Suicide case in our society

Suicide case in our society

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Women are more prone to suicide cases.

Chitral is a backward area of the KPK province, Pakistan. It is a traditional society. So, in traditional societies, socio-cultural factors play important role in the case of youth suicide. In these societies, the laws are harsh on women. And also the honor is more valuable than human life. So, a woman is more prone to suicide case. these traditions connect people in a collective whole.  French Sociologist Emile Durkheim has mentioned it as “integration-regulation”.

Within the past decade, Chitral has gone through drastic changes. While the modern aspiration of the youth has rejected the outdated traditions. Here arise a conflict between the individual and the society. So, many people committed suicide.  The women are more prone to end their lives. They are more oppressed in this patriarchal society. A genuine study and work are needed to look into this matter.

Young boy attempting suicide

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Suicide cases due to marriages of Chitrali girls to the men from other areas

suicide cases in Chitral is increasing day by day. Two young women died by suicide in Chitral, in the first week of this month. They were between the ages of 19 to 20 years. In addition, they had been friends. Similarly, three suicide cases reported in three days in Upper Chitral. And also a 28-year-old woman died by suicide at her house.

Chitrali women have been the subject of multiple studies. The area has an extraordinarily high suicide rate. In Ghizer, for example, 15 out of every 100,000 women had committed suicide. The depression rates are high because of poverty, a lack of spousal support, and harsh living and climate conditions.

Approximately 150 people, mostly young women, have killed themselves in Chitral in the last 10 years.  Police data shows that 13 women killed themselves in Chitral from November 2017 to April 2018. Five others made unsuccessful attempts.

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme revealed a study in 2012. It finds out that 74% of marriages of Chitrali women with men from other areas. The areas especially Punjab was the fakest area. Some of these women were brought from Chitral and made domestic helpers. Others were forced into prostitution.

Every next day Chitral times, a newspaper of Chitral is publishing news on suicide cases in Chitral.

Survey on suicide cases in Chitral

For the last two decades Chitral district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is witnessing an alarming rate of youth suicides. A survey indicates that 300 individuals committed suicides between 2007 and 2011. Likewise, 176 cases of suicides reported from 2013 to 2019. It is abnormally high for a region inhibiting a total population of 4.5 lac. The social stigma and poor reporting system mean a sufficient number of cases remain unreported.
Rescue team searches young boy who attempt suicide
82% of the casualties belonged to the age group 15-30 including 58% females. Among the female victims, 55%  married. The majority of the victims (36%) including 77% of the females took their lives by jumping into the Chitral River. 28% of the deceased youths, mainly boys (85%), shot themselves. The rest of the victims either hanged themselves or took poisons. Suicide cases in Chitral are increasing day by day.
In a nutshell, Chitral is facing drastic changes. While the government can not meet the expectation of the youth. It is failing to regulate and integrate the emerging ambitions of the youth. The suicides are the tip of the iceberg. While there is a new window to see the depression and anxiety underneath it. One can read more about suicide by clicking below.

Suicide is not a solution.

Life is very beautiful either if you’re are in trouble or at the peak of happiness. Every stage has its own beauty and every stage gives us a lifelong lesson. It is true that there comes really hard time in one’s life when every door seems closed for him/her. But one can find a solution to overcome that difficulty if he/she acts optimistically. Mostly, it happens in teenagers and one forgets his/her existence. They blindly follow strong emotions that come to mind at that very moment. Definitely, when a person blindly follows such a thoughtless mind, of course, the result will be very shocking. So, this is the moment when we extinguish the illumination of our life.
Suicide cases and solution
Life is very beautiful, that one cannot imagine without undergoing deep experiences of hardships. If one is in trouble today, he needs to keep one thing in mind that every beginning has an end, so he has to keep patience.
The suicide cases in Chitral are indeed an alarming moment for the residents.  And proper initiatives need to be taken to overcome the issue. It’s a fact that this act is enough to destroy so many lives. Our administration needs to work on this and tackle the issue.
But here arises a question that if one attempts suicide does he/she find it the only solution to the problem? The answer is definitely No?

What will people say?

Of course, this is not the way to face problems and this is not the way to fight with ups and downs of life. Even after getting so much education, after listening to or watching so many motivational speeches, if one still attempts suicide, it means he/she is a loser.  Because that individual doesn’t have the courage to fight, doesn’t have faith in him/herself. He/she thinks if a failure or something else happens, how can he/she face people’s comments which seem like he/she is living people’s life, instead of focusing on oneself and one’s family. This remains the victims’ focus to ponder again and again that “what will people say?”
This short sentence has ruined so many lives, but it feels like, it is not the sentence, rather it is one’s thoughtless mind that destroys a life.
These are the ups and downs, which we call life. If one doesn’t face difficulties then how can he/she come to know about the value of happiness? 

Suicide quotes

“Everybody goes through difficult times, but it is those who push through those difficult times who will eventually become successful in life. Don’t give up, because this too shall pass.”
― Jeanette Coron
We have seen so many girls who were even raped and they are still alive because they know that if they attempted suicide except their cases being closed nothing will happen and the perpetrators will get benefit from it.
Personally, I’m witness to so many CSS/PMS aspirants who spent their precious time and failed to get through but are still alive and are living good lives. Moments of falling in CSS/PMS, medical/engineering tests are not the sunset of life. Apart from these, there are so many fields, where individuals can and are free to appear.
I don’t know why I feel like it’s becoming a trend in our area that if someone fails in a subject or scores fewer marks, he/she lacks ways to deal with it except attempting suicide.
This is not the way to face problems. Imagine, if we lose a minimum of 15 people in a year, then we have to wait for a holocaust, which will negatively affect the whole society. So, what we need to focus on is; life is so beautiful, which never deserves to vanish the way we see.
A suicide case is not the last option and it’s not the solution.

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