Mountain treks in Chitral

Mountain treks in Chitral

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As Rakaposhi base camp trek is famous in GB of Pakistan. K2 base camp and K2 trekking share a huge amount in the tourism of Pakistan. Everest base camp trek is famous in Nepal. And Annapura circuit is also there. Annapura circuit trek is between 160-230km. Similarly, In Chitral, mountain treks are the most favorite for foreigners. It has among the best 100 hikes in the world. people go to Atlas mountain treks in Maracoo. But they do not know the best mountain treks in Chitral. Because these peaks are virgin.

Trek to Everest base camp costs $29 per day. While in Chitral, it is only $7 or $8 dollar per day. Mountain tourism has a bright future in Chitral. Therefore, the highest section of the Hindu Kush range lies within Chitral. Moreover, the Tirich Mer peak is 7708m at the southwest tip of this section.

The main massifs of this range are:

1-Terich Mer group: 6 peaks over 7000m

2-Nowshaq group: 4 peaks over 7000m

3-Istor Nal group: 9 peaks over 7000m

4-Saraghrar group: 12 peaks over 7000m

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Similarly, there are other 7000m peaks in this section.  these peaks are a large series for mountain treks in Chitral. They are Shingik Zom, Udren Zom, Darband Zom, Shakaur, Langar, etc. Moreover, there are 46 peaks having more than 7000m in the Hindu Kush range. In addition to it, another group of peaks with a height between 6000m to 7000m total 80 on the Chitral side of this range.

Similarly, there are more than 40 peaks of over 6000m in height. Therefore, it is a charming side for alpinists, trekkers, and hikers. Similarly, there are many virgin peaks, challenging rock climbs, snowfields, and glaciers: verily unforgettable adventures stunning panorama, and landscape for backpackers.

Broghol valley is good for hiking and trekking. As there is no main difference between hiking and trekking in Chitral. One can hike for one and trek for several days. Central Chitral is best for hiking and trekking. Birmogh Lasht will be the best hikes in the world. while Terich Mer strain is the best mountain treks in the world.

First ascent of the main peaks

1-Terich Mer main (7708m) in 1950 by prof. A. Naess and Kvernberg from Norway

2-Teric Mer east (7690m) in 1964 by prof. A. Naess, R. Hoibakh and Opdel, from Norway

3-Nowshaq main (7495m) in 1969 by prof. Sarato and his team from Japan

4-Istoro Nal (7403m) in 1969 by Anglada and his team from Spain

5-Saraghrar main (7349m) in 1959 by Pinelli, Castelli, and others from Italy

6-Shakaur peak (7116m) in 1964 by Gruber and his team from Austria

7- Urden Zom (7131m) in 1964 by Gruber and his team from Austria

8-Langar peak (7100m) in 1964 by Dobeneck from Germany

9-Darband Zom (7219m) in 1965 by Kossler and Schmuck from Austria

10-Nobaisun Zom (7002m) in 1967 by Diemberger and Lapuch from Austria

11- Shingeik Zom (7291m) in 1966 by Bavarian Chitral Expedition

Virgin peaks above 7000m

furthermore, there are some peaks that are still virgin. Similarly, Istor Nal and Saraghrar’s massifs are still unexplored. In addition to it, Istor Nal Massif is 7276m in the north-east. Similarly, it is 7100m in the east. Moreover, Saraghrar is 7208m southeast 1. While it is 7184m in southeast 11. Similarly, Saraghrar towards south 7000m. while in central it is 7330m. Furthermore, this peak towards northwest 1 is 7300m and Saraghrar northwest 11 is 7200m.

Virgin peaks between 6000 to 7000m.

In this group only Gulshat Zom summits. In addition to it, Dirgol Zom,  Kuhe Nadir Shah and Lonkho peaks have been scaled. The vast majority still remains a challenge for climbers. The detail about mountain treks in Chitral is explained in a book named as Hindu Kush Study Series. Volume one and two of this book have more detail about it.

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