Can you get covid twice? Covid-19 pandemic:

Can you get covid twice? Covid-19 pandemic:

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Can you get covid twice?.

Some reports say people appearing to have multiple coronavirus infections. But then scientists clarified that the testing was not proper. And the patients were told that they were free of the virus. PHE’s ongoing study on immunity in healthcare workers found 44 potential re-infections. There was a group of 6,614 people who had previously had the virus.

Researchers concluded that reinfection is very rare.  But it is still possible.  Therefore, people must continue to follow current guidance. It does not matter whether they have had antibodies or not. Scientists have experimented on the case of a young, healthy man.  The man recovered from Covid-19 only to be re-infected more than four months later. Using genome sequencing of the virus, they could prove Can you get covid twice? So, he caught it twice. It is because the virus was not the same.

Experts say can you get Covid twice isn’t a surprising question.  But it’s likely to be rare. In addition, more studies are needed to understand the causes of this virus.

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The third wave of Coronavirus has hit the country.

The federal minister of Pakistan, Asad Umar has tweeted about the recent cases of the corona. He says that below 40 years of age, the mortality rate due to coronavirus has increased from 1 percent to 1.8 percent.

asad umar tweet on corona virus spreading

In the previous days, the rate of coronavirus spreading in Swabi was more than 50 percent. In these days, Upper Dir has the most corona cases throughout the country. Upper Dir is Adjacent to Chitral.  It is an alarming situation for the people and administration of Chitral.

The third wave of corona severely struck the country.

So, till 4th April 2021, 4778  died due to coronavirus in Pakistan. While there were sixty thousand and seventy-two patients with corona positive tests.  According to the media reports, there were 5020 new cases each day. Till 24 April 2021, there were 10820 corona positive cases within ten days,  in KPK. In Peshawar city, 345 patients died due to corona within ten days.

Well done Pakistan Army

Initially, the people of Pakistan did not care about the SOPs and the rules were thrown into the air. But now, many are following the SOPs. As Pakistan  Army is doing its best to distribute masks among the people. Pakistan Army has done a lot assisting the local administration in different parts of Pakistan. Therefore, the people of Chitral are paying tributes to the good efforts of the Pakistan Army. So, Pakistan Army played a great role to stop the coronavirus from spreading

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading and transmitted

If someone nearby touches these objects or surfaces then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth, transmission is possible. The disease can spread if a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes, or exhales and someone nearby breathes in the droplets.

It is imperative to wear a mask in public.  In addition, it is very necessary to wash your hands before and after eating. Moreover, while using the restroom, providing care for people who need assistance. In addition, sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose. Bringing in more outdoor air is needed to address airborne transmission.  So also wash your hands after your trip.

We have already published the main cause of this coronavirus. You can read more about it here

The main cause of coronavirus spreading

There are many causes but the main cause of spreading coronavirus is the vehicles. Use disinfecting wipes on commonly touched areas. Then, make sure to check the label to make sure it won’t harm the surfaces.

Open up the windows just a bit. Thus it can prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Moreover, it needs to boost the immune system. Exercise and immune-boosting food need in this situation. Because most people still ask the question that can you get covid twice? The only solution is to remain safe, clean, and improve the immune system.

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