believes that 100% of ILI patients have a single causative agent and that should be SARS-CoV-2, although this theory of ICMR does not have any evidence in the medical literature.

Further report of ICMR about death certificates

Going by the guidelines of “How to Report in Death Certificates” by ICMR, technically, Dr. Biswaroop says that in the last 40 days, they have cured 5000+ Covid-19 patients. However, the causative agent of the symptoms of Flu or ILI can be among more than 200 viruses as identified to date, and also, it could be other pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and even non-parasite causes including side effects of the drugs, etc. So, the mystery for Dr, Biswaroop while treating these 5000+ patients was that he could not find any particular symptom among the ILI patients with the corona disease or covid-19 positive status which is unique to them (1000 patients with positive RT-PCR report) and can be distinguishable from the rest of 4000 patients (surely many out of them might be having causative agent other than SARS-CoV-2). Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhry has concluded his arguments below.

His First Conclusion on corona disease…

Symptomatically, Covid-19 patients are identical to other ILI patients with no unique sign or pattern of recovery. Moreover, to unfold the mystery rather than solve the puzzle called Covid-19, he gives references  to the first week of January 2020 (around 4-7 January) with the headline in most of the newspapers across the world “Cause of Wuhan’s mysterious Pneumonia cases still unknown, Chinese officials say”, which even WHO acknowledged on January 5, 2020, on their website3.  As per WHO, on January 3, 2020, national authorities of China reported a total of 44 patients with Pneumonia of unknown etiology. Knowing that each year more than 2.5 million people die of Pneumonia and around 450 million population, who suffers from Pneumonia or ILI, the intriguing question is how the health authorities distinguish those reported 44 patients as Pneumonia with unknown etiology.

Let’s have a look at the following facts:

1) In more than 60% of the ILI, no virus could be detected. 2) And in more than 20% of Pneumonia, no causative agent could be detected. 

His Argument

1. All across the world including your neighborhood, for every ten patients with ILI (symptomatically) at least six, will not be detected with any of the viruses known for ILI. 2. For every ten patients with Pneumonia, at least two will not be detected with any unknown causative agent. Meaning thereby that more than 60% of patients with ILI can be called ILI patients with unknown etiology (cause) And 20% of Pneumonia patients with unknown etiology Or 20% of them can be called mysterious Pneumonia. Here, he reminds that symptomatically, the Covid-19 patients do not show any unique characteristics or sign or pattern that is distinguishable from other ILI/Pneumonia patients. And also, it is literally not possible to rule out all the known causes of Pneumonia as there are thousands of causative agents which may lead to Pneumonia.

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Diagnoses of PCR

As diagnostically, the best tool available to science is the PCR test (which is known as gold standard) but with high false-positive meaning that when PCR test will be conducted for more than 200 viruses known to humans, to be the causative agent of ILI/ Pneumonia, statistically (on an average) it will show positive for at At least two of the 200 viruses.  Even in the absence of any of the 200 viruses, since the specificity of PCR-test, by design cannot be more than 99%, which translates to showing two viruses as a causative agent, even if none of them may be present.

Ambiguity in the test

Now, virtually there is no means to know, whether the test positive is a TRUE positive or FALSE positive?. Conclusively, the positive result (even though it is FALSE positive) could be accepted as a causative agent of the ILI for a particular patient. Hence, the question is what was the basis of deciding that the causative agent of Pneumonia among the 44 patients is of unknown etiology. Biswaroop tried to refer to the WHO website at the link (see the box below) but the matter does not exist.

WHO has not given any real data about corona disease

Since WHO and China health authorities have not given any data or evidence or study to prove, how can they rule out the possibility of all known causes for Pneumonia? And also how they came to the conclusion that SARS-CoV-2 may be the causative agent of Pneumonia among those 44 patients, and even if it is the causative agent, it may not be a new virus to the human being, rather maybe one of the causative agents of Pneumonia among those 20% patients, for whom causative agent could not be detected earlier. In simple language, SARS-CoV-2 may have been causing ILI/ Pneumonia for a long, but it is now we devised a method to detect the virus.

