Waiting for life, everything animate or inanimate

Waiting for life, everything animate or inanimate

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Everything animate or inanimate waiting for life.

Waiting is life or life is waiting. Because every living soul is waiting and the secret of life also lies in waiting. If we look around us, not only human beings are waiting for life. Even birds, animals, plants, and inanimate objects are waiting. We all see that in autumn all the leaves of the tree that symbolize its life, fall.

In a way, the life of a tree ends after the leaves fall. But a tree that is familiar with the waiting code survives in the worst weather, waiting for spring, even in the coldest weather.

A tree that is unfamiliar with the significance of waiting will not be able to see spring again after this autumn. And as a result, not only does it become fuel for the fire, but it also disappears from the page like a wrong letter. Thus, when a person is free from waiting, he is nothing more than a corpse. Which is a burden not only on oneself but also on the world.

It is the waiting because of which man dreams, plans, hopes, and keeps on searching for a destination. Man is waiting for life to explore the full potential of life. In this way, he wants to become something more.

In the same way, the sun, moon, and planets are also waiting and their rotation is also due to waiting. Waiting for the day when the purpose of their creation will end.

It compels the blind man with both eyes to wait in the hope of seeing one day in the spring. And people who live at the time of death waiting for a Messiah to come. A mother, despite losing everything, is struggling with a very difficult situation one day waiting for everything to get better.

A lover lives for the hour of meeting his beloved in spite of all kinds of troubles … yes, waiting for a moment of relief is worse than death. When the wait is eternal, that is a strange life, waiting for life.

If the waiter is unfamiliar with the pleasure of waiting, every moment will be heavier than centuries for him. And being unaware of the reality of waiting will be a disaster for himself and the world.

It is also important to be aware of the reality of what we are waiting for. We should not think that mirage is water or commit suicide. Rather, after gaining knowledge about anything, we should sit in the retreat of hope with the intention of waiting so that we can find the Eid moon of the destination.

Don’t let us wait and climb the cross of ruin. When it is night, we should wait for day, when it is autumn, we should wait for spring. Happiness always waits when there are difficulties.

When there is life, one should wait for death. Because we are only here to stay for a while, not forever. When we get from here to there, it is our destination. For this, it must be seen whether we are going towards the destination or in the opposite direction.

If our direction is right, there will be pleasure in waiting. When the direction is wrong, we will be life bulbs for death and darkness. And we will spend every moment in extreme pain. And even at the time of death they are waiting for life and will not be a destination for them but an attempt to escape.

What a beautiful expression about waiting for life by these lyrics.

The Author is Ijaz Ahmad Ijaz a poet and writer of Chitral.

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