Suicide cases in our era-causes and solutions.

Suicide cases in our era-causes and solutions.

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According to the World Health Organization, there were more than eight hundred thousand people cases of suicide in 2016 and over two hundred thousand people are twenty to twenty-nine years of age and the ratio is increasing in developed countries. There is more death due to suicides than covid-19 in 2020 in Japan. In the US, suicide is the second leading cause of death among children and adolescences age 10-24 and the third leading cause of death among twelve years age. In the prime age, they are taking their life out.

What are the causes of suicide and what should be the remedies?

1  Need to know how the mind works?

The life within you always wants to be alive and always longing to hit the highest peak possible. Life is always exuberance and effervescent. It is only psychologically you have hit a depressive mode. You got lost in the logical dimension of your mind. Your intelligence says one thing but logical thinking says something altogether.

Logic is a dry part of our brain which works within the limits of memory, permutation, and combination while our existence is beyond logic. What is depression and how it occurs? Depression is a state when a person gives up his life in installments and slowly the pile of sadness increases. The logical part of our brain is not complete to look at life as a whole. Logic is a straight line while life is larger than logic. Your logic should be employed only to handle the material aspects of life. If you apply logic to your life itself, you will become depressed.

If you eliminate everything that means something to you- the birds in the sky, the flowers in your garden, your child’s face- and dissect your life with your logic, depression will be the destination. The most valuable thing in your life is life itself.-Where you live, what you drive, what you wear- these are all accessories to life. You are alive right now, this is the biggest phenomenon. This is the greatest joy.

The main cause of suicide is a difference between the psychological world and the real world. All the animals, plants, and even galaxies are in line with the cosmic geometry only humans use their minds to go far away from nature. Life is not different from the life that anybody is. But those who want suicide, their mind does not reflect life but it thinks that the mind is a life by itself and the world in which they live have quite a different life.

His only problem is he wants to make his mind a psychological mess. It seems two bulls moving in the opposite direction. One could not know how long the rope holds but if it does not crash, anyway it is a miserable ride. It is fortunate that the human mind has evolved into a complex mechanism but unfortunately most people do not understand how the mind works.

People are making arguments to defend and weaving philosophies around their misery without knowing the nature of their minds. There is no need to weave philosophies around misery, joy, or love. It is only to control the mind to serve the cause.

In the east, why the spiritual process has been the focus of this culture is only because self-transformation is necessary for the growth of human being’s life.  In this way, human beings will be able to distinguish between cosmic life and their own life. Otherwise, if the two are mixed and move in the opposite directions then depression, mental illness and suicide are the consequence of this ignorance. If the existential reality is mistaken by psychological reality, unfortunately suffering is inevitable.

2-Culture of competition.

The other cause is due to the nature of competition as everyone wants to become number one and the top of the world. Such kinds of people are thinking every human being below them. When someone has such a dream then suffering is a must. In this way, “abuse” becomes the culture of a society. Therefore, schooling is also the main cause of suicide. We are living in a society if a student will get ninety-eight percent marks then he is no good and parents ask where are the other two percent? then there may be many reasons like the economic and emotional reasons but the core of all this problem is that there is no clarity about life.

3-Role of youth.

Youth means a life full of energy because our whole life is a certain amount of energy and time.  What is ticking away is not the clock but the time. Anyway, time is passing away but one can manage his energy. Many people can manage their time in such a way that if they can do a work of ten years in only one year.  It is just an organization of one’s energies. So, youth means excessive energy but most of the time youth neither manage their energy nor balance. If they bring ten percent more clarity and ten percent more balance in their life than the way they are right now, this energy will transform into something very fantastic.

The most important thing is balance and clarity if the individual genus has to unfold. Otherwise, the youth could become a disaster. They could manage and balance their energies. More than fifty percent of the population in Asia is below fifty ages. It is a fantastic opportunity only if we will give the necessary clarity, balance, and energy to the youth.

In this cosmos, an individual is nothing but one can experience himself as a separate entity in this huge creation. In this cosmic universe, one is not even a speck of dust or a microscopic creature. But still, for the speck, there is an individual experience. But right now one has taken this small creature too seriously and abusing it too much and frustration and suicide are the outcomes. There are people who are suffering more misery than those who commit suicide but still, they live because life energies are too strong and they won’t give up. When life will end, life should decide.

4-Yoga or meditation.

It is necessary to obliterate the psychological boundaries of your individuality. Somebody falls in love with somebody. Suddenly they obliterate the boundaries of their individuality a little bit to somebody. The longing to break the boundaries is in the instinct of our nature. If the longing finds very physical and basic expression we call it sexuality. If it finds an emotional expression we call it to love affair if it finds a mental expression it gets labeled as ambition, conquest, or simple things to do. If it finds a conscious expression it is yoga or meditation. If you consciously obliterate the psychological boundaries where you are trapped, this is called yoga.

If you obliterate physically it is called sex, if emotionally then it is called love, if you obliterate it mentally it is called achievement, conquer, ambitions, fulfillment or victory, etc. But these things last for some movement because they are unconscious. If you are consciously obliterating the boundaries of your individuality only then you will become stable and joyful. Then, everybody wants to live and even a hundred years will feel very little. Otherwise, your existence will be you versus the universe. It will be a difficult competition and definitely, you will feel like dying.

Chitral is a beautiful and green part in the north of Pakistan. The people in this valley are famous due to their hospitality and peaceful nature throughout the world. But, these days one or two cases of suicide are happening in this five hundred thousand population area of Pakistan. There is a dire need to nip this issue in the bud before its ratio increase further.

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