His Conclusion

Based on his experience of treating 5000+ patients and also with the above evidence, they conclude that SARS-CoV-2 is not a new virus, with no unique illness/symptom, especially when WHO or China has not given any evidence to prove it to be a new virus. Hence announcing a Pandemic is technically wrong as by definition Pandemic means the worldwide spread of a new disease. If we talk of India, even the Epidemic Act 1897, as implemented by the. The government of India is unconstitutional and unwarranted since, by WHO definition, epidemic means the occurrence of an illness clearly in excess of normal expectancy. For India, the average number of deaths due to Pneumonia is 1.5 lakh per year, and also the death due to corona disease as of July 13, 2020, is 22, 000 which may not be true Covid deaths, rather deaths with SARS-CoV-2 due to experimental medical procedures and co-morbid conditions.

We must remind ourselves that the basis of lockdown and social distancing with the announcement of Pandemic and implementation of the Epidemic Act was the following prediction by WHO in the month of March 2020.

Prediction no1

Now, prediction for the world

If no lockdown or social distancing or other preventive measures are taken then nearly 4 crore people will kill worldwide and if all the prevention and lockdown measures are followed even then 2 crore people will die worldwide in the next few months. Prediction no 2

And the prediction for India

If no lockdown or social distancing or other preventive measures are taken, then up to 60,96,359 people will die and if all the WHO guidelines of lockdown or social distancing are followed then about 23,75,803 people will be killed due to Covid-19 in the next few months.

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Moreover, as per the serology survey of  ICMR, the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of Covid-19 is 0.08%,12 which is lower than the seasonal Flu and the rate of transmission (RO) is 1.1513 which is less than the common cold, meaning thereby Covid-19 is neither deadly nor infectious as has been predicted and projected. Fortunately, with a very low CFR and RO, the death worldwide and also in India, is nowhere near to the WHO prediction.

Hence to normalize everything around, we just need to erase three words from our lives:


Through repeated hammering and through media and phone caller tune, you are made to believe that it is a mysterious deadly virus causing high casualties and corona disease but with no supportive evidence.

Why so many deaths due to corona disease? Answer in Three Steps

How to Cure Covid-19?

So, how can one become a warrior? For this, he was making a framework for the last two months named N.I.C.E. (Network of Influenza Care Experts) and it was launched on June 5, 2020, at 5  pm on the occasion of World Environment Day. It is a network of trained people spread across the entire country and after the launch, if there is a symptom of ILI/Flu (Biswaroop does not call it Corona), due care will be provided to that person absolutely free of cost. Till the person recovers completely, he would be under the  N.I.C.E support system. Let us first talk about the entire game. Everyone is surprised as to why so many deaths are occurring? Why so many people are dying in Brazil, Spain, Italy, and the USA due to corona disease? And why the number of Corona cases in India is increasing? Why so many new cases are coming up every day? There seems to be something wrong. Let me explain from the beginning. Whatever I am telling you is based on the evidence. Let me explain from scratch how a Corona patient is killed in three steps?

Step One As soon as you get out of the house (in fact, some people even when at home), you put on the face mask thinking that you are protected. What happens, as reported in a journal, in an hour, we touch the mask 23 times on average. One tends to adjust the mask, on average, 23 times in an hour. You go to a shop to buy vegetables putting on the mask. While you are talking to the vendor inquiring about the rates, you continuously adjust the mask. Finally, you pick up a fruit, let us say, a mango and don’t find it up to the mark; you pick up another one; while you are selecting and deselecting the mangoes, your hand again and again goes to the mask, since you are finding it difficult to speak and you are feeling suffocated. 

The mouth has many viruses

What he is trying to explain is an important thing. Your mouth does not contain only Coronavirus, there are so many types of viruses in your mouth. When you were not using the mask prior to the spread of Corona, on sneezing or coughing, the bacteria and viruses from your mouth used to go into the atmosphere and get killed due to fresh air and sunlight. Now, when you are wearing the mask, you are not letting those bacteria and viruses get killed as there is no fresh air or sunlight; you are, in fact, collecting them in the mask. Face mask causes stagnation/collection of all kinds of viruses(including Coronavirus) and frequent touching of the mask (23 times per hour) causes an increase in the transmission of virus meaning more illness and more deaths.

