Barcelona vs PSG 2021-Barcelona deserved to win rather than PSG

Barcelona vs PSG 2021-Barcelona deserved to win rather than PSG

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The controversy between Messi and Mbappe.

Barcelona vs PSG 2021. It works on Koeman’s mistakes. And Dembele is just Dembele.  In the Football / Champions League:

3-4-3 – the scheme that Ronald Koeman switched to, starting with two matches in a row with Sevilla.  Barcelona had great control over a difficult opponent. The success was very clear. In the absence of the newly injured Piquet, Koeman released Langle, de Jong. And Mingesa in defense – not a substitute even among the firefighters.

Barcelona bounced back from 0: 2 and squeezed into the cup final! She needed these emotions

Ter Stegen left Barcelona in the game, and Piquet pulled out to the final.

Mauricio Pochettino used the same formation as in the first leg and almost the same line-up. The only difference: Draxler instead of Keane on the right flank of the attack.

The pressure of the game

Pochettino’s cautious plan determined the nature of the match and the radically high position of Barcelona midfielders. In pressure, Alba and Dest moved far into the alien half of the field.  And covered Florenzi and Kurzava, and in positional attacks, they played in the first line of attack. Of course, it was a risk. There were many factors. Firstly, a good counter-pressing, and secondly, a three in the center of defense.  And, in general, a very low position of PSG. Even Mbappa had to start counterattacks when it was 60 meters to the gate, Draxler was located even deeper. Therefore, it was rarely possible to counterattack even such open Barcelona.

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What was the paradox?

Hence the paradox: on the one hand, Barcelona, ​​due to the insanely high defense. And the disclosed scheme was clearly vulnerable to counterattacks and categorically could not afford to lose the ball. On the other hand, PSG defended so low and acted so passively without the ball (without any pressure at all) that they practically did not punish the Catalans for the risk. Mbappe earned two fouls on Minges in half an hour, put him on the card, and forced Kuman to make a substitution. But this was precisely the exception.

The undeniable penalty against Ter Stegen was the result of Langle’s idiotic individual mistake, who played carelessly in a harmless episode. There was nothing from the game – only two long-range strikes.

Barcelona created order of magnitude more and, even not counting their own penalty, could count on more at the end of the first half. Dembele brilliantly used the minimal space between Marquinhos and Florenzi. The participation was the counterattack of Barcelona in the half.

A penalty of Messi killed the game.

The penalty that Messi missed killed the game. It is hard to imagine how the match would have turned out if Barcelona had taken the lead. PSG played terribly cautiously, so much so that it is difficult to explain it with pragmatism, the passivity of the hosts harmed them. But they kept the score and were able to continue fighting just as sluggishly deep in front of the penalty area – although immediately after the break they had about a 10-minute segment of activity.

Barcelona vs PSG 2021. Barcelona in the second half completely lost speed. It is difficult to say if this is due to fatigue or emotions, but it is possible to assess how this affected the game. All the moments before the break (except for Messi’s goal from a distance) were associated with a sharp rise in pace. Without it, PSG, having saturated the low block, remained compact and did not allow breaks – ownership became sterile.

Nevertheless, even in such a closed game, Barcelona could go-ahead three times: when Messi did not have time to hit from three meters (and then Griezmann did not have time), when Messi almost reached lumbago, and when Busquets struck after a corner.

Barcelona vs PSG 2021-Mistakes from PSG

PSG hit the goal for the first time in half in the 82nd minute – we can say that the hosts were happy with everything, but if we evaluate exclusively the quality of football, then everything is very bad. Starting with Mbappe, who forgot about counterattacks (a cool spurt in the 89th minute with an inaccurate shot – his first real approach to the goal after a penalty!), Ending with Verratti, who gave almost as many passes back as forward (9 to 13 – amazing proportion for the midfielder of the defending team). Even if Barcelona did not play enough to enter the next round, PSG in a particular match definitely played enough to lose.

Barcelona vs PSG 2021-Messi controversy

He gave the team hope with an excellent long-range shot seven minutes after the conceded goal, and he also took it away without scoring a penalty. Messi’s most controversial match, in which the details only heighten that feeling.  Messi gave two passes under attack-half the size of Alba.

Messi did his best but did not score a penalty. He gave a lot to the team – but not enough. At least after this game, the talk will stop that Messi should leave in order to make way for the young stars. It is difficult to say what exactly prevented Dembele and Griezmann from scoring, but it was definitely not Messi.

Barcelona vs PSG 2021-Koeman controversy

Koeman came up with a new scheme that added balance, debugged counter-pressing, perfectly matched the role for Dembele, in which he shone. He also sorted out the build-up very well, given Messi’s constant sinking into the depth: Dest and Griezmann went up to the attack, and Messi was paired with Busquets in the 3-2-5 structure, and in the final phase he burst into the penalty area. It was bold, and the roles suited all the participants.

But Koeman came up with all this already in the second match, when there was no chance. But in the first match, he failed. At least he framed the team in the end, releasing one attacking player after another. Barcelona played better before these substitutions and conceded a goal in the last minutes. Without the defeat with the new plan, the chances would have been greater.

PSG was better, but that was not enough: the match was made by Mbappé. There was no such player in Barça

Koeman again failed in a big match. And yes, where was Messi?

Barcelona vs PSG 2021-The PSG controversy

Probably, you can’t blame a team that plays carefully with a score that suits them. PSG went further and did not even lose, which, as it were, blocks the team from criticism. But if you look at the course of the match, it is difficult to understand exactly how the Parisians benefited from their caution. They regularly allowed chances throughout the match (except for a 15-minute interval at the beginning of the second half) and even rarely counterattacked.

You can understand when the conditional Borussia plays this way, for which such a style is in principle convenient, but PSG is simply not used to closing themselves. The guests were separated from the victory not by the ideal defense of the opponents, but by their own realization. Similarly, Barcelona deserved more to win than PSG

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