Children and parents, a true message to the parents.

Children and parents, a true message to the parents.

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Children and parents, a true message to the parents.

This generation should not be the extension of the previous generation but this generation should do what the previous generation could not imagine. In most cases, children and parents have a visible gap which should be reduced.

The parents think that children are their property but actually, children have their own lives and they are fresh. Therefore, the job of the parents is only to give a suitable environment where children will use their potential to reach their desired goal. The tactics to control the youngs are very complex but a few tips from Sadhguru Jaggi, an Indian mystic, in this regard is priceless.

The parents want their children to get the first position in the class. When a child gets ninety-eight percent marks, still the parents asking about the remaining two numbers. Thus, a fluctuating relationship is formed to handle the young.

In this universe, nobody is similar to one another and the DNA of each person is different. In this way, every person is unique by his nature. Therefore, there is no need to compare a child with the other.

Due to the nature of competition many students are suffering psychological diseases. Even there are cases when the young are committing suicideIf the parents want to do for their children then they should only do love with them and facilitate to become a superhuman being. Actually, to realize being human is super and the characteristic of human and monkey are very similar.

The difference in the genealogy of humans and chimpanzees is 0.4 percent and it looks very similar. Therefore, both monkey and human have a characteristic to imitate. Your children are observing and then adapting your every movement and therefore, if you want to make your child successful then it is necessary to change your life because they are coping with you.

You should become a role model for your child. Later on, it creates a strong bond between children and parents

Most parents send their children to school so that they can earn and not learn in the future. This is the most dangerous purpose of sending a child to school. In this way, they only become slaves to the larger economic machine in the world and they will not know the purpose of their nature and education.

The most important role of teachers and parents is to cultivate questions in the mind of the children rather than spoon-feeding and giving readymade answers.

In this way, they will know what to do in their life. Outdoor activities may boost their life. Plantation might be a good activity to connect them with natureThe learning process of a human being starts from childhood and ends till death. Each day one can improve himself by following a few tips in their daily life.

Due to technology the young are moving towards loneliness. Their eyes always glued to the screens sometimes for the whole day and night. It causes children and parents to separate from each other.

There are chances that they become misguided. There should be a close relationship between both the children and parents. So that the parents will know all about their activities in their daily routine.

Sharing is Caring-Spread The Love