Sitting at home, no physical activity

The first step here is that a healthy human being is sitting at home, away from the sunlight and fresh air; there is no physical activity. A number of people have lost their jobs in this Corona pandemic, so they are depressed; the children are not going to school so even they are depressed; all this is leading to bickering at home. As a result, our immunity gets lowered and whatever immunity we are left with, is lost as a result of the mask. Since you have been continuously adjusting the mask, and touching the mangoes (which you don’t buy finally because you don’t like them), unintentionally you pass your virus to the mangoes. Another healthy person comes to the shop and buys those mangoes, thereby carrying your virus home (not necessarily corona disease virus, it could be any virus).

For this, Dr. Biswaroop found out all the medical research papers on corona disease

As it is pertaining to whether the mask protects us from viruses, Influenza, common cold, or not. So he succeeded in getting three research papers that were related to the use of masks. One research paper talked about touching the mask 23 times in an hour. The research of other papers was about whether the use of masks alleviates or aggravates the infection. The conclusion of all these research papers was the same. That is, if you use a mask to protect yourself from a particular virus, that virus will increase. So, the first step or conspiracy is to make people sick; to lower their immunity. You are your own immunity. To lower the immunity, make a person sit at home out of fear. The number of times you make a phone call, or read the newspaper or listen to the news, fear will increase leading to the lowering of immunity by about 50%. The remaining immunity is being lowered by the use of masks. Let me ask, “How many times do you wash the mask in a month”? I am pretty sure you don’t wash it at all or maybe once. The collection of viruses in the mask lowers the immunity and brings it to the same level as the Indian economy currently is (on the verge of a crash).

Mask lower immune system

The point that I am trying to emphasize is that the virus, which otherwise would not have come to you, in the prevailing circumstances will come to you and if somebody else’s virus comes to you, you would have fought against it in the normal circumstances because your immunity was strong but now with the weak immunity, an otherwise healthy person too would fall sick.

Step Two Whenever the virus enters your body (because of the use of a mask), it is quite obvious that the patient will have a cold or cough or fever, or some other symptoms. What will the person do in such a case? He will go to the hospital because if he goes to the chemist to buy a medicine for lowering the fever, he will not be given medicine; rather he would be advised to go to the hospital. If you go to the hospital, you will be coerced to undergo a Corona test and it is most likely, the report would be positive. Why? This will be discussed later.

What follows after being Corona positive, is step 2.

When you reach the hospital, the virus is still in your throat or the upper respiratory tract. Remember till the time the respiratory Influenza virus (Corona) is in the upper respiratory tract, there won’t be any complications nor will the person get killed. Respiratory Influenza virus means it can enter the body through the mouth or nose. It remains in the upper respiratory tract for two days. You will catch a cold so that the virus comes out or develop a fever because, at that time, the Coronavirus or for that matter, any virus that starts disintegrating, starts getting destroyed. And at this time, our immunity throws it out of the body. You will not develop any complications or breathing difficulty because the virus is in the upper respiratory tract and we breathe through the lungs. The virus will go down from the upper respiratory tract after two days if nothing is done to prevent its attack. Gradually, the virus will start going down on the third day onwards when you go to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics, anti-pyretic, anti-malarial, and anti-HIV medicines.

Coronavirus in the upper respiratory tract (mouth, nose, throat) is not at all deadly and cannot cause complication or death.

Giving patients

1. Antibiotics 2. Antipyretic drugs17 3. Anti-viral drugs18 4. Anti-malarial drugs

Causes the virus to spread to the lower respiratory tract (Lungs). By the 7th day, it may cause breathing difficulties, Pneumonia symptoms, and oxygen deficiency in patients.

Read Gulf News20 of April 9, 2020.

Dr. Biswaroop,s  interview was published in this reputed newspaper of the Gulf countries. The interview says:

“Check the WHO protocol and you will see it’s a combination of anti-malarial, antibiotics, antipyretics, and even in cases an HIV drug. Why do you need antibiotics to treat what is essentially a viral fever? Even the dosage of antipyretic is also extremely high and it can often turn out to be a lethal combination.”

