Electric bikes- a new era in automotive industry.

Electric bikes- a new era in automotive industry.

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An electric bike is a bike with an integrated electric motor. Electric bikes are good to reduce the pollution level. Similarly, the range, speed, and cost vary from one brand to the other.  There are different types of e-bikes in the developed countries. Therefore, there are different types of electric-bike in different countries.

Advantages of Electric bikes

Batteries give power to e-bikes. Moreover, it is very easy to charge the battery anywhere. The average time to charge the battery completely is eight hours.

Easy maintenance

You should check the brake pads, tires, and fluid flesh of e-bikes. While the standard bikes need a regular check on and lubricating. Therefore, electric bikes save you from all the fuss. Hydraulic disc brakes are an outstanding braking force. If you want the lowest maintenance then get hydraulic disc brakes.

Low fuel cost

It needs about 250 watts of power to drive for twenty minutes. Similarly, the cost is low as compared to the standard bikes.

Goodbye to noise pollution

The roads are noisy in third-world countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and other countries. Similarly, driving by electric bikes is surprising for everyone to buy these bikes and replace the old fashion of standard bikes. However, some bikes come up with an artificial noise devise to warm the commuters of the bikes.

For example: In India, Hero, Indus Yo Bikes, Honda, and Avon are the best electric bikes with suitable cost and convenient modes of travel.

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Following are the features of some Electric bikes.

Hero Electric Zion

The cost range starts from 37990

The top speed is 25 kilometers per hour

The battery charging time is 8 hours

The range is 45 kilometers per charge

The diameter of the wheel is 16 inches * 3 inch

Yo Xplore

The cost is 38978 onward

The speed is 45 kilometers per hour

While the range is 60 kilometers per charge

BSA Fusion

The charging time of this bike is six to eight hours

The range is 60 kilometers per charge

The top speed is 25 kilometers per hour

TVS Tubes

The top speed is 40 kilometers per hour

The range is 70 kilometers per charge

Electric Bikes in Pakistan

Jolta Electric bikes

Jolta Electric bikes EV technology has taken a big step in Pakistan in the field of technology. The focus of AUJ Technologies Pvt.Ltd is to introduce an eco-friendly culture in Pakistan. This company is electrifying the auto industry. It is the EV technology provider. Jolta Electric bike is providing electric vehicle kits for two, three, and four-wheelers.

Jolta Electric bikes
Jolta Electric bikes

As the world has become a digital world. Therefore, the mission of this group is to attain global leadership in digitization and technological advancement.


EzBike is an app, can be downloaded and one can locate in one’s vicinity through its app and book it. After booking, the user can reach the bike, unlock it using the QR code on the app and start his ride. It is an auto or self-drive electric bike. The user can start, pause and end the ride where he wishes. The user should have an id card and EzBike wallet that can be added using Easypaisa.

One can use the bike in a limited area shown in the app. These bikes are available in Islamabad. The start-up in the app does not show the number of bikes in the city. However, the plan is to deploy more than 2000 electric bikes across the country within the next year.

These self-driving bikes are the bliss of modern technology. Therefore, women can also use electric bikes without any effort.

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Neon M3 eBike

Neon m3 is an eco-friendly vehicle sport electric bike that aims to provide an emission-free and noiseless experience. It is free of sound and noise. The Neon M3 electric bike has 2000 watts of horsepower and runs at 85-90 kph.

Neon M3 is equipped for running 50kms on a full charge before totally running out. The bicycle can be completely energized in 6 hours. At the point when the battery arrives at 20%, the bicycle consequently quits telling the rider that the battery is low. The leftover charge would then be able to be utilized as a hold battery.

Neon M3 Electric Bike
Neon M3 Electric Bike

The bicycle is additionally programmed highlighting DRL (Daytime Running Light) LED lights. It has tubeless tires and its rearview mirrors give an additional wide vision to limit any vulnerable sides.

The Neon M3 at present beginnings at the sticker price of RS. 128,000. For the present, the organization is parting with the bicycle at RS. 110,000 with a limited-time protective cap.

Innovative Bike of BMW group

Similarly, BMW is also on the wish list among e-bikes. Moreover, it innovates bikes with a concept like self-balancing, self-park and summons features. Therefore, this autonomous technology will enhance self-security and future proof. In this way, BMW is becoming a founder member along with Yamaha and Honda. It is experienced-oriented, comfortable, and safe.

On one hand, technology is providing relief to the human. But on the other hand, it is destroying humanity. Therefore, before using technology one should understand the side effects of technology. However, technology support human being, electric bikes are in the list of such examples.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bike

When we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes. So the first thing that comes to mind is that the cost will be lower.
But most importantly, it significantly reduces environmental dust.
If we talk about the further benefits of electric bikes;

This can significantly increase pocket money, as it saves on the cost of petrol, which is at least Rs 2,000 a month.
And the cost of maintaining it is very low.
Because of this, we can avoid global warming

When we talk about the disadvantages of electric bikes;

The biggest problem is charging, as charging units have been set up at designated locations in developed countries. And charging electric bikes is considered to be the biggest problem in underdeveloped countries.
There is also a risk of short circuit
If there is something wrong with the bike, it requires a special mechanic, which is the biggest problem. As well as spare parts that are not available in the local market. However, you can buy online.

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