The history of Chinese music has a link with our music.

The history of Chinese music has a link with our music.

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The history of Chinese music has a link with our music.

There has always been a division between scholars and practitioners in the history of music. Indeed, there are great musicians but do not know the theory. In many cases, there are scholars but do not know the practice of music. Similarly, many outstanding practitioners do not know the evolution of music even of their own tradition. The history of Chinese music is also a tale yet to be told.

History of music

The history of music shrouded in mystery. No one has documented the history of music in the written form. It is due to the invasions and violent changes in the social, cultural, linguistic, and political setup. Therefore, one has to satisfy one’s assumption when it came to exploring the history of music.

Relation of our music with Chinese music

We all know about the rise of China. It seems that it is moving to become the leading power in the world. We claim that we have friendly relation with China. However, our knowledge of Chinese history, art, and culture is very limited. The exchange of cultural troupes and scholars is rather few. Our relationship moves around strategic areas and economic advantages.

All said and done, it is very important to know and research Chinese music, art, and culture. Similarly, it produces a lasting bond between our societies.

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Studying Chinese history is a bold step

It seems a very courageous step to research Chines music and its peculiarities.  The west is still dominating throughout the world. English is still monopolized vast fund of knowledge. This domination of the west affects the way we know the truth about art. However, the culture of China remained a mystery for us.

The truth about music is that it includes both scholarship and the practice of music. However, very few scholars are also practitioners. One such example is Ustad Badruzaman in Pakistan.

Ustad Badruzaman efforts to research Chinese music

Ustad Badruzaman has written a book on Chinese music. The name of the book is:

Sangeet Kay Sitaray

Ustad Badaruzzaman

Idara-i-Farogh-i-Fun-i-Mausiqi, Lahore

The book is a collection of articles published earlier. It is mainly about the outstanding musician in our part of the world. Many died while some lived hundreds of years ago. However, it is still relevant and has a bearing on the music as it has evolved.

However, the most interesting articles have been on Chinese music. Even these very simple articles on Chinese music, the references quoted are sixteen. Ustad Badruzaman has mentioned the rigorous rules of research and then its publication citation. In addition, he has given proper referencing. He cites sources to take his work seriously.

We should know about the literature, theater, and film music of China. Ustad Badruzaman has taken this difficult subject. He has written about the deep connection between Indian and Chinese civilization. Furthermore, he has enquired that how these were reinforced by Buddhism. The civilization later spread from Japan to Burma.

It is a crucial time to understand and work upon the art and culture of China. These initiatives of Badruzaman can provide motivation for others to look into the music. Furthermore, it gives a cue to know about its theoretical bases and its role in the structure of a society.

Chinese music cultivates many questions on the mind

It cultivates very important questions in the mind. What was music? In addition, what were its higher, purer, or classical forms? Moreover, what were its intellectual and emotional inspirations of the society? What was its prestigious place in the long monarchial tradition? What were the pedagogical arrangements? And what were the styles? Similarly, how music passed on from one generation to the other.

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