In many of the interviews, Dr. Biswaroop has indicated that the reason for death is not Coronavirus or corona disease but the medicines being administered in the name of Coronavirus thus resulting in the movement of the virus to the lungs (lower respiratory tract). All the medicines consumed lower the immunity, as a result, the virus gets a chance to percolate down to the lungs. What is helping the virus to move from the upper respiratory tract to the lower respiratory tract? Medicines. All this he has been saying since the month of February 2020 because it was happening in Wuhan at that time and it was occurring at other places as well. What was the result? My YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account got deleted.

Antibiotics for corona disease cause more death

On June 1, 2020, WHO accepted in The Guardian21 that the overuse of antibiotics for corona disease will cause more deaths. What Dr. Biswaroop said 2-3 months back is now being accepted by WHO that the reason for the increased deaths are medicines when so many people have lost their lives, WHO is saying this. You must have noticed that recently the drug for malaria too,  has been banned because WHO said that it is the reason for increased deaths. The drug for HIV was banned at the beginning of April for the same reason. WHO is saying all this when so many people have lost their lives? A common man like me also knows that if we intervene with the virus by taking medicines, it will attack the lungs.

Step Three Once the virus reaches the lungs, fluid-filled up in the alveoli as a result, the patient starts having breathing difficulty. In such a scenario, if you measure the oxygen level with the help of an Oximeter, it will be sometimes even less than 80%, which in normal course is 99%. The moment it is < 90%, the doctor would advise you to go on a ventilator- step three of murder or death. See the below given Ventilator. How dangerous the mechanical ventilator looks. It appears that the mechanical ventilator is a piece of life-saving equipment. Let me tell you 94% of people die on the ventilator22. 6% of people, who come alive from the ventilator, half of them die within 2-3 months, and that 3%, who survive are in a pathetic state i.e. they are dependent on others for their day-to-day needs. When a person is on a ventilator, the ventilator functions as lungs; in such a case, the coordination between the brain and the lungs get cut off. What happens after this? When the lungs breathe, the brain does not recognize it and the motor activities such as brushing teeth, eating, etc. are forgotten by the body. The person becomes a living corpse.

A mechanical ventilator is a trade with death

It is a journey towards death. Based on the evidence, 94% of deaths occur on the ventilator but Dr. K B Tumane, Ex-Chief Doctor (Deputy Director Health Services) Nagpur Municipal Corporation, who is a chest specialist for the last 32 years and has been associated with patients suffering from grave diseases of the lungs like Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, etc; patients who are in the last stages say that in his long medical career, he has never seen a patient coming alive from the ventilator meaning thereby 100% of deaths occur on the ventilator. What he is saying, is practically seen by him.

Thus, the patient dies in three steps.

The game of mask completed step one. Then going to the hospital and taking medicine completes step two.  Putting the patient on the ventilator completes step three. All over the world, so many deaths are occurring because the protocol is the same (all three steps towards death). The same is the case in India. But India has fewer ventilators so some people are lucky that they do not get admission to the hospital and as a result, they don’t get the ventilators. So, they are saved from death in spite of the doctors and in spite of the treatment. When people ask the reason for the large number of deaths in Brazil or the USA, dr. Biswaroop got in touch with his network of doctors across the world (from whom he gets authentic information) and concluded that whichever country follows the above three steps (Mask, Medicine, and Ventilator), the number of deaths is more.

The situation of corona disease in other countries.

In countries like Vietnam (where he has been running his center for the last eight years), Cambodia, etc the total number of deaths is zero; in Tanzania, it is 21 deaths out of a total population of six crores; even in Qatar (where he has a large number of patients), the protocol is that people are advised to take rest, keep themselves hydrated and are confined to one room. The entire city or town or the society or the building is not quarantined. There, whenever a person suffers from Corona, he is isolated (as in any infectious disease) and the rest of the work goes on. The point that he is trying to emphasize is that it is not such a virus, which if attacks, will spread to all. 

