SMS 13032: How to go shopping in stores

SMS 13032: How to go shopping in stores

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SMS to 13032: Can i go to grocery story if i am self quarantine. How to shop from today

Available three hours for each consumer, “cutter” and electronic payments

The retail market opens today again under strict operational measures. The SMS code has changed and we will now send it to 13032. while there will be a time limit of three hours for our shopping. Note that in SMS to 13032 there is a cutter, as we can only send once every 24 hours. If someone sends a second message.  Then they will receive a negative response stating: “Your movement is not possible. And one movement per day allowed”.

How the number 13032 works

The number 13032  created at the end of February. The aim is to control the movement of citizens in retail stores. Citizens will be able to send a certain number of SMS per day.

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What we send on SMS 13032

The SMS will work in the same way as the SMS on 13033 but without a travel code. That is, you will write your name and your region and click “send”. From that time you will have three hours for your purchases.

When moving, each person must bring their police ID or passport.  And also be able to display the reply message.  The message confirms the possibility of moving, on their mobile phone. For the purpose of ensuring the protection of personal data, the data of the message are kept. The message kept until the end of the twenty-four hours to which the message concerns.

Supply of goods

For the supply of goods through the pre-purchase / pre-selection process by electronic or telephone means for receipt/purchase outside the store (click away). Moreover, by setting an appointment by electronic or telephone means for collection/purchase inside the store (click inside). The citizen will bring, In addition, an electronic proof document or a relevant telecommunication message. Or they should bring the proof of the digital e-Consumer platform of the General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection.

Regarding message

Regarding the message, there should be an entry of the order/appointment by the company and sending to the customer either an electronic proof of purchase (prepaid order). Or there should be the appointment, or an SMS message bearing the following information: name, address, and VAT number of the company, as well as the time of receipt.

Maximum number of people

Also, the company will post in a document or digitally the maximum number of consumers.  These customers are allowed to be inside the store. there is a respecting the ratio of one person per 25 sq.m. There should be a maximum number of twenty people.
In case of click away, a minimum distance of two meters must be observed between customers.  The maximum number of people waiting must not exceed 9 people. And the maximum stay at the point of receipt must be a maximum of 10 minutes.

There are optional extended opening hours. The time is from 7 am to 8:30 pm. and Monday to Saturday. the areas where the retail trade operates, the sales of items, except food, from the supermarkets, are released.

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