Tariq Aziz-End of the magic era

Tariq Aziz-End of the magic era

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Tariq Aziz broadcast indicated the era of TV in Pakistan in 1964. The demise of Tariq from this planet was the end of the magic era

Tariq Aziz was the king of the spoken word. He started his career from the radio.  Then, he continued his career with the inception of television in the country.  He made the opening announcements.  and stayed on the media for the rest of his life.

These days, we usually label such artistes as anchors. They were called hosts in the past.  Moreover, before that it was called as announcers. All these were supposed to be facilitators. Tariq Aziz always wanted to do the real stuff.

He always wanted to improve his career. In addition, he repeatedly ventured out in other fields to explore new dimensions in show business..

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Early Life

Tariq Aziz was born in 1936. His family hailed from Jalandhar. After independence, they settled in Sahiwal. He was a self-made man. He struggled day and night to shot a name and fame in media. Tariq moved from Sahiwal to Lahore. He was sleeping in footpath in his early days.

His first success stated from radio. He tried radio plays. And his vocal talent was  noticed. He became famous and he improved his from the very dregs of society.

Later, he joined the cinema. Then he came into politics. He remained partially successful in cinema. Then he remained partially successful in politics.  In the end, the role of the host or the anchor helped him to become a stardom in media.

Partially successful in politics

He had always been interested in politics. But his days in practical politics were many coloured. He was a supporter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. And was enthusiastic jiyala. He was willing to go to any extent to promote and support ZAB.

He was also anchoring the PPP gatherings.  Then, he set the stage with his firebrand rhetoric. ZA Bhutto was executed in 1979. Then, he disappointed.

He resurfaced as a politician in the 1990s. Then, he became a member of parliament on the Muslim League-Nawaz ticket. There was, a little fazing of fervor. The same energy was absent to carry out the dictates of his party.

Tariq remained controvercial following the attack on the Supreme Court of Pakistan building. Later, Musharraf dismissed the assemblies.

Aziz made another attempt at entering representative politics. This time, he came  from the platform of the PML-Q. He was not a successful politician. As his personality grew in proportion through media.

He honed his skill to communicate with the word, particularly poetry. So, he became famous  as an announcer. Due to the facility with the spoken word, he was a dominant figure at the radio, television and then the public stage where he hosted many a programs.

He also venture forth into the films and was moderately successful. He acted in a number of films playing characters that were sad. Thus, he was spreading unhappiness all round touching the sensibility of people..

He played quasi-tragic roles. And many suggested that he resembles with the character of Raj Kumar.

Bulleh Shah- a poet who did not surrender to untruth


Neelam Ghar was his real fort

However, his show Neelam Ghar remained a clear evidence to stamp on his success. It almost dwarfed his other achievements. And he is remembered for his Neelam Ghar program. It was reproduced many times.  But he was always at the centre. His mastery of the spoken word and his fondness for literature, particularly in Urdu, helped him to remain on small screen for long time.

His talent for the spoken word was unique. In addition, his ability to recall the right verse was unprecedented.

Our  society is prone to versification. So  he was the ultimate voice. It is very difficult to communicate truely with the people by rounding off his argument with a verse. This connection between the verse and the receptive ear of the public was not lost on him.

He was the real master of rabble-rousing and created an energetic environment in his shows.

Neelam Ghar  became popular that started in 1974. It was also his link to commercialism.

His opening sentence was: “Dekhti ankhon aur suntay kanon ko Tariq Aziz ka salam pauhnchay”. Pakistani nation grew up hearing this sentence.

He mixed material gain and the flair for poetry

He was able to draw plenty of crowds. It was the rhetoric and  the ability to utter the right verse.  Moreover, it was also to lace it with the promise of a material return of sorts.

His popularity grew in proportion as people went home carrying gifts. And the retailers/middle-sized businesses got recognition for their produce.

It was a happy blend of material gain. He remained popular as he could mix a heady brew of patriotism. Moreover, he could mix fascination with material gain and the flair for poetry. Therefore, he was able to pull through like few others.

Tariq Aziz was died On June 17, at the age of 84. Similarly, it was the end of magic era.

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