John Cena apologizes to China

John Cena apologizes to China

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After a massive wave of anger, John Cena apologizes to China.

American actor and professional wrestler John Cena apologized to fans in China.  So, he apologized after describing Taiwan as a “country” in a promotional interview for his upcoming movie. And he has become the latest celebrity to face the wrath of Chinese nationalists.

In a short video clip published, Tuesday, on the Chinese social networking site (Weibo), Sina did not mention Taiwan.  Or he did not go into many details about the incident that occurred earlier this month. He was promoting his movie “Fast and Virus 9” – ( Fast and Furious 9) with Taiwan media.

As in one of the interviews, I made a mistake. He said in Mandarin Chinese. Therefore, I want to say now that this is very, very, very, very, very important. I love and respect China and the Chinese people. And very very sorry. As for my mistake, I truly apologize for it.

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The Chinese response to his interview

In his interview with Taiwan’s TVBS, Sina was also speaking Mandarin.  Moreover, he said that Taiwan would be the first “country” that could watch the movie. This caused an uproar in China, which considers Taiwan, a self-governing democracy, part of its territory.  And it can be recovered by force if necessary. It was not clear whether Sina’s apology would succeed. Moreover, as many comments on Chinese social media in response to his video were “negative.

Global corporations and celebrities seeking to maintain access to the lucrative Chinese market have to tread carefully on many issues.  As it is,  online nationalist outrage could lead to a boycott.

In addition, China is applying increasing pressure on foreign companies over its statements on Taiwan. In addition,  Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, the South China Sea, and other issues that Beijing considers sensitive. Likewise, John Cena also faced contempt in the United States. The contempt here is with Senator Tom Cotton calling the apology “pathetic”. And others on social media criticizing it as “cowardly”.

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