Prince Shahzada Mohy Uddin of Drosh. Ex Political Leader

Prince Shahzada Mohy Uddin of Drosh. Ex Political Leader

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Prince Shahzada Mohy Uddin of Drosh. Ex Political Leader of Chitral

The family of Shahzada Muhay Uddin traces its descendant from Baba Ayoub a disciple of Shamsuddin Tabrizi. Shamsuddin Tabrizi was a poet of the 12th century and his disciple came to the Upper Chitral to spread his message. Now, the royal family of Chitral traces its history as the descendent of Baba Ayoub. It has been said that Baba Ayoub came to Chitral from Khurasan and married a female who belonged to the family of Alexander the great and a child from this family founded the present dynasty.

Shahzada Muhay Uddin was born in August 1938 in the house of Shahzada Amir Uddin-the progeny of the royal family. He got admission in the then Primary School Chitral, today’s Government Centennial Model School Chitral, in 1946. After one year, Pakistan was included in the map of the world as an Islamic country. He has passed the middle class in 1955 and matriculated in 1957. He attributed all his success and achievements to the above-mentioned school in Chitral.

Shahzada Muhay Uddin got admission to Islamia College Peshawar in 1957 and after graduating from the college; he got admission to Peshawar University and achieved a master’s degree in economics in 1963. He was a player of football and remained a captain of High School Chitra, Islamia College Peshawar, and Peshawar University. Furthermore, he went to East Pakistan- Dhaka- for coaching football in 1969. In addition to it,  he also remained a captain of all Pakistan Universities Football Teams. Moreover, he received an appraisal certificate from the then President Ayoub Khan of Pakistan for his outstanding performance in football.

Muhay Uddin was appointed as a secretary of construction in Chitral. and then , he remained in many posts of administration in Chitral. The same year, he quit his job and became secretary of the X-Ruler of Chitral and remained with him till 1982.

Further, he started a business and also worked with different departments as a contractor. Here also, he remained the President of the Association of Contractor in Chitral for ten years. Shahzada Sahib became a member of District Council Chitral and also District Council Chairman of Chitral in 1983. And contested as an independent candidate for National Assembly in 1985 and won the seat, joined Muslim League.

He became a member of the National Assembly for the second term in 1991. He has the privilege to become Chairman District Council twice, first time District Nazim, four-time member National Assembly, one-time Provincial Minister and one time Federal Minister in the field of politics.

His services to Chitral

Some of his services for the development and progress of the nation are as follows

1-Construction of roads more than five hundred kilometers, in Chitral in those hard days was an impossible work which he fulfilled for the people of his society.

2- He built 35 High schools and 45 Middle Schools.

3-He also built wheat stocks to relieve the people who belong to remote parts of the region.

4- He constructed about 25 BHU hospitals throughout Chitral.

5-He completed 400 water supply schemes.

6-He set up telephone exchanges in different parts of Chitral as there were no mobile and communication systems in Chitral.

7-He has played an important role to extend Chitral Scouts from one wing into six wings.

In addition, Mohy uddin was a trailblazer in the politics of Chitral. Moreover, he gained the hearts of the poor people of Chitral.

According to Prince shahzada mohy uddin, all these achievements are due to the prayers and hard works of the teachers. Therefore, the credit only goes to the then High School Chitral, now Government Centennial Model School Chitral.


Ye Faizan-e-Nazar Tha Ya Ke Maktab Ki Karamat Thi
Sikhaye Kis Ne Ismaeel (A.S.) Ko Adaab-e-Farzandi

Was it book‐lesson, or father’s glance, that taught
The son of Abraham what son should bear?.

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