Lost Arc, striker pre-registration and audit event

Lost Arc, striker pre-registration and audit event

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Lost Arc, striker pre-registration, and audit event

The first male class ‘Striker’  Lost Arc in the martial arts group has announced. Smilegate RPG’s blockbuster hack and slash MMORPG Lost Arc is holding a pre-registration and appreciation event for ‘Striker’, the first male class in the martial arts profession. The people of Japan, Korea, and China like a martial art.

Taekwondo and Hapkido, has been best martial art of china and Korea. Furthermore, these days, the striker pre-registration event is going to behold before regular maintenance on the 17th. It is the first male class to appear in the martial arts group, which previously existed only for women.

How the martial arts splendid action is express in a male class, adventurers’ attention also being focused on the unique charm of the striker differentiated from the Battlemaster. Which has a similar play method among the existing classes.

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Adventurers who participated in the pre-registration can acquire the striker’s weapon avatar (appearance decoration item). ‘Gauntlets of the Fierce Battlefield’ and the completed title ‘Heir to the Fighting Spirit’, and additionally receive the ‘Striker Pre-registration Bonus Item’.

In the striker pre-registration bonus item, a box containing various battle items and game currency provided as a gift. So you can receive much help in fostering strikers. In addition, merchandise such as ‘Striker Jean Pad’, ‘NEW Totomoki Cushion’, and ‘NEW OST Album’ will be presented through a lottery for adventurers who have pre-registered striker

Meanwhile, Director Geum Kang-seon, who is in charge of the development of Lost Arc. Now is drawing attention by releasing a letter on the official website. The director thanked all to create a healthy game culture and adventure, the best pride of Lost Ark.”Thank you.

And he also raised expectations by mentioning the news of the “New Spring Thank You Event”, which offers unprecedented benefits. The “New Spring Thanksgiving Event,” mentioned in a letter by Director Kang-Seon Geum, is a special event composed of various and abundant benefits, expressing appreciation for the love of adventurers for Lost Arc.

First, a new spring thank you a coupon to receive various gifts. Such as the ‘2nd Anniversary Avatar Selection Box’, the ‘2nd Anniversary Soap Bubble Vehicle Selection Box’, and the ‘Director’s Letter Item’, will be provided to all adventurers.

Adventurers can receive a gift by entering the coupon code. “Thank you for 3000 Mococo” through the website until April 21. Similarly, the lost arch, striker pre-registration, and audit event seem very successful first time in history.

It is, a fact that the new generation is interested in games. As there are many drawbacks of technology but still it becomes the need of our time. E-commerce and the internet are knocking at the door of everyone in this 21st century. 

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