GCMHS Chitral | He who opens a school door closes a prison- Victor Hugo)

GCMHS Chitral | He who opens a school door closes a prison- Victor Hugo)

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Early History of the then-State Anglo Vernacular School. 

Actually, he was His Highness Shuja Ul Milk who established the first education institution in GCMHS Chitral inside the Mosque of Chitral Fort and the children who belonged to the special family were learning the basics of Persian, Arabic, and mathematics.

Then in 1938, the session of class 6th was also started under the supervision of  His Highness Sir Nasir Ul Mulk and the name of the school was State Anglo Vernacular School where students started to learn religious education as well as modern education. The foundation of the building was placed by Sahib Zada Khorsheed who was a political agent of Chitral. The construction of building the school was completed in 1939. 

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It was the only School in Chitral where the lovers of Knowledge come from far and wide of District Chitral.  Then the name of the school changed from State High School Chitral to Government High School Chitral and it has been known as Government Centennial Model High School, (GCMHS) Chitral since 2002. The first principal was Haji Muhammad Janab Shah who was also the x-education minister of Chitral State. Till 1969, there was a wide ground surrounding apricot and many other trees to attract the people towards the building. But Chitral became a part of Pakistan, government buildings were constructed in the ground of the school, and trees were also cut which lost their beauty. But still, the school is beautiful and has a glorious past.

Sir Zafar Ul Mulk son of Shuja Ul Mulk invited Janab Shah for the inauguration ceremony who was the director of education in the then Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP), now Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. Later,  Nasir ul Mulk founded Middle School Chitral in 1937 which tread the development to become High School in 1951.

gcmhs first principal
GCMHS Chitral first principal

Now, education was not for some but for all and the experience of ordinary people seemed to be gaining some literary importance. Everyone was given a chance for admission to the school without discrimination. The students were given free food and residence in order to reduce their financial pressure.

It was a time when the teacher had great respect and high esteem in society and many wish to become a teacher in the future. Nasir Ur Mulk was a trailblazer and a torchbearer for others to follow his mission. It was indeed a period of great change when many other schools and colleges were opened in the pattern of GCMHS Chitral.

There were two hostels for both Sunni and Ismailia communities but there was no sectarian enmity and both the community lived with peace and love. Every student has to follow the timetable and no one could sleep before 12 o clock as there was a culture of hard work and studies. The students of this institution joined the army, commerce, engineering, medical, bureaucracy, politics, social sciences, and arts.

Names of a few students from of gcmhs chitral.

The students of this institution have been played a very important role for a long period in both the provincial and federal departments. The names of a few superstars of this institution are Pakistani ambassador in Hungry and Australia Mr. Khan Hamidullah Khan of Drosh.

Students of GCMHS Chitral
Students of GCMHS Chitral

Beside him,  The X Divisional Director Education in District Kohat, the deceased Mr. Adul Wasi, Naqeeb Baghdad Syed Jamal Gillani, Barrister from Lincoln’s inn London and also a roommate of Pakistan X-Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, X- Director Agriculture Saiful Muluk, X- Principal Degree College Chitral Professor Abul Sami, Amir Khan Mir, President Old Boys Association Chitral, Mola Nigah Nigah, prolific writer and great poet of Chitral, Abdul Wali Khan Abid of Baranis, Senior Advocate Chitral, Haji Mghfirat Shah, X Nazim of Chitral, Sardar Muhammad Khan, X-Assistant Commissioner of Chitral are to name a few. We are making videos on the students of this institution which will be uploaded on our youtube channel. The list is long but we will try to contact as many students as we can to highlight these unsung heroes.

Some of the students also got the admissions of their children. The example, in this case, is Shahzada Fakher Ul Mulk and his son Shahzada Tanvir Ul Mulk, Rahmat Uddin Shoghor, and his son Iqbal Uddin Saher and many more students got admissions of their children in this school.

Names of a few teachers from the school.

The list of the teachers is also long but a few famous teachers of nearly the 1950s were Molvi Sahib Gahtak, Madakichi Ustad, Sharifullah Ustad, Ustad Abdul Manan, Ustad Umer Hayat, Ustad Akbar Amin, Gulam Umer, Waqar Ahmad, Abdul Wasi, Mian Anwar Uddin, Ustad Abdul Shareef, and Baray Maulvi Saheb. While the teachers of 21 century were Ali Akbar Khan, Saif Uddin, Amin Ur Rahman Chughtai, Mukaram Shah, Abdul Kabir, Salah Uddin, Abdul Rahman Khan, Mir Wali Khan, Kamal Uddin, etc. Many students who came to this college as a student went back home after retirement as a teacher from the same school. The love of this school inspired them to be a teacher and teacher only. Therefore, once Allama Iqbal said:

تھے وہ بھی دن کے خدمت استاد کے عوض

دل چاہتا تھا ہدیہ دل پیش کیجئے


There was a time in exchange for the teacher’s service

One wanted the gift of the heart he should present!!

