Culture of Pakistan, cultural diversity in Pakistan

Culture of Pakistan, cultural diversity in Pakistan

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Culture of Pakistan, cultural diversity in Pakistan

The culture of Pakistan is famous all over the world. Culture is an expression of life in the form of art, customs, etc. of a particular civilization or group.

Pakistan came into being on Aug 14, 1947. The population of Pakistan was 216.6 million in 2019, based on World meter elaboration of the latest UN data. It has given birth to several ethnic groups being a buffer zone between British and Russia.

The interaction of invaders and locals gave birth to a common language called Urdu. Therefore, Urdu has become a national language. However, the local people preserved the culture of Pakistan. The following percentages show the ethnic group based on language.

Ethnic group composition in Pakistan

Ethnic Group and Percentage of the total population of Punjabis 44.15%, Pushtoons 15.42%, Sindhis 14.1%, Serakis, 10.53% Muhajirs – Urdu Speaking 7.57%, Balocuhis 3.57% and Others 4.66%.

The culture of Pakistan has a distinctive flavor, which separates it from the other people of the world. Furthermore, the people of KPK have nurtured a strong desire towards the future as compared to the people of other provinces

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is locating in the northwest of Pakistan. Pushto is the largest speaking language. Then, Sariki is the second-largest speaking language. Peshawar is the Provincial capital. The culture of Pakistan is famous for the hospitality of its people. Similarly, the people of KPK are very brave and hospitable.

Punjab is located in the east of  Pakistan. The largest speaking language is Punjabi and Sariki.

The following legendary poets contribute immense value to the culture of Pakistan

Guru Nanak – 15th-16th
Shah Hussain – 16th century
Sultan Bahu – 16th-17th century

Sindh is situated in the south of Pakistan. The culture of Sindh is famous due to its traditional dresses and folklore. Sarkash Sindhi is a famous poet of Sindh. Similarly, the legend of Moriro, epic poetry tale of Dodo Chanesar, abounds with folklore. There are almost 12 percent, Sindhi speakers, in Pakistan. In Sindh, it is the language of the majority. Sindh has been the representative of a great civilization.

Kalasha, Importance of music in kalasha culture

Baloch Culture Day was celebrated a few days ago. The artists and singers also performed in Alhamra Art Council Lahore. The music and dance of Balochistan were a part of this show.

Is it the right way to make a united country?

The dismemberment of Bangladesh was also due to prejudice against that province. The elite class of this country, who wanted a distinct national identity, remained unsuccessful. They thought that the provincial identities should merge with the national identity. This policy of making a homogenous culture in a new state was illogical. The culture of Pakistan has its own color and values.

Furthermore, religion was used as a support to push the ideology of making a homogeneous country. Those who disagreed were considered traitorous. They were seen as rebels to the cause of a single national sovereign country.

The question of Sindhi identity arose.

The voice of Sindhi culture echoed with the rise of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his Sindhi leadership. The cultural dresses of Sindh became the crux of the matter and rallying point for nation-building. The current chief minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, is of Baloch origin. He belongs to Dera Ghazi Khan where Baloch resides in greater numbers. The cultural celebration started in that region before coming to cities like Lahore. Anyhow, it has been done at an official level. But it is possible that people will organize it on their own in the future.

What is Baloch Culture in the Culture of Pakistan?

Sindhi culture includes handicraft, music, and dance. Therefore, the traditional or folklore of the legends should have been presented.  Sindhi poetry is unique in its nature. It should have been presented.  However, it was not so.

There is a strong relationship between culture and politics. Moreover, cultural expression is not only dance and song. Nevertheless, it has a necessary link with the daily life of the people. The way to approach life should be total rather than bits and pieces.

From the first day of Pakistan, Baloch has had a complex and uneasy relationship with the country. For many Balochs, Balochistan means a separate country. Therefore, they have always resisted state control. Balochistan went into a state of insurgency during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s tenure.

