Chitral Gol National Park and World Life Day 2021

Chitral Gol National Park and World Life Day 2021

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Chitral Gol National Park and World Life Day 2021

Chitral Gol National Park is a treasure trove of Pakistan. This national park is famous for its green lush valley, snow Ice Mountains, and beautiful dears.  As very few people know about this Park.

The landscape of the Chitral Gol National Park:

The park consists of eight thousand-hector areas. The distance between the mountain’s peak within the valley is three kilometers.  Here, winters come with snowfall throughout the year while in summers the weather is very dry. The trees of deodar (cedar) are about 25 feet long. It takes hundreds of years for a deodar tree to grow and become a full tree. There are many trees, which are older than thousand years. The deodar tree is a national tree of Pakistan. Besides deodars, jasmine, the national flower, pheasant, the national bird, and dear, the national animal, all these are inhabitants of this park.

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Dears or Markhoor of the park

Females dears are smaller than males. However, it can be an advantage for the female to climb the trees and eat leaves.   Furthermore, the male mostly lives alone. The male dears fight with one another to decide for mating success. Moreover, these fights continue for several days. The winner will mate up to thirty female dears.

Wild Life Day.

Every year, world wildlife day celebrated on the third of March. The purpose is to sustain people and planets. It is a very important day dedicated to raising awareness on wildlife conservation. It is a great pleasure for everybody to realize the importance of various kinds of plants and animals surrounding our ecosystem.

The threat to the park

World wildlife day reminds us that the national park is still in danger. The National park faces a big challenge in the form of deforestation and especially the local nomads, the Gujar tribes bring their animals to the area.

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The last part of summer is very beautiful here. The trees bear fruits in this season and become food for the birds. As the winter winds up, the animals face difficulty for their survival in terms of food. There are many kinds of medicinal plants and flowers in Chitral Gol National Park. 


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