Traditional dishes of Chitral- a taste unknown in the world

Traditional dishes of Chitral- a taste unknown in the world

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The traditional dishes of Chitral are a combination of Mughal and Central Asian legacy. Chitral is an agricultural and hilly area. Therefore, most of the traditional dishes of Chitral have milk and dairy products in common. The food of Chitral has a regional variance as compared to the other regions.

As colcannon a traditional Irish dish. Mansaf is a traditional Arabian dish. Moreover, traditional Mexican food and Christmas traditional dinner are unique and tasty. Similarly, Chitral has its own tasty traditional dishes.

1-Pandir (cheese)

As is the best food among the traditional dishes of Chitral. It is made up of nomadic pastoral families. So, it is popular in Lower Chitral. The people offer it for the guests. Kalash people like it as their favorite dish.


2-Pandir Muzi:

Cheese and crushed walnut kernel sandwiched between layers of wheat dough. Similarly, it is cooked in mini size steel oven. It is cooked in low heat.


It is a well-crushed walnut kernel mixed with onion and salt. Then wheat or mize flour cooked as No.2 above.

4-Poshoor Tiki:

Similarly, it is pieces of fat-rich mutton sandwich between layers of wheat dough. It is also cooked as No.2 above.

Varieties of dessert are made by mixing a small amount of special wheat flour made from sprout wheat grain which is a traditional house product of Chitral. Furthermore,  desserts are made from wheat flour, butter, animal fat, or walnut kernel.


A variety of soup prepared from minced meat. Then, wheat flour and a number of delectable local spices are added for taste and good quality.


Similarly, Jush is made from well-boiled mutton soup mixed with a small amount of wheat flour. It is taken with a spoon.  It is very popular throughout Chitral.


It is fat-rich mutton cooked. Therefore, it is formally in large pots, with crushed wheat grain. It is nutritious, delicious, and wholesome. Similarly, it is considered as the favourite  dish among the traditional dishes of Chitral.


It is the flowers of a local wild plant. They are processed in the heat of the sun. Then dried which, is cooked with mutton.  Salt made from the original stone are added for taste. It is a food and beneficial medicine for health. In addition to it , it is very good for the health during sickness.

9-Sukut warghan:

Similarly, dressed goat uncut, with an amount of rice, salt, and spices inside it. Then, it is put onto the embers of an oven. Then the mouth of the oven is then closed.  Both the rice and the mutton grilled with a unique taste.  This taste is unknown in any other form of meat. It is usually arranged in a feast. There are many other food and local dishes.  However, the above-mentioned are a few among the traditional dishes of Chitral.

Chitral has a unique culture and traditional dishes. You can read about Chitral here

Chitral has some of the most diverse recipes in the world. The traditional dishes connect with particular regions in Chitral. The versatile geography and highest mountain peaks create different varieties of food.

A few other traditional dishes are as fallow

Palif: It is a reboiled beef. Moreover, Palif served with the rice. It is very necessary for a large gathering.

Tikki A thick leavened loaf baked over coals in a special mold. It is necessary for breakfast.

chitrali tikki

Khesta A bread made from a liquid batter.  It ferments and prepared on a griddle. It has a slightly sour taste and a spongy.

Traditional dishes of Chitral- khesta

Rishiki Thin pancakes or crepes made of a battery consisting of whole wheat flour. Furthermore, it consists of water and eggs. They can be either savory or sweet. Sweet rishiki is served with honey and cottage cheese.


Ghalmandi A dish of layered flatbreads with a filling of cottage cheese, coriander, and chives. Then, covered in melted butter and walnut oil. It is a variety of fatless cheese.

Cheer Aa Shapik Similar to ghalmandi, but with a white sauce, similar to bechamel replacing the cottage cheese.


Qalaibat A dish made by cooking whole wheat flour with lamb fat.

Shroshrp A type of unsweetened halwa made from germinated wheat grain flour.

Shroshrp chitral

The people of Chitral are passionate about their cuisines. therefore, the dishes are full of flavor and bursting with color. The cuisines of Chitral have a vast variety. However. a few of them has been mentioned above.

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