What to do on Palm Sunday

What to do on Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday meaning the entrance of Prophet Jesus into Jerusalem. So, there were palm branches in his path, before his arrest.

“Today our conversation focus on the twelve Orthodox holidays of Palm Sunday. On April 25, Jesus celebrates one of the most significant Orthodox holidays. The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem.  Or Palm Sunday is a symbol of the revival of all nature. Palm Sunday, or Vai week, was a holiday at the beginning of spring.  In addition, it is a symbol of the revival of the powerful forces of nature. So, it is rewarding us all living on earth with new benefits.

Palm Sunday quotes:

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone but in every leaf of springtime. Martin Luther.

We understand and acknowledge that the Resurrection has placed a glorious crown upon all of Christ’s sufferings! A.W. Tozer.

No pain, and no palm; So, no thorns, and no throne; And no gall, and no glory; So no cross, and no crown. William Penn

The history of the holiday of Palm Sunday is as follows:

A huge procession was moving along the streets of Jerusalem under the jubilant joyful cries of the people. Ahead, on a young donkey, sat Jesus Christ. Then, the people joyfully greeted the Savior. So, many took off their clothes and laid them in front of him. While others cut off the branches of the frond (Palestinian willow), carried them in their hands. And they threw them on the road in front of him. The willow branches in Russia are the same as the palm branch. Shouts everywhere: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

But Jesus Christ was sad: he knew that very soon these people would betray him to death. He enters the Holy City quietly, ascending to his death. Christ bequeathed life to us. He taught us that apart from love, except the readiness to see the best in one’s neighbor. And there is nothing!

In Russia, willow replaces these branches. So, hence the name – Palm Sunday.

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Uses of willow on this festival

On this day, people return from the church with consecrated twigs of willow. Village women whip their children with them, saying: “Willow whip, beat them to tears.” “Willow whip beat to tears! The willow is crimson. So,  it beats in vain. And the willow is white. So, it beats for the cause!”

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So, people take these twigs, especially the earrings and blossoming buds, for healing. According to the belief of the peasants, you need to eat nine willow earrings. Then this will protect a person from fever. Barren women eat the buds of the consecrated willow. Since Palm Sunday, it was customary for the first time to drive cattle out into the field with a willow twig. Pious people preserve these consecrated willows.  In Russia, it is usually preserved for images (icons) until the next holiday.

Thursday before Easter was called “clean” or “great”. Some cleansing rites were timed to it. This is, first of all, washing with water before sunrise. Housewives usually clean their homes, bake Easter cakes, paint eggs. And then they leave them until Easter under Goddess. It was also customary to wash in the baths. On Lazarev Saturday, on the eve of Palm Sunday, caviar, lean pancakes, and all kinds of kitchen cookies are allowed.

We are reopening our regular column “Gatherings at Granny Pelageya’s”. In this section, we talk about folk customs. Moreover, we talk about legends of distant antiquity, holidays, interesting signs. The Russian people believe with all these signs. So, today we will talk about Palm Sunday. It is celebrated on April 25th. Grandmother Pelageya tells.

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