We have joint responsibility 

Since people die in three steps, it is a joint responsibility on our part (both you and me) to save them from death and give them the right knowledge. Right knowledge means if at all the virus enters the body, it should not go beyond the upper respiratory tract. If you succeed in doing this, dr. Biswaroop assures you that the patient won’t die of Corona disease. Remember we all are born to die, but we won’t embrace death by becoming a victim of any disease (here Corona).

What is the solution for corona disease?.

This is very important. 60 % of the people in the world are already immune to novel Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 the new virus – as if they are already vaccinated against Corona. Despite the absence of the vaccine, they are immune. Research paper of May 14, 2020, in Cell23- a reputed and highly regarded journal, says that 60% of the people in the world are immune to Coronavirus. The researchers found that viruses like the Hong Kong Coronavirus in 2005, the Netherland Coronavirus in 2004, or 229E the US Coronavirus in 1965- all these viruses have given us cold and fever several times; as a result, a type of immunity is developed in our body and this immunity is called Background immunity. 60% of people in the world are having a background immunity.

Cellular background Immunity:

Up to 60% of the population has cellular background immunity to novel Coronavirus as they have been infected with the previous Corona disease  (cold virus) since childhood. What about the remaining 40%. They have another type of immunity called Herd immunity. In any country or community for that matter, if 60-70% of the population becomes immune, the rest of the population becomes safe. This is due to Herd immunity. The day Coronavirus came to light, we (60%) were covered with Background immunity and the remaining 40% got covered with Herd immunity. Thus, this world was protected from the novel Coronavirus from the time it entered our country. Herd Immunity: Since 60% of the population is already having background immunity, the rest 40% may get covered partially under herd immunity. Because of it, the global case-fatality ratio is 0.1% i.e. equal to the seasonal Flu.

How would you recover from corona disease?

Most of our population already has background immunity as well as herd immunity. There is a third type of immunity called Mucosal immunity- immunity related to mucus- called a “Chipchipa Padharth” in Ayurveda. Our body is lined with mucus right from the mouth itself. As soon as the virus enters the body, it confronts mucosal immunity at first. If you strengthen your mucosal immunity, you need not worry about respiratory viruses. How can you strengthen mucosal immunity? By consuming 0.2 gm Vitamin C24. Vitamin C  in tablet form is dangerous for health but consuming fruit and vegetables- 2 mangoes / 2 sweet limes / 4 tomatoes / a handful of raw peas/different types of fruits (300-400 gm) all give 0.2 gm vitamin C. A vitamin tablet taken goes directly into the stomach whereas the fruits and vegetables consumed orally go to the body through the mouth and strengthen the mucosal immunity. Whenever you take a tablet, any tablet for that matter, your mucosal immunity is reduced. Mucosal Immunity: Every day consume at least 0.2 gm of vitamin C from fruits ( 3 mangoes, 2 oranges, or 1 guava) raw vegetables (4 tomatoes or a handful of peas) to prevent the attack of respiratory viruses.

Step One

You have three types of immunity; background immunity, herd immunity, and mucosal immunity. Strengthen them by consuming 0.2 gm vitamin C, by avoiding the intake of medicines (as they lower the immunity), and reduce (in fact completely avoid) the intake of animal protein (any food derived from animals) such as mutton, chicken, fish, egg, dairy products-milk, curd, buttermilk, etc. Animal protein reduces mucosal immunity. Despite these three types of immunity, the virus enters the body because the person is on medicines or consuming animal protein, and the person falls sick.

Step Two

As soon as the first sign of Flu-like symptoms such as feeling feverish, headache, body ache, cold, or cough occur, immediately follow the three days protocol (which dr. Biswaroop has been prescribing to his patients since 2016). The first symptom of Flu (fever, cough, body ache, weakness) follows the three-step Flu diet. The three-step Flu diet works and is based on the evidence from more than 167 research papers from the last 100 years.

