Searching Shakespeare as a poet and the authorship of his work.

Searching Shakespeare as a poet and the authorship of his work.

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Shakespeare as a poet is in the spotlight again. There is nothing new about Shakespeare and his literary merits. However, historians criticized the credibility of his authorship is in these days. The real credit of the complete work of Shakespeare goes to Thomas Watson, according to new research.

The question arises about Shakespeare as a poet because of jealousy

There are many doubts that arise about the authorship of Shakespeare’s works. Why Shakespeare as a poet is a topic of so much curiosity and doubt. The only answer is that a genius is always envied, doubted, and bother many. Many do not accept his genius. So, there are questions and skepticism. Probably, it is the jealousy index. It is the inferiority complex. Or the elite thinks why they are left behind.

There is also a very strong force of class bias here. How a man belong to the lower class become so famous? Thus, he became a genius. Our system that divides society is biased. Moreover, it is not only a privilege.  However, privilege growing out of meritocracy. The status of women during Shakespearean times is another topic for debate. It might be possible that they were too repressed to come out. And the men poached upon their work. On the other hand, it can also be possible that each of them had a public profile through a male pen name.

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It is the genius of Shakespeare that people become unable to comprehend. So, it is concluded that such great works could not have been the creation of one man. It must have actually been a team effort. Thus it is assumed that the people associated with the plays’ production all put their efforts.  In addition, this teamwork was the result of such great works.

In past, too, such doubt arose. However, the controversy increased in the 19th century. The claims later became a deluge in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Who is the real author of the complete works of Shakespeare

Thomas Watson is the translator of Greek playwrights Euripides and Sophocles. He belonged to is an affluent background. He did not want to be a poet or entertainment promoter. The poor come to the theatre to make a career. While gentlemen do not. So, he hid his true identity. So, Shakespeare benefited from this duplicity.

Some critics and historians say that Edmund de Vere was the real force behind Shakespeare’s plays. Since he, too, belonged to the elite class.  So, he feared he might become political.. So he hid his true identity.  And Shakespeare benefits from this controversially.

Many critics examine the question of Shakespeare’s true authorship. Some of the greatest minds have joined in the march of challenging Shakespeare.

Some are ‘Anti-Stratfordians’. They believe that someone other than Shakespeare has written the work.

The controversy has generated a vast body of literature. More than 80 candidates have proposed.  The most popular being Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Walter Raleigh, Edmond Vere, Christopher Marlow, and William Stanley. Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Helen Keller, Henry James, John Paul Stevens, Prince Philips, and Charlie Chaplin have all argued against Shakespeare’s authorship. Their endorsements add weight to the many anti-Stratfordian arguments.

Feminism approach

Feminists think that Shakespeare might well have been a woman. Mary Sidney was one of the most educated women of her time. In addition, she was a translator and a poet. She and her husband patronized the first theater companies to perform Shakespeare’s plays. Was Shakespeare’s name just a mystery, allowing her to publish what she otherwise couldn’t?

Another candidate is Emilia Bassano. She was one of the first women in England to feminist poetry. She was supporting women’s “Libertie” and rise her voice against male oppression. Al Rose unearthed her existence in 1973. So, AL Rose speculated that she could be as Shakespeare’s mistress. In the play of wright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Shakespeare is a plagiarist.

In the recent past, the emphasis has shifted more towards the person. Moreover, the focus is on his artwork.  And what he/she has created.

Many questions arise about his artwork and Shakespeare as a poet.

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