Old Boys Association.

When Mian Anwar Ahmad became principal the Old Boys Association was founded in 1978. The purpose of the association was to remake school boarding houses, encourage the students, and help the needy students by providing grants. Pukhtoon Ghazi Khan became the first president of this organization while Sarwar Uddin was a vice president and Ghulam Umer, Inayat Ullah Faizi and Abdul Hameed were general secretaries, joint secretary, and finance secretary respectively. The members of the organization changed for the time being but the school has celebrated its golden jubilee many times which is a good sign of its success and stabilization. The organization has published a book in the name of “High School Chitral Bhooli Basri Yaden” which gives information about the early history of education in Chitral.

HIGH SCHOOL CHITRAL "Bhooli Basri yadaain"
HIGH SCHOOL CHITRAL “Bhooli Basri yadaain”

Government Centennial High School Chitral is not only an educational institute but a mission in the field of knowledge and learning. It can be compared with Ali Garh of India, Islamia College Peshawar, and Jami Usmania in South Asia.

Sports team of the school.

The football team of the school was famous throughout the province while other than football, hockey, polo, table tennis, volleyball, cricket, tug of war, and many traditional games were played and many times the school team won in the different grounds of Chitral and outside Chitral.

Currently, I met one of the old students of Government Centennial Model High School Chitral, Maqsood Khan of Drosh who gave his opinion about physical education in this school.  He said: When Mian Jameel Uddin became principal of the school in 1959, he took full involvement in football and physical education. Maqsood Khan was also a famous football player of the school and the school also won the final of the provincial competition by a combined team of Government High School Drosh and the then Government Model High School Chitral.

Views of Maqsood Khan about the importance of outdoor activities.

According to Maqsood Khan, your physical and mental structures are very connected. If you keep your physical structure at a certain level of stability then psychological stability is a consequence. The physical body is just an outcrop of the land that you walk upon. If the body is a problem then the attention will be towards only the body. The important thing is that your body and your mind should not be an impediment for you. In our time, we considered physical activities very necessary for the growth of education and human being. it was a face-to-face and close interaction and inclusion rather than exclusion and loneliness. Therefore, the then Government Model High school Chitral took great interest in sports and physical exercises to nourish the courage and mental growth of the students.

His views about the spare times of modern youth.

In our contemporary world, if we look at the children they are busy with internet games or watching movies. If I am not wrong seventy percent of the movies there is killing and violence in the movies. But in our times, the administration of the school has put a lot of focus on outdoor activities and therefore, the school has produced such students that make history at the national and international level.

But Nowadays, I have never seen children playing with animals or gardening flowers or doing something to connect with love and life on the screen but they are mostly shooting by guns. As a child, if you shoot a thousand people because they are evils and do not look like you. If someone does not look like you and you kill him this is what we call racism. If the child plays such games then he will also like to do violence in real life in the future.

If you are spilling the brain of the people in video games since your childhood, you would like to spill it in the real world too. Because what you do in your childhood you will do it in the future and the whole society will end in chaos.  When such things happen in real life then people become surprised. But when the young’s are doing such horrible and unethical activities in video games, they don’t surprise. Actually, it is a surprise that the young are practicing violence in games for years.

These days it is difficult to find moves without violence, rape, brain spilling, smashing up somebody’s face, and somebody beaten to a pulp. In our time a hero was a gentle-looking man running around the tree and singing songs but slowly it becomes a hero means a man with big muscles and fit Because he has to smash somebody. Rape is a part of our cinema and screen, now when it happens in our society the whole society complains. Already media is demonstrating and now when it happened then what is the use of protest. These serious problems can be nipped in the bud if they are detected early enough. When Three-D or three-dimensional videos will come into our cinemas the things become more real and the consequence of technology will make people senseless and irresponsible in the future.

It is definitely we are creating a culture of violence and settling our emotions in this method. Of course, human beings have emotions but rather than indoor activities we should settle our emotions through outdoor and healthy activities. Everyone should be responsible to create a healthy and prosperous society. Technology has already reached our doors so we should use it for ourselves, not against ourselves. Chitral Pedia is doing a great job to explore our culture and identity in this digitized world. ٰ”In” is the only way to the lookout. The first step should be to explore our culture and this self rather than imitating others. As Allama Iqbal said:

مجھ کو ڈد ھےکہ ھے طفلانہ طبیت تیری

!اور عیار ہیں یورپ کےشکر پارہ فروش


I am afraid of your childish nature;

The sweet-sellers of Europe are too clever!

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