Sugarcane cultivation- needs serious research.

Sugarcane cultivation- needs serious research.

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Sugarcane cultivation– needs serious research.

Sugarcane cultivation is a very important and cash crop of Pakistan. It needs serious research to benefits from it. The land for the cultivation of sugar cans increased to fulfill the requirement of the factories. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s sugar can yield 540.29 tons per hectare. While the country yields an average of about 46 tons per hectare. It is very less and below than the neighboring countries. India’s sugar can yield an average of about 65 to 70 tones.

Sugarcane depend upon the technology

Many skillful farmers yield an average of one thousand to two thousand tons per hectare. Consequently, one can estimate the possibility to grow the production of sugar cane. The developed countries use new technology in the field of agriculture. Similarly, they increase the production of Sugarcane.

Consumption of Sugarcane cultivation

Its cultivation is considered a successful model, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. Furthermore, its industry is one of the most important economic sectors worldwide. The planet is consuming 80 percent of sugar cans and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by hundreds of million tons in the last few years.

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The situation in different countries

Sugarcane cultivation is one of the oldest cultivation plants throughout the world. However, the demand for sugarcane is set to increase in the future due to the population explosion. Thus, it is a need time for the scientists to research more about the demand and need of this product.

Currently, world sugarcane production is close to 1.6 billion tons. It is concentrated in tropical regions. Brazil is the world’s largest sugarcane producer, followed by India, Pakistan, China, and Thailand.

Methodology to cultivate should be ecofriendly

It needs proper research and method should be applied to preserve the interaction between the physical, chemical, and biological processes. The increased use of fertilizer is a threat to the ability of the soil to maintain its potential for self-regulation in long term. Similarly, due to the expansion of sugarcane, its sustainability becomes difficult.

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It is necessary to exam the available data on the subject and updates the knowledge on the benefit and risks of nutrients management and soil amendments.  Furthermore, serious research needs to know about crop residue. Furthermore, harvest management, microbial life, physical soil for sugarcane cultivation, and chemical factors. Moreover, there should be an updated knowledge of biogeochemical processes mediated by soil microbial communities.

Selection of Land

Fertile land with proper water, minerals, and fertilizers are necessary to cultivate sugarcane. Both acidic and alkaline land with PH five to eight is suitable for cultivation. The deeper the roots the greater the production. 

Selection of Seed for Sugarcane cultivation

The Department of Agriculture should facilitate the formers to select the best quality of seeds. The age duration of the seeds should be six to eight months. Insects are a threat to the seeds. The best selection of seeds and new technology is necessary for better production. The medicines Topsin M, Dithane M- 45 are the best insecticides.

Similarly, the required number of seeds is necessary for the land. It can increase production from 20 to 25 %. However, the weight of seeds depends upon the thickness of the sugarcane. The heavier the weight of the seeds the heavier the product.

Time to cultivate

Time is very important for every crop. Late or unsuitable cultivation affects the production of the crops. The temperature should be more than 21 degrees centigrade. Similarly, it doesn’t require more than a 32-degree centigrade. Otherwise, it yields minimum production. The most suitable temperature is 27 degrees centigrade. 

In Pakistan, such type of suitable season comes twice, the first in February to march and the second is from Sep to October. The suitable season for Sugarcane cultivation in KP is 15th Sep to 30 Sep. The duration of spring is from the second half of February to the second half of March. The increase in the intensity of temperature affects the crops badly. Similarly, the decrease in the temperature affects the crops too. 

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