The City of festivals Mela Chiraghan

The City of festivals Mela Chiraghan

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As it was said of Lahore that it had festivals throughout the year. Therefore it is the city of festivals. However, the modern world did not allow time to participate. Mela Chiraghan is Lahore-specific. Lahore is the heart of the city festival. Summer brings enthusiasm to the city festival. The broccoli festival is a sign of peace and love for the American people. So, Mela Chiraghn is for Pakistani. Love is the sound of the city festival. It connects people. It is a sign of unity.


Mela Chiraghan is celebrated at the shrine of Shah Hussain. The location is in Baghbanpura, on the outskirts of Lahore.  Moreover, the Shalimar Gardens is adjacent to it.

Shalimar Gardens was also a place for this festival, Then, President Ayub Khan shifted the place in 1958.

The festival was celebrated in the last week of March. The three-day annual festival was a spirit for the city of festivals. Punjabi Sufi poet and saint Shah Hussain’s urs is celebrated in this festival. Shah Hussain was a Sufi saint. He was the son of Sheikh Usman. His father belonged to the Dhudha clan of Rajputs.

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Association with Dullah Bhatti

Shah Hussein had a great love with Dullah Bhatti.  Dulla Bhatti was a Rajput hero of Punjab. He fought for his rights against Mughal king Akbar. Dulla Bhatti was hanged publicly near Nela Gumbad. It might be someplace around Landa Bazaar in Lahore.

The Lahore Kotwal (Police Chief)  supervised the execution.  The people of Lahore had flocked in large numbers to witness the execution. Shah Hussein appealed for mercy.  Police Chief, Ali gave a deaf ear.  Rather he insulted Dullah Bhatti. Akbar, the Mughal king, also hanged the police due to his misbehavior.

Shah Hussain loved a Hindu Brahmin boy called “Madho” or “Madho Lal”. It was pure love.  And pure relation. Therefore, they are offered with the composite name of “Madho Lal Hussain”. Madho’s and Hussain’s tomb lie next to one another.

the color of the festival

Shah Hussein was a trailblazer in the Kafi form of Punjabi poetry. A typical Hussain Kafi is different from the other Kafis. He introduced ‘Kafis’ as one of the genres of poetry. Moreover, People read the Kafi of Shah Hussain.  It gives a specific color to the festival and the city of the festivals, Lahore

Mela Chiraghan is the second biggest festival in Lahore after the Urs of Data Sahib. It is the festival of lights. And Lahore is the city of festivals Mela Chiraghan expresses the picture of Pakistani culture. Dance and drum are the exciting part of  Mela Chiraghan.

As the date of Mela Chiraghan 2021 was on Saturday 27 March. But the festival remained unclear. Similarly, this year went without it. Furthermore, this was the second year that the festival not celebrated. The Mela went on for hundreds of years. Even at the time of war or peace, the Mela celebrated. Now, it has lowered the spirit of Lahore and its residence.

As the Mela started in rebellion. So, the people of Punjab never surrendered and fought for their freedom.

Shah Hussain was a symbol to fight for freedom. So, he did not surrender to the untruth. Shah Hussain bowed neither to the political power nor to their orthodoxy. He connected to the truth with dance and music.

After Baba Fareed and Guru Nanak, he went on to depict the sensibility of the Punjabi tradition. Poetry was a big tool for his expression.

The mela is losing its importance day by day. So, Lahore awaits its own rebellion. If the Mela moves backward it may lose its glow. Similarly, it will diminish the shadow of the city festival. So, it is disgusting in the city festival. Because Lahore is the city of festivals

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Sharing is Caring-Spread The Love