Epic Games Store gives away  free games

Epic Games Store gives away free games

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As Epic Games Store gives away free games. So, NBA 2K21 gives for free in honor of the Fortnite-NBA crossover.

NBA 2K21 Basketball Simulator has begun giving away on the digital Epic Games Store. The promotion celebrates the Fortnite crossover and the NBA league. NBA 2K21 offers a variety of free game modes for users. A basketball fan can assemble his own squad. Then go through a story campaign, leading one athlete to victories.  And, of course, compete online with both strangers and friends. The developers claim that their game has a high level of realism and excellent character control. Also in NBA 2K21, there are many cosmetic elements for basketball players. So the player can easily customize any athlete on his team.

NBA2k21 epic games
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NBA 2K21 Basketball Simulator Give Out Free On Epic Games Store

In the new version of the basketball simulator, the authors promise significant improvements to the gameplay, a variety of networks, and social functions. In Epic Games Store launched a new distribution, this time online store for free gives the game NBA Team 2K21. The standard project cost is 2499 rubles.

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You can also collect player cards in the game and exchange them with other users.

The promotion will last until 18:00 on May 27.

How to download NBA 2K21 from the website for free as free games?

First, you need to register and create an account on the Epic Games website. Then enter the Epic Games Store. Next, enable two-factor authentication. To do this, open your account settings and go to the “Password and Security” tab. At the bottom of the page, under the heading “Two-Factor Authentication”. Then click on “Enable Authenticator” or “Enable Mail Authentication”.

To download NBA 2K21, players need to download and install the Epic Games Store client. After completing the login procedure, you can search for the game or check the news section. NBA 2K21 will be available for download as soon as you complete all the necessary procedures. It is the best game among the free games.

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