Putin president could still rule till 2036

Putin president could still rule till 2036

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Putin president could still rule for two consecutive years. The Russian president has signed legislation that gives him this right.
Russian President Putin could stay in office till 2036. A new law makes this possible. Whether he actually wants to govern, that long is an open question. However, Putin could become the oldest ruler Russia has ever had.

Putin is safe, in power, and immune to prosecution for life.

By signing the relevant law, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it possible to remain in office. So, maintain power until 2036. So far, he has left it open whether he actually wants to govern that long. In 2036 he would be the oldest ruler Russia has ever had.

Parliament passed the law.

The referendum approved the constitutional amendment. The now 68-year-old Putin signed a corresponding law on the presidential term on Monday, according to the website of the Russian government.

Parliament recently passed the law, making it one of the central points of the new constitution. After the old one from 1993, Putin should not have been allowed to run again in 2024. The new one now only allows two terms in a row. At the same time, however, the president is given further powers and the office is viewed as a newly created office for which previous terms of office do not apply. The Russians voted on the new constitution in July of last year and a majority approved it.

Demonstration against “Putinism” in Russia.

Critics spoke of law that should secure a presidency “for life”. He first became president in 2000. After two terms in office, he moved to the post of prime minister in 2008, only to return to the Kremlin as president four years later. For the first time in 2004, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) described Putin as a “flawless democrat” and later defended this assessment.

However, Putin president can beat Josef Stalin. Hence becoming the longest-serving leader of Russian till 2036. Putin president until 2036 means putin ruling for life.


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