Technology effect in our social life – destructive for the youth

Technology effect in our social life – destructive for the youth

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The man of our time is totally dependent upon technology especially there have been drastic changes in the digital world in the last two decades and to live without technology is like a pipe dream.

If we look back ten years ago, life was full of colors. Relationships, family, and friends were a top priority. People wanted to spend time with their families, friends wanted to talk to each other, children wanted to play sports. Now, even the well-being of his family and friends comes to his mind through the statistics of Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and many others.

And kids prefer to watch videos on their mobile phones instead of playing outdoor activities, we should have to think about the Technology effect and Screen.

If we talk about the earlier times, it was a wonderful time when there was only one television or radio in a house and as it was at 9 o’clock in the night when the eyes were glued to the screen. All the villagers in the neighborhood would gather in a house and enjoy that moment watching the news, and weather reports, it was a simple life full of love. But today the time has turned the opposite. And nowadays people are busy with screens and lost face-to-face interaction and the consequences of this technology are loneliness, anxiety, and many more. Today, if a family sits in one place, most of them are intoxicated in the world of smartphones۔

In the afternoon of June, most of the elderly people in the house would go to bed for sleep, the children would play, tug of war, running, football, etc. The children would throw stones at the glass, and there might remain some small quarrel but everyone would get angry for a few moments and the situation would finish in a happy ending, and then all the people in the neighborhood would gather.

Times have changed, a two-year-old boy now watches Spider-Man on a mobile phone day and night, shows you the whole story with action when asked, he enjoys his mobile phone and is unaware of the outside world sports and relationships.

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While technology has many benefits, it also affects our social life to some extent. If you compare the children of today and ten years ago, you will see a very different slant. All this is due to technology. Compare the next ten years yourself.

Today’s child’s life revolves around mobile phones, which are at a very different perspective from our childhood.

Technology has largely isolated us from social life, friends, relationships, which were the true colors of life. If you look at everyone today, there is a veil of lies and deception, we deny that we are right, this hypocrisy has made the world a counterfeit. There seems to be nothing in the first hand, it’s just a “second-hand living”.

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