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Biography of Anwar aman.

The great son of Chitral, Mr. Aman is from a small village of Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. The people of Pakistan generally and the people of Chitral especially are proud of him for his unwavering, yet impactful services in the field of education, hospitality and development, and many more in Pakistan. He went to America at an early age and started his personal business at only $625, and now he is President of Radiant Group of Companies, Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He came back to Pakistan recently and the Beautiful Chitral gets 1st one-of-a-kind 5star hospitality resort. A thirty-million-dollar investment has been done to make an 80-bed five-star hotel that will generate jobs for local and non-local people. The hotel has named after Anwar’s mother Bijan. During the inauguration of five-star hotels in Chitral, Mr. Anwar also announced to invest 5 billion dollars in the tourism sector of Pakistan.

beijan hotel chitral
Radiant Group-5 Star Hotel

The life of Anwar Aman was very tuff at an early age and but his dreams were big, and he decided to become a successful businessman and give back to his society. He worked in dental clinics, stores, and many other places in America as labor. Then, as luck would have it, he struggled for 25 years and become the CEO of a big company named Radiant Group of Companies. Now he is running more than 225 small and large businesses including petrol pumps, fast food, and real states. “Spark of Hope” is another project which is for homeless children and is situated in Peshawar city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Chief Executive Officer

Anwar Aman is the CEO of Radiant Group, and he has over 25 years of experience in managing fast-food chain restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, and commercial and residential real estate. The role of Mr. Anwar Aman is to create revenue and plan for the future by supervising the company and by the knowledge of acquisitions and mergers, Anwar went on to become a member of the Board of Directors of Tristate Trade Association (TTA) and is associated with National Alliance of Trade Association (NATA) that facilitates its members in optimizing their purchases by national agreements with vendors which results in group purchasing power. He has worked with various groups for purchase and sale and generates profit for the company.

These days, Anwar Amman and his group manage more than a hundred properties by making links with other businessmen and this group is working in the north of America and Memphis, TN.




Anwar Aman


American and Pakistani

Company name:

Radiant Group of Companies


Karimabad Chitral while currently living in America


Oct 1974



Years Active:

From1997 till continue

Marital Status:


Social Media Handle:


Website:  (Company Website)


Bachelor of Business Administration @ Centurion School of Basic Science


Strategic Planning, Management, New Business Development, Team Building, Leadership, Business Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, Sales.

Following are the main field where Mr. Anwar Aman’s company invested a lot to spread its network.

Gas station

Radiant Group LLC has owned, leased, and managed over 150 Gas stations in the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida. Many brands Exxon, Shell, BP, Valero, Texaco, Chevron, and Marathon Radiant Group has earned the respect and trust of almost all the Jobbers (Petroleum Distributors) in the area and are consulted by the area’s most reputed Jobbers before taking on new clients as well as management decisions.

The Group has taken the 21st-century approach in conducting many of its Gas stations with unique concepts like health-conscious foods and beverages, beautiful and well-lit space, and neighborhood-friendly stores. The radiant group takes pride in its member who works hard day and night to make the company successful throughout the world.

Gas Station-Radiant Group

Real Estate

Due to the demand of the market, Radiant Group invested heavily in Strip Shopping centers and currently owns, leases, and operates multiple convenience stores, strip shopping centers as well as many standalone stores across the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Florida.

Radiant group-real state industry

Fast Food Restaurants

The radiant group has successfully worked for the rapid expansion of Checkers fast-food restaurants in The Greater Memphis area. Today, the group owns and operates all the Checkers restaurants in The Greater Memphis area. Furthermore, and leases 15 Subway restaurants and multiple delis in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

anwar aman fast food company
Radiant Group-Fast Food Industry

Anwar Aman Initiative Music (AAIM).

Another project is Anwar Aman Initiative Music (AAIM) for the preservation of traditional Chitrali music and encourages the artists of Chitral. This project has based its programming on providing a contemporary sonic touch to old compositions that have been popular. In most cases, more instruments have been added to give it a contemporary touch.

The instruments that are seen more or probably heard even more have found their place in these traditional compositions. The daf has been a definitive presence so has been the other instruments like guitar and Chitrali sitar. At the same time, the very traditional clarinet, flute, and rabab have a presence that is optional. A primary reason behind AAIM’s success has been its visual opulence. The presentation of music numbers has been of very high quality. Music initially was only heard, but now it is presented on screen as a visual form of art. It is a new trend where visual opulence is also taking over and the music that stayed is somehow subservient or an ally to the visual opulence. Music means coming together in unison, in some pleasant arrangement in some harmonic togetherness, in some tonal unison that seems pleasant to the ear.

The coming together managed digitally must have been some feet and some of it may have happened for the first time. It might have resulted from some creativity in the digital world, a potential in the digital medium being drawn musically, or it may be the digital gathering matters differently to be exploited creatively or that something happens by chance. This situation has led to a lot of experimentation and AAIM must be the first in this instance. It has made a virtue of necessity. The visual opulence, the ability to look pleasant is often ranked higher than the pure musicality that rested a reputable vocalist.

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