The Baloch are playing in the hand of foreign elements. Target killing was common and they are single out that Baloch has never become part of the mainstream in the national life. The government exploited their resources and without proper representation in national politics and the economy. The culture of Pakistan is rich due to Balochistan. Moreover, it is difficult to ameliorate their grievance through music and dance.

There have been some petty efforts to negotiate with Baloch. However, practical steps need to address the issues and genuine problems of these people. It should not be cosmetic otherwise their culture will speak the way their politics represent.

There are indigenous people and cultures which are very attractive for foreigners. The unique culture of Kalash is famous throughout the world. One can read more about Kalash and know about the culture of Pakistan.

The real culture of Pakistan

The picture of a nation can’t be the same as what the general public is.  If we look at the culture of Pakistan. at last, the gloves are off. It has been conceded that the story of the delicate picture was just a stratagem or concealment. The world had effectively said as much or felt so. The admission just ringed into the amicable serenades that the world has created about our country.

All in all, we were attempting to trick the world, deceive them, and concealing our actual expectations. The world marked certain components of our general public as fear mongers.  Yet this was rarely acknowledged. Our position was that all in all the nation or the kinsmen were radicals and quiet, with just a periphery edging towards fanaticism. Also, it was not untoward, if the periphery utilized psychological oppression or savagery to accomplish its finishes.

The expression came into cash during Musharraf’s standard. It was expected to show to the world that our genuine goal was not what it gave off an impression of being. It was then rehashed thoughtlessly by each pioneer and policymaker making one. And also all the conciliatory with regards to why we were not advancing a delicate picture: the ‘genuine picture’, as opposed to seeing ourselves through the eyes of the world.

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The real culture of Pakistan is not to copy west

Many accept that it was not edified balance. It was simply one more exertion at aping the West in their idiosyncrasies and belief systems. We ought not to follow them for it is just an indication of mediocrity. So is communicating in an unknown dialect, especially English, as additionally wearing unfamiliar garments, suits, ties, and coats. In the event that liberated from this all, we will be consistent with ourselves and consequently disregard the feeling of inadequacy, emulating the standards and thoughts that we have disguised.

During the Musharraf-and-Shaukat Aziz days,  there were style shows across the world just as inside the country.  In this way, they tried to show the soft image of Pakistan. The government offices and high commissions facilitated these function practices abroad. Indeed, even the administration and the executive’s home were not saved this sight as unfamiliar dignitaries were engaged in this displaying of Pakistani culture.

It ought to consistently be noticed that culture isn’t simply diversion however it has high amusement esteem. Culture is the way we live and its tenuous reflection ends up in artistic expression. Amusement is just a result of a journey to take part in an action that is imaginative and contains importance human articulation.

About the living culture of Pakistan

In some countries, there are cultural shows. Similarly, in Gulf countries, the exhibition halls, craftsmanship displays, music, and dance shows are orchestrated for the audiences.  And the best artists from everywhere perform their arts. Notwithstanding, the nearby individuals scarcely have any discussion to put themselves out there. A living society isn’t about amusement just – its way of life, music or dance theater or film is the statement of the pain, concerns, and the fulfillment in question. It is not to watch only, while others take an interest in performing.

The proof of the pudding lies in its eating. The picture of a nation in like manner can’t be vastly different from what the general public and the nation are. The media and the organizations can bypass just to such an extent.

We ought to be what we are and what our identity is. The inquiry keeps springing up on numerous occasions. Those needing a philosophical patch up depend on a rigid re-visitation of the perfect standards of the far-off past. Bringing back the inventiveness of the thoughts and the qualities likewise need the revival of the foundations and constructions that existed then, at that point. On the off chance that the moving back of the years and hundreds of years is an inconceivability, the following best might be the lighting of a similar soul.

The culture of Pakistan needs flexibility and creativity.

Just, the creativity of thought and the ensured opportunity can achieve it. The abilities to speak freely and thought are simply the best survivors of the assurance that this country has about its past and its job in the present. A portion of the contentions and cleanses like in the course books these days are an unmistakable token of the absence of resilience and acknowledgment.

