Valentine’s Day in the pandemic, love and hugs

Valentine’s Day in the pandemic, love and hugs

Sharing is Caring-Spread The Love

Valentine’s Day in the pandemic

A reminder of the lightness of being

Valentine’s Day is reminiscent of the playful nature of romantic love. It is almost forgotten for sheer reason and responsibility. Much attention is paid to loneliness in the Corona period.

The lockdown has already affected public life and led to a reflection on the value of family relationships, the love between parents and children is also strained: So far love was considered as no benefit, responsibilities arise from the love of children or parents that are currently making a significant contribution to replacing state structures and thus keeping society running in a state of emergency.

Adult children take care of their aging parents, fathers and mothers of younger children are suddenly also teachers and playmates in the home office. Love has great social utility these days.

In this wintry corona blues, Valentine’s Day is nothing short of startling. This year, Valentine’s Day is very welcome

But this year it is very welcome because it reminds me of something very elementary: That’s right, there is also the very light-footed, playful kind of (romantic) love and togetherness that people need mentally and physically. Without it being in any way useful. Or being overloaded with tasks and responsibilities.

As it is, life throughout the world has been terrible and there is depression among people living in rural and urban areas of the world, in this situation, Valentine’s Day is a sign to share love and peace in the world.

Parents and children are currently burdened with the responsibility.

Because even love relationships in Corona times are only analyzed with worry lines and eagle eyes: Psychologists compare the lockdown effects on couples with summer holidays together, which are not good for every relationship, or with the effect of a burning glass that makes everything all too clear.

In view of the lack of external distraction and the forced spatial proximity, existing problems become more obvious. Couples who feel this way would do well to ignore the classic Valentine’s Day with the harmonious expectations that are attached to it.

And the relatively harmonizing and tried-and-tested couples who are more likely to strengthen their relationship in these lockdown times do not really need any reason to think about doing something for their relationship.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving attention to your partner on Valentine’s Day either. The ultimate token of love could be taking over homework supervision in homeschooling. But that’s so sensible and useful again.

Love relationships also thrive on the play instinct, unreasonableness, and reverie. Valentine’s Day in the pandemic is reminding people that the power of love is the greatest power on this planet while all petty egoistic things exist for temporary situations. Hence, the nature of human beings is not to do love but to become love.

Sharing is Caring-Spread The Love