A year of hope – Covid 19 still hanging over

A year of hope – Covid 19 still hanging over

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This year “a year of hope” is a challenging one to come out of Covid-19. Now, the virus came from the UK. Unfortunately, the public is not taking it seriously. Similarly, nobody is following the SOPs. Furthermore, National Command and Operation Center has suggested all the provincial administrations take strict action on a violation of SOPs.

As the previous year was worst throughout the world. Therefore, people are still reeling from the unprecedented causalities. Now, it is the need for prayers for the world to gain breadth in a familiar way.

Symptoms of Covid-19 in 2020 are a little different.

Therefore, the main symptoms were:



Shortness of breath

Trouble breathing


Chills, sometimes with shaking

Body aches


Sore throat

Congestion/runny nose

Loss of smell or taste



Similarly new symptoms of Covid-19 in 2021


Loss of appetite

Headaches and muscle aches

Eyes swelling


Changes in digital media.

During 2020, the world moved backward. Then, the march of evolution stopped. So, everyone was seeking remedy in mythology. Therefore, many people switched over to the digital world. As the urgency was to keep social distance as well as avoidance of physical contact. Therefore, the digital world was a relief for contact and communication. The absence of the digital world was like a hell of self-isolation.

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The digital medium will be judged on its own merit. Similarly, there will be no specific caveat. Moreover, theatre, film, and television can be judged by different criteria. The quality of a product will shift to algorithms and machines. Human elements are reducing. Now, the machine identifies the rating game. The creativity is shifting in the hand of the machine. As the year of hope is hanging over. Therefore, Covid-19 is at the door of everyone.


Sharing is Caring-Spread The Love