A few states revolve around their past. Because there are philosophical boundaries that they seek to follow. There was never one meta-story and there ought to be none since it has all the frailty of political development. So discussion, conversation, and opportunity to enquire can be the main alternative accessible to us. The demand of prejudice and a fake consistency in the country building can be a genuine wellspring of catastrophe and the most exceedingly awful type of control at any point forced.

A specific agreement and perusing of the over a wide span of time will remove us from what our identity is. In this way, we will know about the real culture of Pakistan. It isn’t just an issue of communicating in the English language and of wearing Western suits. All things considered, we can’t disregard the faultless clothing of the principal architect and keep his vision of an open, lenient, and enquiring Pakistan simultaneously.

Culture wars

Hopefully, as the sector emerges out of the pandemic, its cultural effect become visible.

However, the pandemic world was not so simple; there had been many essential modifications within the world, specifically the vicinity we live in. Some modifications were unexpected.  They occurred and have pressured upon us a state of affairs with the intention to be very difficult to brush aside. These modifications effect our tradition. The changes, whether or not political or societal, go away a deep imprint on the subculture of the region. Similarly, the culture Pakistan will expose to the change. The cultural changes in Afghanistan and Iran has also a great impact on Pakistan.

Example of Iran

The revolutionary changes in Iran, as an instance, about forty years ago started a scramble to make sense of Iranian lifestyle inside a theological framework. The robustness of what’s Iranian on the subject of its lengthy beyond has at times brought about conciliatory, at time an uneasy coexistence however regardless of its resilience the solution to the problem may be raising many an eyebrow in other societies that pick a theological underpinning of cultural expression.

Though Iran had its very own take at the continuity of its cultural tradition it did now not sit properly with the straitjacket uniformity that has been the dream of many inside the Islamic international. The modifications in Kabul may additionally cause every other purge of what is culturally sanctified and what isn’t always. This may have an immediate bearing on Pakistan. The Saudis are busy reinterpreting positive laws and values that could rankle with many. This once more raises the question of the connection of those ‘eternal’ laws and values with the transferring sands of time.

Impact of corona days on culture

The alternate within the medium of expression could be a source of change in expression. The famous slogan, ‘the medium is the message’, has now not lost its potency and relevance. It nevertheless resonates and could discern inside the structural adjustments that comply with the notable incursion of the virtual media into the expression of the arts. For greater than a year, without a doubt a year and a 1/2, with the world cooped up in homes, the only exposure to the outside world was as experienced through the peephole.

All the cultural expression, too, became received through the identical medium, the virtual medium. Even movies that were absolutely made for a larger display to be experienced inside the exclusivity of a semi-darkened area have been shown on the small display screen at home as mundane as ordinary domestic life. The medium did leave an impact, albeit it is tough to assess and quantify its volume and nature right away. As years rolled on the emphasis shifted to television serials or the seasons. Even the financiers modified arms with many virtual groups. They are no longer only meant to be answerable for transmission however also have moved into manufacturing to have extra control of the content being shown.

Constructing a national culture

Back home, the pandemic has led to increasingly more insecurities; all have once more been leading to an order that is more uniform in character. In constructing a national lifestyle or uniformity in imaginative  outlook, the kingdom builders in Pakistan have continually angled for the straight and narrow. This won’t were the first-class choice to workout. The regimented uniformity in promoting a cohesive cultural image has been a catastrophe for the us and has caused divisive outcomes. It seems, however, that little has been learnt from the experience.

Time and again, one has visible a compelled momentum to create a unified cultural imprint of the country. Most of the time one did not see its high-quality effect except in being a step inside the course of creating extra opportunities for censorship. It seems that the greatest worry is free notion and its fallout. This moves terror inside the hearts of these on the helm of affairs. Actually, it offers them the energy to determine as to what’s proper and what is wrong or laying out the regulations about what is allowed and what isn’t always.

Why Chitral

The culture of Chitral is a separate chapter in Pakistan. Therefore, it is very attractive for foreigners who want to explore this unique culture. Chitral is the most remarkable place in the world.



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