Jeff Bezos who has a successful online business

Jeff Bezos who has a successful online business

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Jeff  Bezos is an American internet entrepreneur. Bezos has a successful online business. He is also a successful industrialist. Furthermore, he is one of the richest investors. Amazon is a multinational technology company. Bezos is designated as Amazon CEO. Therefore, he is an Amazon founder. He had an obsessive focus on customers. He understood customer’s behaving. The company is based in United State. Jeff Bezo’s net worth is more than $57.4 billion YTD. Jeff Bezos’s net worth in rupees is 11,600 crores U.S.D. In Indian rupees, it is 8 lac, 37 thousand, and 839 crores.

Jeff Bezos’s biography

He was born in Albequerque in 1964 in America.  Moreover, he spent most of his time in Houston. Then he shifted to Miami. Miami is an advanced city in the US.  He had a big dream since childhood. Bezos wanted to promote creative thinking. In addition to it, he went to Princeton University. Jeff Bezos’s education ended with smart work. Similarly, he joined the Princeton University in 1986. He is a degree holder in the field of computer sciences and electrical engineering. Then, he worked in the wall streets in different sectors. Similarly, he worked hard from 1986 to 1994. Then, made a successful online business.

Jeff Bezos family

Miguel was an immigrant from America. He is the father of the Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. Jacklyn Bezos is the mother of Jeff Bezos. Mark Bezos is Jeff Bezos’s brother. Now,  Jeff Bezo’s age is 57 years. Mackenzie Bezos married Jeff Bezos, the amazon owner. Mackenzie Bezos’s net worth is 54.3 billion USD. Bezos met her in D.E Shaw. Then, get divorced.  They announced divorce in January 2019. Jeff Bezos’s wife is an American novelist and social worker. Jeff Bezos’s daughter is very intelligent. She is an adopted daughter from China. Her father Bezos was also an adopted son. Bezos has three sons. Preston Bezos is their son. He is working with his father. They are doing hard work and making money in Amazon.

Then Bezos wanted to have a relationship. His lover’s brother had leaked his texts. He obtained his private text messages. Lauren Sanchez was also in a relationship with Jeff Bezos in 2019. But, this relationship could not stand for long.  Jeff Bezos’s house is a mini paradise in California. He bought it in 2007 for $24.45 million. So, Jeff Bezos’s lifestyle is luxurious. His family, house, and car attract the people.

Bezos joined the New York investment bank in 1990. Then became senior vice president of this bank. He was examining the investment possibilities of the internet. Web usage was growing rapidly. In 1994, he quit D.E. Shaw. Then, moved to Washington. Then, opened a virtual book store. He sold his first book in 1995. He met Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. 

Then, he founded a company in the name of Amazon. And managed to become one of the company’s first angel investors. Amazon became the leader in e-commerce. It opens 24 hours a day. Moreover, the company was user’s friendly. The site was encouraging the viewers to post their own opinion. they can review books and discounts. And can search for out-of-print books.

They can personalized recommendations. The company encouraged other retailers. The major book chains established online stores. Then the company battled for internet dollars. Bozos offered consumer electronics and a vast array of products. It diversified Amazon Web Services (AWS). Then cloud computing services. Then released Kindle. It was a new handheld reading device. Moreover, it was a digital book reader. It has wireless internet connectivity. Now, the customers could download. They can read and demand a vast selection of books. They can store these books.

then Amazon moved into making its own television shows and movies. Amazon’s net sales were $510,00 in 1995. Now increased to $600 million in 1998. It was more than $19.1 billion in 2008.

This company was a great achievement. The company started online bookselling. Then gradually the company jumped into the field of e-commerce. Then the company started video and audio streaming. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence were a big success.  It was high time for such e-commerce products and services. It was a successful online business. Amazon is the largest profitable company. It is the largest provider of virtual assistants. Amazon web services branches are providing cloud infrastructure services.

Jeff Bezos religion

He is not religious. But, some researchers says that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s religious association is with Catholicism. Jeff Bezos’s family is also catholic.

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His journey 2015 onward

Jeff Bezos’s space company was launched. Then, he became a successful businessman. He worked for suborbital space flight services. His blue-origin New Shepard vehicle reached space. So, 2015 was very lucky for him. Within a few days, he became among the famous entrepreneurs.

He became CEO of a giant Amazon. Then executive chairman in late 2021. Then hired 175000 new workers between March and April 2020. Recently, he said that he would give $100 million to feed America. Amazon notched $280.5 billion in revenue, in 2019. Moreover, it was a record $11.5 billion in net profit. He also became the owner of the major newspaper, The Washington Post. Furthermore, the owner of Blue origin. It is developing rockets for commercial uses. Blue Origin bought a lunch site in Texas.

Jeff Bezos quote:

Jeff Bezos’s quotes are very famous. One of his best quotes: there are two kinds of company. One company charges more. While the other less. We prefer the latter. He progressed forward to expand his business. He purchased The Washington Post in 2013. It is a major American newspaper. He purchased the newspaper for 250 million dollars. He increased his investment day by day. So, Jeff Bezos’s net worth 2020 is $200 billion. He is the richest person in the world. Recently, he is considered a no.1 businessman. Jeff Bezos’s net worth today is 180.6 billion USD. Therefore, he is a successful businessman. When he made a successful online business; So, Jeff Bezos is the richest. He is among the successful entrepreneurs.

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