Internet Privacy Issue-is user’s privacy protected?

Internet Privacy Issue-is user’s privacy protected?

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Internet Privacy Issue-is user’s privacy protected?

Today we spend most of our lives online. Get the latest news from different websites very quickly, talk to our loved ones from anywhere, chat and video call, do online shopping through the internet, get accurate information on any topic. The Internet has made it easy to watch videos and play online games, have fun. We are so engrossed on the internet that we don’t even care about Internet Privacy Issue.

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“All Internet users are connected to the world as a hard drive.”

It is difficult for us to evaluate how secure this hard drive is now, but let’s try to find out a little bit. A few days ago, WhatsApp updated its New privacy policy and sent a pop-up notification of “Agri & Not Now” to all its users. Those who agreed, it’s ok! those who did not, their WhatsApp will be closed from February 08, 2020.

What happened was that voices were raised against WhatsApp all over the world on main TVs, and on all social media platforms, and millions of WhatsApp users turned to other messaging apps, thinking that maybe our Privacy will be protected.

And on January 12, the message was released on WhatsApp’s official Twitter account “that we continue to protect your private message from end to end with encryption”.

Although there is no such thing. We who call ourselves WhatsApp users, Facebook users, are not actually users! we are a product. In fact, we are not users! We are not careful when using the internet which makes us the next victim.


Andrew Lewis, also known as Blue Beetle, has a beautiful saying, “If you are not paying for a product, then you are not a customer, you’re the product being sold.”

The biggest tragedy is that we are not careful on the internet. None of the free products, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and many other free products, protect the user’s privacy.

OFFFacebook Activity

No one can claim that any app on the Internet is safe in terms of user privacy. You may have heard of the “OFFFacebook Activity” of the popular social app. What “ OFF-Facebook Activity” is doing without telling you. Yes!

Whenever you log in to your computer screen and open any browser like Google Chrome etc., and log in to Facebook as well as surf other websites like “YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn”. All your data, browsing history, bank account details, etc. are sent to Facebook with the help of this tool. If you use sensitive information like passwords, bank account details, etc. in a browser then, Facebook also tracks such information and stores it, and then sends that data to third-party apps, as well as showing you ads based on that data.

Go to your Facebook settings and explore, you will find OFF-Facebook Activity, which contains browsing history stored. If this is your first time, you will have the option to delete the stored data, as well as the option to turn it off in the future.

But it often happens that people don’t know many things about Internet privacy issues. Which is why they are not careful about doing anything on the internet.

Now it’s up to them how they ball the user, and how the user can protect themselves.

So, everything works on the internet, just needs attention and information.

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