Day 1 (Liquid)

Consume citrus fruit juice and coconut water in the quantity specified below: Your Body Weight (kg)/10 glasses of fresh citrus fruit juice + Body Weight (kg)/10 glasses of coconut water Let us say the bodyweight is 60 kg so 60/10 = 6 glasses of citrus fruit juice and 6 glasses of coconut water. Don’t consume packed juice instead have fresh juice and take it without sieving. Take the juice and coconut water alternately every hour, sip by sip, spending at least 15 minutes on each glass. This will keep the temperature under control. Vitamin C in citrus fruit juice supports immunity and helps in getting rid of the virus. Coconut water helps in hydration. It is the best mineral water in the world.

Day 2 (Fluid)

Consume citrus fruit juice and coconut water Body Weight (kg) /20 glasses of citrus fruit juice + Body Weight (kg) /20 glasses of coconut water + Your Body Weight (kg) × 5 gm of cucumber and tomatoes. Let us say the bodyweight is 60 kg so 60/20= 3 glasses of citrus fruit juice and 3 glasses of coconut water And 60 × 5 =300 gm of cucumber and tomatoes. You will see that by the end of Day 2, you start feeling better and your temperature is under control. You would have regained some strength.

Day 3 (Solid)

For breakfast, consume Body Weight (kg)/30 glasses of citrus fruit juice + Body Weight (kg)/30 glasses of coconut water If your body weight is 60 kg so 60/30= 2 glasses of citrus fruit juice and 2 glasses of coconut water. For lunch, consume Your Body Weight (kg) × 5 gm of cucumber and tomatoes. If your body weight is 60 kg, so 60 × 5 =300 gm of cucumber and tomatoes evening, is sufficient. You can have normal home-cooked food with less oil, less salt leaving the animal protein for dinner. If you follow this simple diet, you would be back to work on the fourth day.

Step Three

Usually, people try to manage the Flu with medicines, and sometimes, there are chances for the virus to move down from the upper respiratory tract to the lower respiratory tract. As a result, breathing difficulty occurs and if checked with Oximeter, the oxygen level comes out to be ≤ 90%. In such a situation, the doctor advises a ventilator because the lungs are full of water. What do you have to do in such a situation?  It is best to avoid going to the hospital.  Because now, the doctor uses a mechanical ventilator. You have to make your own ventilator at home. It is Prone to ventilation. You can also check prone ventilation on the YouTube channel of Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhry.

Contact us

With the first sign of Flu, contact us at or call us at 8587059169 for free support, guidance, and treatment. It is an absolutely free service. Thereafter, immediately our network of people will contact the patient and guide him. We will be with the person till he comes out of the web of Corona disease/Flu/Influenza. Diagnosis of the patients shows- low oxygen saturation level, increase in pulse rate and temperature. The low saturation level of oxygen in such patients can lead to Pneumonia, due to increased pulse rate; they can suffer cardiac injury and due to high temperature, they can feel feverish and weak. Although the temperature increases only by half a degree but that half degree will remain in the increased position for longer durations, which can be highly risky. Here I would like to reiterate the fact that wearing the mask and breathing into it leads to about half a degree increase in the body temperature. Here the relation is with the thermoregulation of the body. ‘Face mask impact on human thermoregulation’, this article is recently published in The Annals of Occupational Hygiene 2020. On reading the article you will understand that the brain, which regulates the entire body temperature, gets disturbed because of wearing the mask; as a result, the temperature of the body increases by up to half a degree. Although, half a degree is a very mild increase it remains like this for a longer duration of time. This long-standing increase can be quite dangerous for the human body. If you have Flu-like symptoms, they may not be the symptoms of Coronavirus or Influenza; in fact, they are due to the lack of oxygen in your body.

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There is no evidence to show that a mask can protect you from getting infection whereas there is a huge amount of data (as you have seen in the previous chapters) to show that wearing a mask can make you sick.
• So, there is no evidence and there is no scientific basis that the
lockdown can halt or reduce the mortality due to SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus but there is substantial evidences39 to prove that lockdown resulted in more Corona-related deaths and also increased mortality40 due to the lockdown and social distancing measures. Even WHO has reported41 in October 2019 that lockdown cannot reduce the mortality from a particular virus.
All the drugs (anti-HIV/anti-malaria/antipyretic/antibiotic) and non-drug medical intervention (ventilator support/plasma therapy) that were experimented on humans in the name of Covid-19 cure without any supporting pieces of evidence, however, now we know, have caused more harm and deaths.
There is no evidence either to prove that SARS-CoV-2 is a new
virus, a lethal virus, and a virus with a high transmission rate. However, I have given enough evidence in the book to prove that it is the other way round.

