Mulla Adina Shah | Remembering life and work of a noted writer and teacher

Mulla Adina Shah | Remembering life and work of a noted writer and teacher

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Great people are those who scale height by their hard work, determination, and vision for life. Mulla Adina Shah is an example in hand. He was born in a religious family in the remote locality of Arandu – a beautiful but still backward village in Lower Chitral- back On December 2014, 1956. Imagine, Arandu nine years after the independence of Pakistan. But Mulla Adina Shah got admission to a Local Primary School in those dark ages in Arandu. Beside School Education, he was also admitted to Quran Classes and in a short span of time, he completed the Quran with translation in Pashto and Gawar Bati languages.

Gawar batti
Gawar batti Grammer-written by Mulla Adina Shah

His journey from outside Chitral

Being dissatisfied with the situation in Arandu and to quench his thirst for an education he bade farewell to home and reached Charsadda to pursue education. During the Journey, as a young child, he reached Dir on Foot as there used to be no means of transportation. After Completing Primary Education in Charsadda he returned home and got admission in GHS Drosh.

Coming back to Chitral

As time Passed Mulla Adina Shah passed matriculation and Joined Police Department as a constable. After some time, he joined Chitral scouts and became a member of the prestigious education staff. During service, he was stationed at Boroghil and Yarkhoon. Being part of the education Unit of Chitral Scout, he made his way to FC school Landikotal. Then he Joined SSG and went to the home of Commandoes-Chitral. He was soon excited about the position of Lance Naik. (The post is for an enlisted man in the Marine Corps ranking above a private first class and below a corporal).

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Those were the unfortunate days of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan border areas, especially Arandu was under the target of Russian Aircraft. So, Mulla Adina Shah’s family had to bear the brunt of it, many of his family members died and scores of others were injured as a result of random bombardment of Russian jets. To support his family, he had to quit his job at Chitral Scouts. He stayed home and served his family which was rendered topsy-turvy by the Afghan Conundrum.

Joining the education department

When things come to normal, and tension subsided, Mulla Adina Shah appeared in an interview and was appointed as PTC. Shortly, he was transferred to Arandu, and thus his carrier as a teacher began. It was here that he passed the inter examination as a private candidate. In 1985, he got his degree in Graduation with distinction.

During this course of time, he appeared in an interview for CT and received a positive nod. To pursue the course, he went all the way to superior Science College Wazir bagh, did B.E.D as well, and was appointed as SET in 1994. As a senior English teacher, he took part in different courses. A short course followed by a certificate from Al-Dawa Academy, Science Education Project 2003, Human development and capacity building in 2006.

During his tenure, he toured different areas as presiding officer during Elections and carried out his duties to a nicety. For his untiring service to the nation, he was exalted to the head of the institution in 2008.  After completing his service, he finally retired from the education department on December 13, 2016. He is known for his intellect and Sharpness among his staff and his students. Recently I met him and ask about a few questions about education.

Question: how to deliver education, sir? Are there any unique tricks with you to deliver education?

Mulla Adina Shah: if you learn something new it is a very joyful movement but why schooling such a pain? It is because, in many schools, most of the teachers have not looked carefully at the way they are delivering it. When I was going to school, I did everything possible not to go to school. After completion of my degrees, I promised myself that I will become a teacher and create an environment in a school where students want to go there. What is the point to make a school where children do not want to go? Children can become easily happy as compared to aged people. Because children are naturally happy but many times I thought why is it difficult to create a joyful way of delivering education? There are substantial scientific and medical evidence in these days that if your mind remains in a joyful and peaceful state then the intelligence of the mind works at its best.

So, the best method is the teacher should come to the school joyfully otherwise he cannot deliver education at its best. If one cannot know how to make one’s own life beautiful the inspiration of making everybody’s life beautiful is not going to work. So the evolution of a teacher is very important and evolution means a teacher should be a joyful, loving, compassionate, and conscious human being.

Question: How is this possible sir?

Mulla Adina Shah: It is not possible because you got a Ph.D. but it happens only when you have to work upon yourself. That is why all my efforts are to bring this tradition into a teacher’s life. When someone gives his children to a teacher because he thinks that the teacher is an evolved and conscious human being. Therefore, it is a great responsibility and my whole effort is to work on teachers and with the help of God, I became successful to create a loving and compassionate environment in my school.

Gawar Batti Books collection
Books of Mulla Adina Shah

Mulla Adina Shah is also known for his works on different subjects. His major contributions are:

  1. His autobiography is ready to be published
  2. A dictionary comprising of 42 thousand words in Gawar Bati, Pushto, and Urdu.
  3. A Translation of Holy Quran in Gawar bati
  4. A book of vocabulary in Gawar bati, Pushto, and Urdu
  5. A book for Namaz-Prayer- in “Gawar bati, Pushto, and Urdu”
  6. A book of idioms and proverbs in “Gawar bati, Pushto, and Urdu”
  7. A Translation of Islamic Jurisprudence in Gawar bati dialect.

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