Amazon Pakistan-Pakistan now in Amazon approved country list

Amazon Pakistan-Pakistan now in Amazon approved country list

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Amazon in Pakistan, the largest e-commerce company in the United States has decided to add Pakistan to the approved list. MINISTRY OF COMMERCE has declared that Pakistan has reportedly got approval from Amazon to register Pakistan in the verified Amazon seller list.

Mr. Abdul Razzaq, Advisor on Trade and Investment Pakistan, tweeted on his Twitter account:

abdul razak dawood


He added that it would create billions of jobs and investment opportunities. Because Pakistan has now joined the world market.

And this is a great opportunity for Pakistani youth, women, and entrepreneurs.

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Before this, a zoom meeting was held on Tuesday on the “Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles official Facebook page, Senior executives of Pakistani Companies with Former Omer Gajial (Ex Amazon Category Development Head for Amazon North America division).

pakistan counsulate general

And Special effort of Ms Aisha Moriani (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce), Mr Shoaib Sarwar (deputy Consul General, Consulate General Pakistan, Los Angeles) and Omer Gajial (Ex Amazon Category Development Head for Amazon North America division), team members of NECC (National Ecommerce Council) and Badar Khushnood from Pakistan Software Houses Association for working day and night in getting Pakistan added in Amazon’s approved sellers list.

The efforts of the government and two major e-commerce companies paid off.

Along with the government, two big names in the Pakistani e-commerce industry, Sunny Ali, the founder of Extreme Commerce, and Saqib Azhar, the founder of Enablers, have played a key role in bringing Amazon to Pakistan.

Contribution of Sunny Ali to bring Amazon to Pakistan

Sunny Ali, the CEO of Extreme Commerce and Pakistan’s top-rated life, wealth, and business coach. Ali is dedicated to achieving his vision of building a multibillion-dollar business economic drive in Pakistan, through E-commerce drive in Pakistan through Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more. Sunny Ali believes in empowering the youth of Pakistan along with experienced guidance from experts in the field of E-commerce. 

sunny ali-extreme commerce

He started a journey to empower the youth of his nation and drive a force of change in the country. He was successful in imparting quality skills to people and helped them earn handsome amounts of money.

Ali has trained millions of young people, in which thousands of young people are running successful businesses.

The good work is still going on, people who are employed are praying.

Contribution of Saqib Azhar

Saqib Azhar, the founder of Enablers, has been imparting free e-commerce courses to millions of youth and women. Since the last three years with his dedicated team. And exclusively working with their team to help young people on different platforms 24 hours a day. Thousands of unemployed youth and women are now running large e-commerce stores and earning from the freelance marketplace.

Saqib Azhar has fulfilled every commitment he has made to the Pakistani nation from enabling the youngsters of Pakistan to saying that on October 23, 2020, that Pakistan will be added to Amazon’s approved List by 2021“.

saqib azhar enablers

May 6, 2021, he posted that, “Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles” confirmed that. Pakistan would be in Amazon’s approved country list by the end of April.

saqib azhar enablers

The courage and dedication the team of enablers and extreme commerce. And the dedicated students have put forth and has successfully blessed Pakistan. This indeed is a gift and a blessing for the whole nation.

Amazon in Pakistan, Pakistanis will now be able to make their amazon seller central/Amazon accounts and sell on all Amazon-approved marketplaces from their own home address and own bank accounts.

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