Golf, domestic women’s golf in Japan

Golf, domestic women’s golf in Japan

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Domestic women golf in Japan

Admission to the gallery infection countermeasures on the first day of women’s golf Daikin Orchid Ladies. The first game of the Domestic women’s golf tour in 2009, celebrated its first day at the Okinawa Ryukyu GC (6561 yards, par 72) on the 4th.

Audience tournament since the final round of the LPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup in 19 on the same tour. On this day, the gallery completed the temperature measurement at the same time as the gate opened at 7 am, and entered the course wearing a mask.

The number of spectators is limited to 1000 people a day to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. Tickets are sold by reservation and the watching day is specified, and all four days of the tournament are sold out.

About 20 people will come by a large gallery bus from the parking lot, which is about 7 or 8 minutes by car from the venue. If you have a fever of 37 degrees 5 minutes or more or a cold at the time of admission, you cannot enter.

In addition, write your name and contact information on the stub and submit it, and the organizer will acquire and manage personal information. It is also forbidden to get autographs from athletes, shake hands, or give or receive gifts.

Costs of golf courses in Japan:

The cost of these courses in Japan is higher than in any European country. Furthermore, tennis court fees and air tickets are cheaper than the fee of pasture pool courses.

Economic Planning Agency (EPA) conducted a survey report, where it showed that the costs of nine holes courses are more expensive than the United States and Western Europe.

Tourism from golf courses.

Sports can play a big role in the tourism sector of a country. District Chitral of Pakistan is a very suitable place to make pasture pool clubs and promote tourism.

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There are over 60 million golfers worldwide. Almost 25 percent of this market is located in Japan. Moreover, United States contributes more than 44 percent.

The value of golf tourism is currently estimated at 10 billion dollars annually. There are more men golf players than women. However, the rate of women golf players increased in the recent past. It means the popularity of golf has grown enormously. Consequently, international visitors grew in large proportion.

Domestic Women golf and Japan’s Women’s Open Golf Championship has tremendous opportunity to attract female young to the golf courses.


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