Third wave repercussion and Barcelona concert 2021

Third wave repercussion and Barcelona concert 2021

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Barcelona festivals are famous throughout the world.  Upcoming events in Barcelona are very exciting. Barcelona beach festival and Barcelona music festival attract many tourists to the country. However, the third wave repercussion is a thread to the concerts. Therefore, Barcelona beach party and Barcelona concert remained a since long.

People want outdoor activities. As the third wave repercussion has restrained the hopeful souls.  However, the Barcelona rock concert, a big concert happened on 27 March 2021. The organizers of Spain’s largest music festivals managed the concert. Furthermore, the regional health authorities, doctors, and epidemiologists collaborated with these music organizers.

There was a large queue to get a ticket in the Sant Jordi Stadium. Concertgoers had to download an app. Moreover, they had to input their contact detail and make an appointment for a Covid-19 test. They received their test results in 10 to 15 minutes.  The test results displayed on their mobile. 

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Consequently, five thousand electrified fans participated in this concert. The fans jumped, danced, and sang with the Indie- pop numbers.  The fans danced up close to one another.  The sea of faces covered with a mask. Therefore, things were not back to normal. It was ten times larger than the concert in December.

Like the masks, the whiff of sanitizer, and the ticket showing a negative Covid-19 test. Therefore, it was a unique Saturday night gig.

Moreover, the audiences were encouraged to wear their masks. Furthermore, big screens showed videos of doctors instructing people to follow the rules.

People resulting negative test went to the concert. While those who tested positive got a refund. The public was divided into three portions. The doctors assured them that they are safe inside rather than walking in the street.

Our case

A public gathering on this scale would be impossible in Pakistan. In a wedding ceremonies, people do not follow SOPs. The caution is thrown to the wind. People organized smaller events. The events included references for the departed. Furthermore, there were occasional literary events. These events highlighted an author or a book. An event similar to Barcelona is impossible where people attend the music events following the SOPs. Of course, political rallies were held.  Then, hundreds of thousands of people turned up against the government.

A shift in media

The live performances of music and plays have transferred to the digital media. The yearning for the live concert is hanging in the mind. Similarly, the live programs shifted to online media. The concerts of music, theatre, and dances are penetrating to the small screen. The people from an audience at a designated place remained a part of nostalgia.

However, the third wave repercussion gave a new picture to the world. Barcelona concert was among one of such examples in this regard.

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