Family tree with new technology, an amazing app

Family tree with new technology, an amazing app

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Family tree with new technology, find your one’s

It is possible to know everything about the family tree in the world of new technology. In these moments with new technology taking bigger and bigger steps. People have the ability to do things that were unimaginable, virtual reality. 3D printers are some of the examples that show technological evolution. Read more about the current technology. 

Now it is also possible to know everything about the family tree, ancestors, and the entire historical line. In which people passed to get to be here, that is, to know the genealogy, and even “relive” a photograph of a loved one.


MyHeritage is the company in charge of achieving great things since 2003, it has an international reach and is headquartered in Israel; in essence, it has become a global company thanks to its leading platform for discovering family history and family tree with this new technology.

It currently has data that supports the success obtained in these years. Because according to its online page they have 62 million users in the world. it is available in 42 languages ​​and has collected 13 million historical records. Offering the user an exceptional experience that facilitates family tree and research about the history of the families.

One of the functions most frequently used by the MyHeritage user public is the DNA test, in which they offer the opportunity to know your origin and to know where your ancestors were born and developed.

It states that the DNA results include an ethnic breakdown and identification of the specific groups from which you have come from among more than 2,100 geographic regions. They also look for those people whose DNA matches your relatives.

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In addition, of course, taking this test allows you to connect with newly discovered relatives to learn more about the family and discover shared ancestors. What you have to do for this process is send a test with a swab to the company laboratories and wait approximately 4 weeks to receive the results.

What is Deep Nostalgia

Another tool that this company grants and that has attracted a lot of attention in recent days is to “revive” your loved ones who have already died, that is, basically it is about animating a photo and putting movement on it based on AI so that it looks like animation or even a current video.

Deep Nostalgia is the function that is responsible for enlivening these photographs. The company MyHeritage obtained a license for the technology of animation of photos on the part of D-ID. A company specialized in the reconstruction of video using deep learning.

The Deep Nostalgia feature uses certain model videos prepared by MyHeritage. And each model video consists of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures. 

In this way, a model video could be applied with great precision to a face that appears in a certain photo. And thus create a feasible short video to share with friends and family. The model video guides the movements in the animation. So you can see your ancestors smile, blink and turn their heads. MyHeritage states in its photo animation section of its website.

How to animate the photo of a dead person with Deep Nostalgia

The first step in reviving your loved one is to enter the website.

Then go to the device that says “animate photos” and select where it says “upload a photo”. There you will choose one that is saved on the device, either a computer or cell phone. You have to make sure that the photo has at least a number of pixels 300×300. So that it can be modified. 

Currently, this new technology in the form of an app has been viral on social media. One can discover one’s family tree within four weeks. The app is free for 14 days. Therefore, it is the best time to download the app without wasting your time.


Sharing is Caring-Spread The Love