Hotels in Chitral -a mini paradise in Pakistan

Hotels in Chitral -a mini paradise in Pakistan

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The best and comfortable Hotels in Chitral

Drosh Resort :

It is a place which is where most tourists stay and is considered one of the best Hotels in Chitral and the resort is unique in its nature. As it is Chitral has uniqueThe first market or bazaar in Chitral towards a south start in Drosh and Osiak is a small village towards the west of Drosh. Os means springs. Just like the proverb “spring springs in e restaurant.  The most important thing about the restaurant is the traditional foods of Chitral are cooked and will be available on demand.

The architecture of the restaurant is a blended form of traditional and modern touch. Camping facilities are also available. The hotel provides guides for those who want to trek the beautiful pastures of Jinjerat Koh and easily descend to the Kalash valley.  The restaurant is only one kilometer away from the main city of Drosh and 32.2 km from the center.

This 2-star hotel offers 24-hours front desks and room services; along with free wifi connection throughout the property. there is also private parking at a very suitable fee. At the hotel, the rooms are fitted with a wardrobe, a flat-screen T.V, and bathrooms. The nearest airport is Chitral airport which 37 km away from Drosh resort.

The rent of the vehicle can charge only Rs. 500 in Pakistani currency.  It has been always an abode for foreigners. The price of one person per night is only Rs. 2000 in Pakistani currency. The village surrounded by the institution has lush green valleys, a garden, and historical polo ground, and a fantastic garden is surrounded by many trees, vegetables, and fruits.

Drosh fort and Nagar fort are famous in Drosh and visitors mostly visit these historical forts. taxi and local vehicles are giving services day and night. A jeep can reach the center of Madak Lasht in about two and a half hours. Madak Lasht is famous for snowboarding where people come to join snowboarding or to look at the festival of Madak Lasht from inside and outside Pakistan. At night there musical gathering and dance are a must at this festival. The people speaking Persian here are very fond of music and traditional games.

Ayun Fort Inn

Ayun Fort Inn is one of the beautiful and the best hotel among the hotels in Chital and Pakistan and is set in Darkhānāndeh- a small village in Chitral and the hotel has a garden and a terrace. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and room service, along with free WiFi throughout the property.

Parking is also provided at suitable charges.All guest rooms at the resort come with a seating area. The price of stay also varies from time to time. In the month of summer, the price goes up to Rs.4000 To Rs. 600. From this valley, jeeps are available to Chitral and Kalash valleys.

 Sikander Inn Chitral 

Main Bazaar Bamburat, Kalash Valley, Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. , Anīahgrām(0.3 km from center)

Sikander Inn Chitral is one of the best hotels in the Kalash valley of Chitral. It contributes to attracting tourism in Chitral and is the best place to stay in Kalash Chitral. it is located in the main bazaar Bumbrate and a beautiful garden surrounds the restaurant to catch butterflies and birds. The restaurant service for twenty-four hours and one can feel like a family environment here.

At the hotel, all rooms are fitted with a terrace. At Sikander, lockers, T.V screen, and private bathroom are provided for every room. . Guests can enjoy their breakfast with traditional and local foods.

The above mention hotel costs from two thousand to three thousand Pakistani rupees which have not a high cost. But other hotels like PTDC Birmogh Lasht,  Terichmir View Hotel, Pamir Riverside Inn, and Chitral Mountain Inn are one or two thousand rupees expensive than the above-mentioned hotels. The cheaper hotels in Chitral are Al- Faroq Hotel, Luxury Hotel, and Paradise Hotel, etc are the best hotel in Chitral among the cheapest hotels in Chitral.

Injigan Hotel in Garamchashma

Garamchashma is a place situated towards the north of Chitral and is famous for its pure and hot water which springs from the earth. This water can boil an egg within ten to twelve minutes. The water consists of many minerals including sulfur which is beneficial for skin and skin-related diseases. Injigan Hotel is situated near the bazaar of Garamchashma. The Injegan Hotel has also its pure and hot water springs from the earth naturally. The price of the hotel is also suitable, ranges from three to four thousand in summer while two to three thousand in winter.

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