 Corona disease- a weapon of fear 

With all the evidence and the treatment strategies are given in the
the article, it is safe to conclude that the SARS-CoV-2 is a normal Flu
virus and has been there with mankind for a long time and there is nothing new. What is new is the mind game- trying to control the population through the weapon of fear, as our psychological consultant Dr. Hema Gupta says that the best way to control the human mind is to use the Walter-Barbe-Raymond Swassing Model i.e. feeding fake information, and repeated through all the three senses (auditory, visual and kinesthetic), leading one to believe it to be true and real. Here the modus operandi is very simple.
Using all the three major senses:
Audio: Repeated warning messages through the caller tune.
24 × 7 visual fabricated/fake number of deaths due to corona disease telecasted through television channels.
Wearing the mask and sanitizing the hands several times in a day, social distancing, etc. Repeated bombardment of fabricated information several times a day for several days continuously leads to the corruption of the human brain, leading to the disruption of his logical thinking and common sense leading to entering into the mode of slavery.
As a result of the above trickery, the mind of the masses gets corrupted to the extent that they are ready to shell out any amount of money (even Rs 3 lakh to Rs 30 lakh) for a bed in the hospital with the hope of treating Covid-19, which in reality does not exist. We don’t have any doubt that when a shady vaccine will be launched in the name of Covid-19 prevention, all will line up to get one, and if the usual and expected side effects of the vaccine (including death)occur, then it will be given a new name and will be called a new disease, which coincidentally arrived at the same time and among the same people who are vaccinated [Do remember every year, on an average 50,000 new cases of vaccine-induced Polio occur in India, but they are given a new name AFNPP (Acute Flacid Non-Polio Paralysis )].

Corona disease is a conspiracy

Here the partners to this conspiracy are the pharmaceutical companies and modern medicines using their mouthpiece- the WHO, to create bizarre rather shocking virus prevention rules. For instance, a dead body is packed in a plastic bag, to be handed over to the relative, not to be opened and at any moment, not more than two relatives are allowed to be present near the dead body and also a minimum of one-meter distance to be maintained from the dead body. Here if you recall your school textbook, you will know that any virus- to multiply and spread in the body is dependent on biochemical energy i.e. adenosine triphosphate (ATP), but once the person is dead, the cells stop making ATP almost immediately after the death hence no possibility of further multiplication of a virus. There may be some virus left that was produced immediately before the death. But in the case of SARS-CoV-2, the primary route of transmission is through the droplets expelled while talking, coughing, or sneezing. Since the dead bodies cannot breathe, there is no chance of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through the dead body.
The main cause of creating a special protocol
to handle the Covid-19 dead bodies is to cover up the real/true cause of death, which in the majority of cases, is the experimental medication and the lethal untested interventions (plasma therapy). We also fear that prohibiting the kin/relative to see/inspect the dead body will promote an already high margin business of red market (organ trafficking). Reading only one page (page 65) of the book, 
Why the Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go on Strike? will give you the horrific dark truth of the red market.

Be your own doctor

Now keeping in mind the facts and also the present scenario of the hospitals labeling the non-Covid death as Covid death (as discussed in the 1st chapter), it is not advisable to go to the hospital for any reason. Rather it is time to upgrade yourself so that you become your own doctor and let your home be your hospital. The best way to treat yourself at home is to learn from the revolutionary D.I.P. diet. From the common cold to Cancer, Depression to DiabetesThis D.I.P. diet can be the fastest, safest, and long-lasting cure for more than 60 most commonly occurring diseases among humans. Even All India Institute of Ayurveda (under the ministry of Ayush) has conducted a clinical trial (TRI/2018/016654, registered on
13/12/2018) for the D.I.P. diet, under the guidance of Dr. S.K Gupta
(HOD, Department of Shalya Tantra). The research scholar of the trial Dr. Monika Sodhe reported clear-cut evidence of benefit in case of back pain (the primary purpose of the study), the improvement is noted in terms of Thyroid, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, etc as well. In fact, in the last 12 years of my clinical practice in India, Vietnam (since 2014), and Malaysia (since 2017), more than 22000 patients from various illnesses have adopted the D.I.P. diet. The timeline of reversal of disease based on the feedback of the patients and also my case study reports47 is as follows:
VIP Diet D.I.P. Diet 24hrs to 72hrs 3 days to 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 8-month Diabetes High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Intestinal disorders obesity, Heart DiseasesThyroid DiseaseCancer, Asthma, Arthritis Skin Disorder, Kidney dysfunction, Liver disorder.



