World’s richest company

World’s richest company

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Today’s article is about the world’s richest company in the world. There are many richest companies in the world.
Market capitalization is the base of rating. The company’s shares increased, it became the richest company in the world. Its value of share has also calculated. the company issued the value of one such share.
The company is listed No.1 on 11 January 2021.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks in the World start from Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A). This is considered the No 1 expensive stock. While Amazon ink is listed on No. 7.

However, the world’s richest company is below

Saudi Aramco

$2,458 bln.

As it is an Industry for Oil and gas production, refining. Therefore, the products are Oil, natural gas, and other petrochemical products. The company has more than 70,000 employers. It is a part of a globally diverse culture. It is working on challenging projects. And has dynamic and talented people. It emphasizes continues development. Moreover, it focuses on skill-building. The company has internships and training centers. Furthermore, it offers capacity-building programs. The company faced challenges with determination. Therefore, it is a successful company. It has the world’s second-largest crude oil reservoir. As of 2020, it is more than 270 billion barrels. Similarly, the largest oil production company. Furthermore, it has the world’s largest offshore oil field. 

Moreover, it has the largest gas reservoirs and onshore oil fields.

It has young leaders advisory boards. So, it harnesses the incredible energy of the young generation. The members belonged to diverse nationalities and skills.

Most richest company

This company issued a successful share in the stock exchange. Consequently, it became the most expensive and world’s richest company. The name of the company is Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company). Moreover, it is the most expensive and leading company in the world. Armco (Saudi Arabain Oil Company) officially published its financial statements in the last two years. Furthermore, the company released its shares on the Tadawul stock exchange. The share was more than 35.2 Saudi Riyals in 2020. Similarly, its value almost reached 1.9 trillion dollars which is a big hallmark. Moreover, it is considered the highest share in the world.

the position of the company is highest in 2021.
The Aramco company has exceeded all the heights of its success. As it issued its share: its IPO became one of the most successful and leading since 2021.
Furthermore, They say that Saudi Aramco will use almost all the profits for various mergers. Moreover, the purchases, and expansion of its influence in the world.
The future business is moving towards the liquefied natural gas. Therefore, the company tried to achieve the No. 1 position in the production of liquefied natural gas.

The company has many branches

Consequently, Saudi Aramco has become the world’s richest company in the world. It works in oil production and reserves.
Saudi Arabia already has branches and subsidiaries in China and Japan. Furthermore, it has branches in the richest countries of the world. Like Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Great Britain, and other countries. The company also collaborates with other rich companies. For example Lukoil, Royal Dutch Shell, Total SA, Sinopec, and others.
Today, the Saudi Arabian government is the owner of this company. Dahran is an advanced city located on the eastern side of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the company is located in Dahran city of eastern Saudi Arabia.

Apple inc company comes in No.2.

Apple inc.
$2,213 bln.
Today, the company’s logo is recognized by many people.  Apple became truly the most successful brand.  So, the experts from rating agencies considered Apple the most expensive and successful company.  So, the value of Apple is more than $2,213 billion.

A short history of the company

The owner of the company is Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs. They were engaged in the assembly of home computers. So, they were producing proprietary models of PC. However, they became the most successful person when Apple introduced the line of its mobile products to the world. The products were in the form of iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets.

Steve Jobs founded the Apple company. The history trace back to April 1, 1976.  Moreover,  Steve JobsSteve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne collaborated as business partners.This Industry includes electronics, information technology. Wozniak designed the computer.  The first product was the Apple 1. It was a motherboard. And has CPU, RAM, and basic- textual video chips.

Apple computer inc. was incorporated in 1977.  During the first five years, revenues grew rapidly. Double revenue generated every four months. The average annual growth rate was 553 percent.  Then, Apple 11 came into the market. Its character and architecture were different. VisiCalc, a spreadsheet program came to the market in 1979.  It created a business market for Apple 11. It’s compatible with the office. And home users can buy it.

Then, the company introduced Apple 111. It was May 1980. It competes with IBM in the business. Moreover, it can corporate the computing market.  Then, JUI began for the Apple Lisa. GUI means graphical user interface. Then the graphical system redefined. And it was cheaper and faster than Lisa. Then Lisa became the first personal computer sold to the public. 

The products of Apple inc. include Personal computers and tablets, mobile phones, audio players. Similarly, Apple was the most expensive company in the world. However, with the downfall of iPhone sales, it lost its position. Anyhow, Apple inc. is still considered the expensive company in the world. Moreover, it is gaining its positions back. These days, the position of Apple comes after Saudi Aramco.
At the same time, the company continues to occupy the first position.  If we look at the most expensive brands’ list then Apple gets the first position. Still, it is ranking high.  It is the most expensive brand in the world.

Jobs became CEO in 1997. The “Think differently” campaign increased the profit of the company. The company was renamed Apple inc. in 2007

In addition to it, the range of its products is wide. and it consists of smartwatches and computers. Furthermore, it includes laptops, tablets and smartphones, and more. Consequently, the hallmark of “apple” gadgets’ popularity is marked friendly. Moreover, the high quality, stylish design, and brilliant marketing program is the reason for the success story of Steve Jobs.
Today the staff of the company is more than nearly 132,000 employees. The services center and the offices are present throughout the world. It has become a net and chain throughout the world.
The headquarter of Apple is located in, California, USA.

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then the list goes on and the next richest company is as follows.


$1,653 bln.
Moreover the next is

Amazon Inc.

$1,596 bln.
Similarly, the next richest in number is:

Delta Electronics (Thailand)

$1,435 bln.
Then, further comes the electronic company of Thailand.

Delta Electronics (Thailand)

$1,435 bln.

Alphabet Inc.

$1,203 bln.
then the next is:

Tesla, Inc.

$834 bln


$757 bln.


$738 bln.
And then Alibaba group

Alibaba Group

$620 bln.

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