Till 12 noon, eat only fruits of 3 to 4 types including mango, banana,
grapes, etc.
Minimum amount to be consumed = Your body weight in kg × 10 = …………….gmFor example, a 70 kg person should consume at least 700 gm of 4 types of fruits before 12 noon.


Always eat your lunch/dinner on 2 plates. Plate 1 and Plate 2 N.I.C.E way to Cure COVID-19 | 71Plate 1 should consist of 4 types of vegetables like carrot, tomato, radish, and cucumber, etc. in raw form. The minimum amount in Plate 1 = Your body weight in kg × 5 = ……….. gmFor example, a 70 kg person should eat at least 350 gm of 4 types of raw vegetables. Plate 2 should consist of home-cooked vegetarian food with negligible salt and oil. First finish eating from plate 1 in accordance with the above calculation, then take from plate 2 as much as you want. The rules for lunch and dinner are the same; however, you must remember to finish dinner by 7 pm. To Avoid
1. Packed food
2. Refined food3. Dairy food/Animal foods4. Nutritional supplements5. Avoid drinking tea/coffee especially before lunch 6. Never eat after 8pm7. NSAID’s

Soaked nuts: Your wt(kg) =……gm (For 70kgs person about 70gms of nuts in a day)2. Fruits: Plenty3. Coconut water: As you like4. Hunza Tea: As you like5. Sprouts: Your Wt(kg)=… 6. Coconut: As you like7. Sunshine: 45min


the diet based on your symptoms/medical conditions and age. To learn to customize, refer to “Game of Life (GOL)”48 and you will know that whether you are a third stage Cancer patient or a highly Diabetic- insulin-dependent person, the fastest, safest, and the long-lasting way to cure it at the comfort of your home by using “Food as Medicine.

List Of Patients, Who Got Cured Using N.I.C.E Protocol.

Patient Arun Kumar from Ludhiana age 25 yrs reported to N.I.C.E with the symptoms of Fever, Headache, Body ache/muscle ache, Tiredness on 28-Jun-20 with comorbidity like asthma got cured in 4 days under the N.I.C.E Care of Kanishk Amarpuri Patient Jenny Fernandes from Kuwait age 45 yrs reported to N.I.C.E with the symptoms of Dry Cough/ Sore throat/Body ache/muscle ache / Congestion/ Tiredness/Weakness on 07-Jul-20 got cured in 7 days under the N.I.C.E Care of Filda Don.

Patient Akshay Gatorade from Mumbai age 32 yrs reported to N.I.C.E with the symptoms of Fever, Sore throat, and body ache/muscle ache on 26-Jun-20 with comorbidity like hypertension got cured in 7 days under the N.I.C.E Care of Sudhir Kumar Patient Aakansha from New Delhi age 32 yrs reported to N.I.C.E with the symptoms of Fever, Dry Cough, Sore throat, Body ache/muscle ache, Tiredness on 24-Jun-20 with comorbidity like hypertension got cured in 5 days under the N.I.C.E Care of Filda Don.

Narinder Pal Singh from Dubai age 60 yrs reported to N.I.C.E with the symptoms of Fever, Dry Cough, Sore throat, Body ache/muscle ache, Tiredness on 22-Jun-20 got cured in 5 days under the N.I.C.E Care of Rupesh Kumar. More than 5000 corona disease patients have recovered under the supervision of the NICE team.

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